Monday, April 18, 2011

Barbara Walters Says Brian Frons "Near Tears" ...

Oh for God sakes, someone needs to inform the ladies on The View that Fron's video was leaked to Daytime Confidential and WE SAW Frons "Announcement" To the employees. Near tears? hahahahahhaa. Yeah, right. 

Today on The View, they discussed the soaps being canceled. Is this the first day they've talked about it? I don't watch, so I don't know. Here's the transcript: *from Live Dash

00:02:06Anyway, did you know that thursday it was announced that, "all my children" and "one life to live" are being canceled?
00:02:16It was news to us.
00:02:17It really blew us away because both shows are our neighbors.
00:02:22They're right across the hall from us.
00:02:24>> It's the only s,oap opera i ever knew as a shiled.
00:02:29It started when zsa zsa gabor was a toddler.
00:02:32>> Susan lucci has been on for 41 years.
00:02:35But people have asked why and it's because we have all these reality shows.
00:02:39Whatever you can possibly put in a soap opera now,, you know, birth, death, jail, sex.

>> brian frantz (sic ) , the head of daytime, when he announced it, although it's a terrible shock, , he was almost in tears himself because these are not just soap operas.

Either she saw something way different than I did or one of us is smokin' it. I think he even laughed at a little joke he told about Ol'Agnes Nixon!!


  1. "The Views" discussion of the Soaps cancellation was a joke. I'm sure someone at ABC scripted it. For people who work next door to those from OLTL they should have been a bit more upset. But of course,Frons is their boss too so I guess they have to do what he says or he might fire them too.

  2. Any show or anyone who praises Frons doesn't deserve people watching their show. Case in point, Barbara Walters, the View and Rachel Ray. Rachel's comment was on Daytime Confidential. "I think it's exciting," Ray tells Zap2it on Friday (April 15) at the site of her annual cooking show that benefits the Alumni Association of her alma mater, Lake George (N.Y.) Jr.-Sr. High School. "My good friend Mario Batali and Michael Symon are going to be part of 'The Chew,' and I'm thrilled to see them join the roster."
    I don't watch the View. Usually their views don't line up with mine. But I used to watch Rachel Ray. Not anymore. To say something like she said without thinking of all the people who will be out of jobs was horrible. Every picture I've seen of Frons, he has that stupid grin on his face.

  3. italianoj, I grew up just outside of Lake George, NY and actually worked with Rachel Ray for a while...she's not known for her brains or for thinking before she speaks...she lives in her own little "bubble" and nothing outside of that bubble exists for her...

  4. Yeah Karen today was the first time they talked about AMC and OLTL being canceled.

  5. I hate the view
    never could stand walters
    soooooo phoney
    kissing up
    not too thrilled with Rachel Ray right now either. guess I will stop watching her....always annoys me the way her hair is always in the food anyway

  6. Personally I cannot stand her or Joy Bahar shes been breathing some kinda smoke maybe Whoopi loaned her some

  7. Babs needs to stop kissing Frons ass!!! She makes me sick. I hope that she looses her job when everyone starts boycotting ABC.

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