Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Scoops are UP...

And there's not a lot going on. Luke's going to try to make Jason take him out because he feels so badly about himself--we know the intervention is coming up next week. AZ is back-- Bruce Weitz has a crazy-fun interview up on TV GUIDE.  
They are still going to drag out this idiot Brandon murder, btw. Go see them all on Wubs Net

An Excerpt:
TV Guide Magazine: How does it feel to be playing all this mob-lite stuff? The godfathers of Port Chuck have nothing on Don Corleone or Tony Soprano.Weitz: It's true. There's no real threat on our show because the true soap-opera fans know Maurice Benard [Sonny] is not going to get killed off. So the threat is imaginary. In The Godfather you don't expect Brando to get shot a quarter of the way through the movie, or that James Caan's character will die. That's the real danger of living in the world of mobsters and hoodlums. So you can't really equate the two. At GH, we're just having fun.

Ya think? LOL  Fun tidbit:  Anthony Maria Zaccaria is a Patron Saint of Italy. Who named this guy?? They know their stuff!!


  1. if there are more budget cuts,who do you think will be cut besides TC and IR


  3. According to the New York Post in a Page 6 article that ran today apparently, Brian Frons is watching his back over at ABC. Insiders are whispering these might be his last days according to the article. I wonder what that feels like? There are probably a few hundred soon to be unemployed soap cast and crew members that could tell you about that right now. Here is a glimpse of what the Post is reporting.

    "ABC Daytime honcho Brian Frons is in hot water over the cancellation of "One Life to Live" and "All My Children," sources said. After Hoover announced it will yank ads over the soap axing, other advertisers like Hershey's and L'Oreal are getting heat from consumers to pull ads. Insiders are pointing at Frons, with whispers he may be in his final days."

  4. From NYP's mouth to The Man's ears...

  5. Hope he takes his lackey Guza with him.

  6. Although Frons is nasty and to blame for most of this, he's not the top brass-- I just see them firing him to have a scapegoat and STILL not having the soaps on!

  7. Anne Sweeney is the co-chair of Disney Media. Disney has said that this doesn't touch them,only ABC.Anne Sweeney needs to hear from all of us and then we need to boycott Disneyland,Disney World and Epcott and all Disney merchandice so that it will hurt



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