Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vanessa Tweets Her Last Days on Set!

Vanessa was nice enough to include some of her last day photos...June 9th is her last day of taping. She finished up with Steve Burton yesterday. Looks like a LOT Of Ingo and Maurice action coming.

Her Tweets: steve. smart, funny, razor sharp, i did my last scene with him today. he did ALOT for me this visit. miss u

just finished work..two shows at once this week.....i have no brain cells left and feel like I sucked at everything today :( but......

day #4 in my countdown...........i wore Jillian Michaels collection black stretch pants and her bra!!! Kass came with me.

(Kass is her son) 

Vanessa is having a charity event at the FCW! It's her "GaGoo Bash" to benefit Sojourn House--
Details at Vanessa Marcil Connection .


  1. There's a new interview with Garin Wolf at Hopefully he'll be able to clean up the show!!

  2. Wow, there is a lot of worthwhile material above!


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