Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wed....and My Dishwasher Sounds Like Death...

OMG, seriously. Just thought I'd throw that in there. It's like something is smashed in it an spinning around. booo. You can't just OPEN IT UP when it's 900 degrees in there either. I will be afraid to open it when it's done!!

SO, looks like "Kate" may be a recast after all-- Raven is saying the script is an old "Kate" script but that it will be for a new Kate. Maybe they want a new direction? If you are a Megan Ward fan, time to write to GH!!! 

Casey Anthony trial is ruling my dang life...whoa. Compelling and so soapy! So sad too.

NEW SPOILERS are up! NEW POLL IS UP!! go! Play! Click on ads to make me Wubby Moolah! LOL

ON OLTL all I could think of was is Cutter getting Nigel too? LOL Poor Destiny hearing that in the elevator when Matthew was going up. :Sobbing:  I hope Rachel comes back!!
Eddie had been on this show forever..I forgot--wow. 

CATFIGHT! Rama ripped some blonde hair out!! I liked these 4 today!
Ford and Tess are hot. That's all. 
Loved Porn Guy stealing the tip at the end. heh.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Taking me away from the Anthony case, it had better be good or I'm switching back! LOL

Sonny's stubble was seriously distracting... I know he's growing it for a part hmmm. And if they keep harping on the damn "kids/mine/yours" blah blah... I even wanted to backhand Brenda. 

AZ, thinks the lighting on set stinks too! ahahhhaa. 

Yeah, LULU, it's voluntary...Luke's only 102 years old. LOL.. that guy looked like Sulu 

Alexis and Sam... I'm glad NLG is getting more airtime. AND THE DAVIS GIRLS!! Southern Red Velvet Cupcakes!!

My parents are here, I have to go early! Remember to check the poll !! xxoo


  1. You missed Reese on your poll. I personally would vote for Sonny as a bachelor.

  2. I missed Reese and Claire. whoops It was HARD KEEPIN TRACK! lol

  3. on OLTL when Nora pulled out those pictures, I lost it....wathing him grow up on the

  4. Raven also said that Matt is going to be off canvas. The iron thing is that most people never realized he was ON canvas!

    Which is a shame. I really liked Jason Cook and wish they did something with him. Once he had the reveal with Noah, he pretty much was put in the closet.

    Here is hoping he gets to flourish on another show.

  5. What is the point of recasting Kate when she's never on the show to begin with?

  6. I saw a rumor that they are going to revitalize Crimson to be more like "Deception" or something, with Kate, Maxie, Kristina and Sam(?). Yes, I read Sam. Don't know what she would do, but that's what the rumor said. I'm assuming this is something the new HW wants to do, since he is apparently much more "female friendly" than Guza was.

  7. I love the polls but hate that even they are about Sonny. I do know you can't please everyone, though.

    I really like the actress that plays Kate Howard. It's their loss, as usual. If they were to revamp Crimson, they should do it with the fashionista type of persona the current actress brings to the role. And they should also keep Lulu. I love her scenes with maxie.

  8. I thought Maxie and Kristina were really cute the other day, so I could see them working together. Might knock Kristina down a peg or two to have to fetch coffee for Kate, but it would also be an eye-opening and maturing experience, too. lol

  9. The Davis girls were cute! Love Alexis! Wish we'd see a lot more of her. She really needs a romance! They should pair her with Mac already. When's the last time either of them have gotten any lovin' lol or their own storylines.

    I'm so transfixed watching The Casey Anthony Trial. Whenever GH comes on I switch back and forth Usually when Jason/ Carly/ Michael pop up I immediately turn back to the trial :)

  10. Yall really need to check out the website for Inside Edition it has the actress Sharon Wyatt who played Tiffany she had taken the a drug for osteoporosis and it said it caused dead bone disense so sad she had to have part of her jawbone replaced.So sad she was such a good actress

  11. I hate Anthony Z, and hate watching him, I seem to be in the minority here.

  12. GH hasn't aired here in the afternoons the past 2 days because they are showing the Casey Anthony trial instead. I have to rely on Soap Net. I live in the Orlando area, so it's all about the trial. It's overload here, so I can't watch the entire thing. I had to watch though when her mom was on the stand. So heartbreaking.

  13. Alexis and her girls were great to watch!
    Did they cut a Liz/Jason scene?

  14. Just wondering...has the effort to save OLTL gone away? I haven't heard much lately. I still think some company or network could buy this excellent show, along with the actors, and keep it going. There was that Sony rumour, but it sounded like they would only take over the actors, not the show, title, premise, etc. Any news there?

    I am so angry, sad, resentful, frustrated, etc about the cancellation. ABC big suits are idiots.

  15. It can't work in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.

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