Friday, April 1, 2011

Exclusive Interview with: Sonny Corinthos!!

That's right! Yesterday I went to the Radisson Rochester to chat with none other than the dimpled don himself. He's decided to invest in our fair city, which is actually the sister-city of Port Charles. We met in his new Penthouse.

Sonny: Come in, sit down...

Wubsnet: Wow..this is nice..who decorated?

Sonny: Well, don't tell Carly but Brenda did. Looks great, eh? Hey, you want a scotch? I know you like your scotch..just a second and I'll get a... hey-- wait.. what the...MAX!! MILO! GET IN HERE!

Max: Sir.. what's wrong!!? Should I frisk the Wubs?

Sonny: Nah..look, I'm missin' all my glasses here on the bar..I got nothin to serve anything in!!

Max: Well.. sorry, but you did have a rough day yesterday, what with the coffee :wink: shipment..

Sonny: You idiot... go get me some more. How am I supposed to offer anyone beverages?!!!

Max: :hits Milo: yeah, hurry up and go get some glasses, you heard the boss...

Sonny: Now, where were we...?

Wubsnet: Well, I was just saying this is a wonderful apartment. How are you liking married life?

Sonny: It's great...just great. I mean, ups and downs but so far...the ups are good. We went to Italy, ate some gelato... bought Brenda some new long sleeved sweaters. heh.

Wubsnet:  Let's get down to the question I've been dying to ask you for awhile now. You've lived such a huge life-- what would you say is your greatest tragedy?

Sonny: Oh, wow...that is a hard one.Well, you know...(leans forward) I tell ya..I think I gotta say.. well, Michael getting shot. You know, my boy? He took a bullet, right to the head. That there was bad. Yeah. Real bad.

Wubsnet: I thought you might say was ..

Sonny: But you know, I did see my wife Lily and my unborn child blow up right before my eyes. That was pretty awful...

Wubsnet: Sure was...the flashbacks were gruesome too... I remember..

Sonny: Wait, but you know I did think Brenda blew up too..and that just that's probably more in my head than... oh, yeah..and Kate. Kate Howard..she was my first love before my other first love Olivia?? Well, she got shot right there on our wedding day! Right there, in front of me. Wow..that really freaked me out. 

Wubsnet: Yeah, her dress got all ruined too...

Sonny: :hits forehead: Man.. you know, I did shoot my own son in the chest.  'course I didn't know it was my own son because that disloyal Olivia didn't tell me, so how could I know??! Still, pretty bad... OH! Whoa.. I also shot Carly when she was in labor... ouch, that was some bad too.

Wubsnet: I knew you had a few... I don't even want to mention your..

Sonny:  Childhood? My childhood sucked.  My mother got beat and I brother Ric got away with everything. Oh, man....Did you know that I once strapped a bomb to my own body? yep..right here..'round the ol' waist. Those were some dark days.

Wubsnet: I'm sorry... here, let's talk about something more fun... Who's the love of your life? 

Carly: (yelling from upstairs)It's  ME! ME! YOU'D BETTER SAY ME, SONNY SO HELP ME GOD!

Sonny: HEY!, did you sneak up there again? GET OUT!! :eyeroll: That Carly..she cracks me up. Anyway, to answer your question, I'd have to say... well, you know who that is.

Wubsnet: Is it The Most Beautiful Girl in Port Charles?

Sonny: I did give her three rings you know...three...

Wubsnet: I heard you used Josslyn's finger as a measure?

Sonny: You got it. Here..:passes scotch bottle: We don't need any glasses, do we? :flashes dimples:

Wubsnet: :Giggles: Of course not...

Sonny: I also hear you like lobster, I'm a great cook... let me show ya...

And so it ended, with Sonny cooking me a wonderful lunch of Lobster Slaw ala Corinthos.  Carly did come down to throw some insults around and try to get Sonny to try her wine, but he finally threw her to the curb. Brenda was out getting her brows shaped, maybe I'll see her next time!! 

Thank You to the Radisson Rochester copyrite 2011..wubsnet


  1. I see you left out the part where Sonny asked you to marry him if/when Brenda decides to run off with Jax ;)

  2. I know, but that seemed a little far-fetched Lori, and this was a SERIOUS interview. :)
    Did you like the WINE reference? heh

  3. You were in the same room as he was, right?
    Then I guess you must be pregnant now... :)

  4. OMG, Andrea, that would have been priceless.

    And yes, I'm expecting in 9 months. Twins.

  5. Hey! I can top that! I'm 70 and I am having dimpled TRIPLETS!!!!!:o)

  6. Micheal Corinthos the fourth and the fifth? :)

  7. Karen, my husband makes fun of Sonny by telling me that he always "smacks himself in the head," which I deny, so I was LOL when you put the "head smack" in the interview--I even told my husband about it.


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