Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soaps: A New Ray of Hope??

While we've been beating our heads on the floor, trying to get ABC and Disney and Oprah herself to listen to our pleas of woe. Right now, doesn't look too good. Even though Hoover has joined our efforts, and we've gotten some mainstream attention going, truth is the new shows are ready to roll on out. Couple that with the whole Katie Couric news and all I can say is: bummer. I wrote in a previous blog that we'd better start yelling to save GH while it's still on the air.  As a point of reference let's not forget Hoover's statement and Oprah's forced response to soap fans are victories.  Oprah had to take time from her busy schedule in her last month of shows to respond to the growing fan cry.  If we didn't have traction, she made it for us-- advertisers listen to this kind of noise.

That said, a column posted by Silas Kain  had some interesting ideas about banding together for a great cause, mainly to try to get soaps on the air in another fashion. Even though there's been an extension, Soap Net will leave the air as well sometime in 2012. This does leave a big hole for the genre. With the success of telenovelas, it's surely a viable medium. Throwing our numbers behind it will only increase awareness that we do watch and we do DVR. Just yesterday, Daytime Confidential  posted an article about NBC Universal looking at the soap ratings bonanza that could hit soon.

What's next? Well, one more idea is floating around. Call or write your local cable or satellite provider and tell them you would support a Network that catered to Soap Operas. Something devoted to dramas like we've loved for years. There are Golf Channels, Style Channels and even a Gamer Channel. There has to be a place for us. What about Soap Net you say? Well, that bird has flown. Frons never really did cultivate it. They tried a few soap-centric talk/documentary shows but then tried to put in their own entertainment that no one really wanted to watch. Let's give this a shot. It's more about looking at the big picture than the smaller one for the moment. The only way to prove to the decision makers that we're actually looking at the big picture is by banding together as a cohesive block of reasonable, informed viewers.

Get whatever group you are a part of to do this-- just one letter or phone call. I know there are thousands of fringe and fan groups all doing their own thing. Get your friends of B&B, Y&R and DOOL as well. We need to think about all soaps.

FULL list of Cable Providers Who's yours?? We have Time Warner here. I've been begging for the WE Network forever!! Now they'll hear from me about


  1. I think its too late for GH. the writing is horrible. they write favorite characters into the ground and continue to let go of vets (TC and IR). it would of been better to just let RH go instead of saving her job. GH is going down like the titantic.

  2. Posted today on the Huffington Post "Maurice Benard's House For $2.9 Million".

    Interesting timing, eh?

  3. I can't believe you are all still writing about this. Give it up, its over. AMC and OLTL are simply not profitable!

  4. Folks, you missed the point of this article in a big way. I don't mean to be rude, but did you READ and COMPREHEND what's being said?

    This is not only about GH. It's about an art form. So Maurice Benard has his house for sale! If I were in his shoes, I would be doing the same thing! And, for the record, that is HIS personal business. And insofar as "giving it up", who says this is about just AMC and OLTL? Think before you write!

    The writer of this piece took time out of her life to share a few things. Where the hell are the people showing their appreciation for her time and efforts, huh? Is it so difficult to say thank you? Show some class, folks.

    End of sermon.

    P.S. Thank you WubsNet! You are appreciated!

  5. thanks...:) that's ok, people only seem to like the blog when I write about fan wars, or scoops or something contentious. I do have regular great readers that post daily though, they rock

    PS. Mo's house was for sale last year, that's the same one. I had it on the blog in the summer. They redid it before they moved into their new house.

  6. I love the idea of another soap channel. It would be a great way to support the genre, which I personally believe is very much alive and can remain so.

  7. Just my thoughts but to survive all television, not just soaps, need to evolve. If you look at the history of television from way back in the beginning the shows, the type of programming that has survived changed as their audience and their viewing habits changed. Remember back in the beginning when all shows were live taped with low quality tape. The main reason I Love Lucy is shown somewhere every few minutes is because Desilu thought out of the box in how the show was recorded. Their innovations became the standard. It may be that soaps need to evolve beyond the 3 major networks. Something like the channel the author talked about. Also Internet soaps. Think about how much soaps have changed from the origin as 15 minutes on radio/TV. I do not think soaps are dying, they are evolving knock wood. The process is gonna be painful but I think that somewhere there will be well-written soaps out there in the future. We already know that whatever form they become will be well acted because I would put Tony Geary, Jane Elliot, Genie Francis, Erika Slezak (I'll quit naming names or I'll run out of room) and all the rest of Soap elite up against any in Hollywood and they would put them to shame.


  8. I agree with everything Silas said. Thank you, Wubs

  9. I always appreciate the Wubs blog, I also agree with Silas--I'm one of those people that needs lots of guidance in this type of unknown situation and will follow your leads point me in the right direction.

    My interest in soaps is at an all time low but I'll do what I can to help.

  10. Silas, I bet you feel like you're beating your head against a brick wall sometimes. Some people just don't get it.

    Thanks, Wubs.

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