Thursday, April 28, 2011

Luke's INTERVENTION!! What YOU Drinkin??

Poor Luke, drugged and duct taped for his own intervention. I really wish that Bobbie would have been there-- because CARLY shouldn't have been.
They did this just like A&E...which is good. Like the letter part.
They shot it like "Our Town" the play. Didn't they?? Who's seen it?? They also inserted flashbacks of Lulu's abortion. Wow. Usually shows like to bury that sheeze. Julie was fabulous again.

AND we got a News Break for the Tornado News. So sad for everyone involved. Please think about donating to The Red Cross. Missed Ethan's speech, which I guess was ok. 

They flashed to the Camping TRIP!!! One of my fave episodes!! I loved that show.

I really wish Carly wasn't there, she has nothing to do with Luke in this show because they don't write it that way. Alexis should have been in her spot. I know they are related but they never have interacted until this year. 

JANE ELLIOT is just awesome, awesome. She blows me away!!! I so love her. Thank God she's still on the show. I am a die hard L&L fan but I so love Luke and Tracy too!! They are a mature love story and it's priceless. Did you know she held Alberta WUBS?? She did!!! SHE DID!! 

"I won't change...not even for you" Luke to Tracy 

" you are my hero"
says Lucky to Luke... wow. I did cry, yes I did. Damn, I am so grateful that JJ was here to do this. I like GV but JJ is history. They were able to show a great flashback with them and Lucky was joking about being so short. LOL. 

"I need my father--your wisdom and clarity and strength".... "I don't want a fake diminished version of you" Lucky

Oh hell no..Shadybrook? What about Passages in Malibu!! Shadybrook--

BRAVO do so WELL for "events" really do. Stand alone episodes are awesome.


  1. I am still working. I won't be home until after ten tonight. I didn't watch yesterdays yet either.

  2. I thought the intervention was pretty good. Especially in showing flashbacks to past events.

  3. lol I actually thought of you immediately when it switched from a full room of people to just one on one conversation. I don't think it was supposed to make me laugh, but your rants about there never being more than 2 people in a scene made it extremely entertaining to me the first time I saw them do it. *^^;*

    All in all I was happy with the show. Everyone was great. Sonny became my hero when he stopped Luke from lashing out at Ethan. He was doing such a good job looking more pained with every insult Luke threw at him that I just wanted to go comfort him, I felt so bad for him!

    The camping flashback was a high point in the show for me too. I thought it was great how they'd just brought it up earlier in the week and then we were actually allowed to see it again.

    As always JJ was amazing. By the end of his performance I was almost able to forget that I was a viewer and not a participant! His raw emotion somehow felt as if it was coming from right next to me instead of through a tv screen.

    The end was sad, but any other end would have been too unnatural to accept.

  4. Soap Opera Source spoilers (let's see how long it takes to cut the 2 Liason scenes):

    distraught Brenda totally unravels upon Lucian’s disappearance. An angry Brenda accuses Sonny of not giving a damn about her son. Meanwhile, Dante works off of Sonny’s suspicions and immediately questions Suzanne about the boy’s disappearance. A desperate, yet still resourceful Brenda makes an emotional plea to both Jax and Sonny – challenging them both to help her find Lucian. As Brenda becomes undone, the truth about Lucian’s identity is secretly revealed.

    Brenda decides to take Jax’s advice and offer a reward for Lucian’s return. Brenda and Sonny battle over the reward offered for Lucian’s safe return. Sonny becomes concerned that Lucian’s disappearance is tearing his relationship with Brenda apart. Later, Dante returns with intel that Suzanne was seen boarding a plane with a child meeting Lucian’s description.

    Jason investigates Anthony’s involvement in Brandon’s murder. Lisa takes the opportunity to gain full access to the Drake house as Kristina is knocked out. Carly breaks down in Shawn’s arms after Jax threatens to take Carly to court to gain full custody of Josslyn. Jason and Abby have a heart to heart about Michael. Johnny witnesses Anthony paying off a woman with a blonde wig. Lulu comes face to face with her father and manages to stick to her guns post intervention. Tracy locks Luke out of the Haunted Star. Nikolas offers to help Siobhan with her visa. Siobhan and Lucky have a romantic time at the cabin she takes him to and the two decide to push forward with the marriage.

    Steve spends the afternoon making love to Olivia while ducking out on work to avoid Elizabeth. Spinelli grows angry with Diane when he finds her snooping through his old case files. Luke gets tough love from Tracy as his attorney Alexis explores the legitimacy of his lawsuit. After talking to Jason, Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky the truth and rushes to see him before he marries Siobhan. Jason dreams of the day before the child’s birthday. Luke confides in Ethan about his own alcoholic father. Elizabeth recalls her vows with Lucky as he and Siobhan are married. Later, Elizabeth breaks down in Lucky’s arms after finding his birthday present for Jake as the missus looks on. Sam heads into surgery, worried about her ability to carry Jason’s child.

    Jason breaks into Johnny’s penthouse only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway on Monday, May 2nd.

    Lisa gets voyeuristic as she peeks in via video wiretaps while Robin and Patrick make love on Tuesday, May 3rd.

    Elizabeth returns to work and is haunted by visions of Jake on Wednesday, May 4th.

    Sam goes to General Hospital for her fertility procedure on Thursday, May 5th.

    Elizabeth rushes to the justice of the peace with the paternity results but can’t bring herself to hurt Lucky by disrupting his wedding on Friday, May 6th.

    Siobhan stumbles upon the truth about Aiden. Robin & Patrick’s banter brings a lethal idea to Lisa’s mind. Michael steps into Anthony’s web when he uses Abby as bait. Maxie finds a ring in Matt’s pocket…will a certain question pop to mind? Brenda seethes at Carly’s involvement in her son’s rescue. Dante puts Sonny’s life in danger. Jsaon and Elizabeth share a close moment over Josslyn.

  5. I loved yesterdays show. It did remind me of Our Town. I agree, it should have been Bobbi, NOT Carly.

    The acting was incredible...the editing/flashbacks, sublime. Why can't it always be this good?

    One thing I love about classic soaps is the use of flashbacks...I've noticed a lot of that on OLTL, as of late.

  6. The intervention was well done with the exception being the glaring absence of Bobbie. JJ is just heartbreakingly excellent. Loved the flashbacks. Julie B. was great-she is every bit the Emmy winner. Very moving.

  7. Not a Lulu fan but loved her this week. JB knows how to bring it but JJ still blew me away more than anyone else.

    Those are good spoilers, Jen. Hope their as accurate as Karen's since we certainly need a few Liason scenes in between the Jasam baby making.

  8. I read on another site that NBC might be willing to pick up one life to live and all my children . They would then corner the market on soaps . I was hoping you could look into this and if it's true we can all lead the brigade With our fans are friends and her family Cannot watch ABC for Disney Channel's next week Especially dancing with the stars and tune into the voice instead . We could show NBC just How dedicated The soap fan base is .And that it would be worth their money to get them .What do you think .I think it would work wonders Hopefully save one life to live and all my children . No dancing with the stars Just watch the voice instead .

  9. I liked yesterday's episode a lot, but I agree about Carly. It should have been Bobbi.

  10. I totally agree that Bobbie should have been there and I am so sick of Carly. But Carly did need to be there. This was all about the people that not only love Luke, but enable him as well. She also turned a blind eye and gave him a place to stay, food and more booze. So, since she also enabled him, she needed to be there.



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