Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's right, it's graduation time here, so...  I won't be able to watch the shows, I have to DVR them.  I will put up a comment blog (Like this one) so everyone can chat!!

Leslie C tweeted this morning that Monica's back July 27th!! woot!  Don't forget to keep voting on the WUBS NET for your 'most handsome' !!


  1. Anyone got an recap of today's show(s)? Sonya? :(

    I can hardly stand my afternoon break without some witty recapping. Thanks!

  2. Recapping is okay, as long as the bias is turned off, please.

  3. Alexis and Kristina were in Kellys - super cute "grounding" conversation. (Alexis's cleavage made a return engagement today lol)

    Maxie has on a super cute dress today. Sam/Jason find out that Spinelli is Jackal PI and he knows nothing about computers. Jason looks like he's going to lose his mind, Sam's not sure she wants the old Spinelli back. Maxie is finding Jackal obnoxious. Again, really cute and not the same dialog over and over

    Sonny wants to give Michael an office job at the coffee warehouse. Michael refuses to agree to any job other than a warehouse job, says he will work his way up. (Don't know how I missed this but Michael is now living with Abner)

    Sonny/Brenda discuss the Kristina/Ethan thing, Brenda is on Kristina's side. Alexis and Sonny also discuss K/E. Alexis thinks Ethan isn't that bad, Sonny throws the Keifer stuff back at her. Again, both conversations are actually interesting, not revamp central

    EDWARD goes to see Jason at the Penthouse (yes, I almost fell off the couch) He wants Michael to come work at ELQ & wants Jason to get Michael to agree. Jason says Michael does what he wants.

    Ethan visits Johnny, tells him about Maya & about Sonny being on a warpath, Ethan is looking for work. Ethan goes to see Kristina at Kellys (with extras in the background THUD) Johnny visits Michael at the warehouse, discussion about Michael not working for the Zs

    Edward invites Abner to the Q house. He offers her job at ELQ, obviously using her as an "in" with Michael. He makes it clear that he will get her a good job if Michael comes to work too.

    Jason tells Sonny that Edward wants Michael to work at ELQ. Jason thinks it is a good idea because Michael would be safe from the mob stuff. Sonny doesn't want Michael ending up like AJ

    Not an exciting show but enough to hold my attention. I can definitely see a change in dialog and you can see the storylines changing. Not whiplash speed but just enough that I didn't feel the need to zip through it in 15 min on fast forward :)

  4. Thanks, Lori! Even though nothing "exciting" happened, it sounds like a show worth watching just to see stories moving forward, some new dialog, and Alexis' "girls". LOL.

    BTW- there was a millisecond conversation after graduation between Michael and Abby. He's off parole so he doesn't have to live with Dante anymore; he didn't want to move in with either of his parents; he thought about renting a room at Kelly's; but Abby suggested he move in with her. That's all you missed. Not exciting, but again it was nice it didn't take 2 weeks of arguing with Carly, Sonny, Jason, and Dante to make it happen!

  5. I love to hear Jason call Edward grandfather!


  6. Okay CareyN here you go! :)

    Jason and Jackel P.I: ROFL ROFL! The look on Jason's face! ROFL! Jackel can't work the computer! ROFL!

    Jason and Sam: Jason wants her to fix Spinny! ROFL! He wants Spinny back! ROFL! Oh yeah Jason? Just like how your parents wanted YOU back as Jason Q? Damn the irony. :)

    Sonny and Michael: Michael doesn't want to work in an office. Come on Michael! It's a good job!!

    Jason and Edward: WOAH! Jason called him grandfather!! *gasp* And Edward says he and Monica are deeply hurt because they weren't invited to Micheal's graduation!!!! *GASP* And Edward offers Michael a job at ELQ! This can't be Guza! :) Who is writing?! :)

    Jason and Sonny: Oh come on Sonny!!! Michael would be perfect at ELQ!!! And just like Jason said it's safe!!

    Krissy and Ethan: Oh come on! Stop playing games and being manipulative! She is all oh I didn't know you were going to be here. And when she sees him outside the door, she plays like she is busy! UGH!

    Edward and Abby: Oh! He gives her a job at ELQ! I like it! :) And if she does, she wants Michael to too. :) I like.

    Sonny and Alexis: OH MY GOSH! ROFL ROFL! Their scene is hysterical! It's okay for Michael to have an older relationship with someone because he is a boy and Krissy can't because she is a girl! ROFL ROFL! I want more scenes with Sonny and Alexis!

  7. Anonymous what bias? I have no bias. If something annoys me I say it. :) It was a pretty good show today. :)

    Alexis's cleavage Lori! ROFL! Yeah it was there. ROFL!

  8. Congrats to Jack on his graduation!

  9. I was kinda hoping it turned into a sitcom a the hospital, with people walking into Spin's room and hitting him over the head to try to turn him back to his other personality. Everyone would take turns while he was either sleeping or looking away. He would go back and forth and back and forth between Spin and PI.

    You know what I mean?

