Friday, June 3, 2011


What's up!!? I see Erica might be getting Busted by David because of an epi pen label! The person goes through all that and leaves a LABEL ON AN EPI-PEN! ahahaaaa.

OLTL was so fun. "I don't speak uptight bitch" says Tess to Bess. heh.
Both babies were on today!! They are both such peaches :) 
Trevor and Ted King... NICE COMBO!! Thank you!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. 
"Dude, you are totally falling in love with Tess" says James... HA. 
This whole Patrick thing is it. I don't even know if he'll make it back!! I know he's back on AMC at some point. Eeeeeeeee! New Face Todd (Trevor) was so GOOD with Marty!! His voice was delicious. 

What the HECK was that hooker sailor dress Lulu had on? LAWD. 

Jax trying got get Carly to listen about Shawn. It was a terrible scene. The whole notion that at one time Carly was GIVING MORGAN TO JAX because of the mob--and now is completely doing a 180 over a guy she just met??! I'm saying it but that's shit writing right there. GOD! Garin Wolf better be a magician.
Jason didn't check  Shawn's background. Jax/Shawn get testoser-owned. 

BRENDA cracked me up today. IT was hysterically funny the way she was crying. I'm sorry but it was just hilarious. MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm a bad Mothhhhhherrrrrrrr wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :rollingeyes: Whatever. She wants to know how Michael and Krissy have been affected by Sonny's life!! ahahaha. OMG> REALLY?

What do you think about Lulu taking over Haunted Star? Good Idea? bad idea? 

NEWS report scared me, I thought it was going to be a death or something and it was Edwards indictment 


  1. I was totally happy with the Marty thing! I dont want logic, I want a happy ending for her. This has to be it........

  2. Don't label Todd (Trevor). He's just plain old Todd Manning - one and only! :*(

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  4. Today's show was so boring!!!!! Only a couple of scenes were good!

    Tracy, Nik, and Lulu: GAH! Lulu listen to them!!!!! Lulu thinks everything will be okay once her dad comes back and they can run the haunted star together!!! BAH! Well this wasn't boring. Great scene with Nik and Lulu. That wasn't boring.

    Jax and Carly: Repetitive dialog. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Krissy and Michael: Repetitive dialog. Zzzzzzzzz. Isn't he married? Only in name only! Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Jax and Jason: Talking about Shawn. Zzzzzzzzz.

    Carly and Jason: Talking about Shawn. Zzzzzzzzz.

    Jax and Shawn: OHHHH Jax vs Shawn love it!!! Oh and hey look! Jax's file is the same color as Shawn's shirt! ROFL! Oh Shawn hits him! :) Carly saw! :)

    Jason, Sonny, Brenda, Michael, and Krissy: Strange scenes with all of them!

  5. Best part of today's show...nobody mentioned that Carly is a good mother.

  6. I didn't watch today. Not happy with the direction of the show. Heard that Liz and Johnny may have scenes together in the future as a test.

  7. Liz and Johnny might be interesting. Better than her and Lucky and the lame baby daddy story. Liz and Jax would have been hot. i wish they gave her a real shot at new love and romance. Make Liz strong and have her stand up for herself. She hardly has airtime so I'm not hopeful. Besides , I think they are continuing Guza's baby daddy storyline and tying her story into neat predictable package of Liz and Lucky. I loved Liz and Lucky when they first met years ago, but with all the ugliness between them and Liason ( loved them ), Liz and Lucky are boring. If I was writing, I would keep him with siobhan.
    Under Frons and JFP, we know Jasam is safe. Unfortunately , I am not a fan.
    Shake things up, GH! Go out on a good note , if that's possible.

  8. JFP may be leaving.

  9. I hope Shawn Army storyline turns out to be a positive one because I'm tired of them butchering vet storylines. I thought they were doing a pretty good job on Night Shift with Laney and the one army guy but the ended up messing that up too!


  10. Jason not checking out Shawn? Brenda JUST figuring out that Sonny's life is dangerous? And you need to ask about how the mob played a roll in the kids lives? Let's see, they've all been kidnapped, Michael was in a coma for a year and Morgan, well, apparently he's still at camp.... horrible writing today. Well, that's every day, but today in particular.

  11. Guess Brenda has forgotten that day in the shower when Sonny's apartment was shot up. I bet Laura hasn't forgotten that day. Her home was also riddled with bullets.

    Maybe someone needs to remind Brenda that no matter how much she loves Sonny he is NOT going to leave the mob for her or her son. She and her son will always be in danger as long as she is in Sonny's world.

  12. Oh, I can totally see JFP going.

  13. Anyone else see that VM looked even smaller than Kristina in that scene in sonny's living room? Funny, krissy doesn't look like a 9year old when she's standing next to a 40 year old woman that also is the same size. And why the double standard that michael can date an older person but Kristina can't?

    The writers are making me HATE Carly. Same way I did with the michael Aj story.

  14. What happens if JFP goes?


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