Thursday, April 28, 2011

James Franco News Fan Page on Facebook

There are 5 million fans all over Twitter in different Franco, James Franco News is launching a Facebook Page to combine them all. There's a giveaway that's sponsored by James' cousin for free T-shirts--all you pay is shipping!! Follow @JamesFrancoNews on twitter or hit link for FB page.
I thought we could use some fun stuff to start the day off!
PS. Alberta hopes they have lobster size shirts!!


  1. Haha~ Okay I love Franco on the show, but the shirt giveaway is ridiculous. I scoured for info, thinking shipping had to be worth it. Really it should be labeled "free shipping" not free shirt, because the shirt is a penny, but shipping is $15!!! I've shipped some pretty massive packages for $15~
    If you buy another shirt at normal price ($15 >.>) then it's worth it, because then you get 2 shirts for $20 (cutting shipping down to a reasonable $5, or you can convince yourself you're getting 2 $10 shirts with free shipping) but no matter how you look at it, as much as I love him, the whole "only pay shipping thing" is a total scam. Funny, yet sad. Either way thanks for sharing the info~ <3



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