  10. Yeah David I know what you mean! ROFL ROFL! That sounds funny. :)

  11. Yeah, Sonny. Michael would be MUCH better of like you instead of AJ. How is that head wound again, michael?

  12. Thanks for the recaps, Lori!

  13. Lori, thanks for a recap without all the the LOL, ROFL, OMG IT'S HYSTERICAL !!!! :):):).

    Sonya, that's how you write a recap.

  14. Sonya, how would Michael be perfect for ELQ? He's a convict with barely a high school education.

    Maxie is so damn adorable!

    Anon, Take a chill pill, dill ; )

  15. Soap opera source spoilers:

    The week begins with the Spencers still in shambles over recent events. Sonny sheds light on Luke’s past for his son Dante. Later, Dante seeks out Lulu and gets more than he bargained for in the Jacksonville bordello. Meanwhile, Lulu finds herself in a tight spot with Javier after asking a few too many questions about Luke. Lulu accepts a job in the brothel as a waitress while she anticipates Luke’s return. Dante fishes for more info about Lulu and Luke. Later, Dante manages to track Lulu down in her motel room and urges her to give up her search for Luke. Unsuccessful, Dante follows her to the bordello, where they pretend to be strangers.

    Lucky tries to get through to Nikolas about Aiden’s true paternity, but Nikolas insists that Elizabeth is simply lying out of her grief over Jake as a coping mechanism. Lucky and Elizabeth discuss their next steps as we see Nikolas and Aiden preparing to leave Wyndemere behind forever. When Lucky and Elizabeth find Wyndemere abandoned, they fear the worst and begin to search Port Charles. Later, Nikolas gives Aiden to Lucky and Elizabeth, believing they would be the best parents for Aiden even though he still believes Elizabeth is lying about the paternity results. After Nikolas leaves Port Charles with Spencer, Lucky gets a surprise visit from one Helena Cassadine, sitting comfortably on Elizabeth’s couch with his son in her hands. Helena tests Lucky’s patience, thrilled that Luke has spun out of control.

    Kristina is caught red handed with Ethan. Jax and Carly remain at odds, but Sonny and Brenda bask in a little romance. Steve asks Robin and Patrick to investigate Siobhan’s surgery mistake. Edward welcomes Michael and Abby to ELQ, but a young exec named Asher plans to sabotage Michael. Carly and Jax battle with words when she learns Jax plans to call Morgan as a witness in Josslyn’s custody case. Elizabeth is concerned others will think she purposely tried to kill Siobhan because she is Lucky’s wife as Robin and Patrick narrow their list of suspects to her.

    Spinelli goes back to work but there’s a twist. Maxie is very concerned about the change in her ex, but Matt thinks they should let Spinelli live out life in his fantasy. Sonny and Brenda let Jax and Carly’s toxicity seep into their own relationship. Jason talks marriage with Sam, who wonders if he is proposing to her. Spinelli thinks Maxie and Sonny are kissing and he does not like what he sees!

    Carly freaks out when she hears Michael has accepted Edward’s offer to work at ELQ on Monday, June 27th.

    Jason tells Sam he would have been happy if her pregnancy test had come out positive on Tuesday, June 28th.

    Sonny is livid when he finds out that Jax has a subpoena for Brenda to testify against him on Wednesday, June 29th.

    Nikolas takes Spencer and leaves Port Charles as Tyler Christopher’s final episode airs on June 30th.

    Sonny threatens Jackal, P.I. (Spinelli’s new persona) who clumsily tries to shoot the mob boss on Friday, July 1st.

    Sonny turns on Brenda when she attempts to defend Jax. Jackal, P.I. comes on to Maxie. Patrick, Robin, Matt and Steve face questioning from the hospital board on Elizabeth’s competence. Carly loses her temper with one of the court-appointed mediators. Ethan warns Johnny to keep Anthony away from Kristina. Will Sam and Jason agree to get married? Siobhan serves Elizabeth with a malpractice suit. Steve resigns and promotes a new chief of staff.

  16. Anonymous there are no rules to write a recap.

    Jen Edward wants Michael to work at ELQ so Micheal being convicted, doesn't matter. :)

  17. Hey everyone - glad you liked the recap. I was more than happy to help out. Just so everyone knows, even when I say bad things about GH I adore the show. I hate what Guza did to it, it broke my heart. I was a fan girl growing up thanks to my mom and my bedroom was plastered with soap stuff. I even had multiple scrap books of pictures cut out of the soap magazines. I tell ya, I'm hardcore when it comes to my soaps because I was influenced by the amazing stuff they gave us in the 80s. I've watched Ryan's Hope, Santa Barbara, Days, OLTL, and GH (with a little AMC during the Jenny/Greg days). I always try to temper my criticism with humor and compliments about hair/wardrobe. Just hang in there guys and let's all give the Wolf a chance. xoxox

  18. Sonya, michael is not perfect for elq is what I am arguing, IMO. He has never held a job and is barely 19. All he's done is kill someone & get away with it.

  19. Anonymous you may not think Michael is perfect for the job at ELQ but Edward thinks so ROFL! That is what I was getting at. :)

  20. Thanks Lori and Sonya! I enjoyed and appreciated BOTH of your recaps.


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