Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 28th: Luke's Intervention

The Hollywood has a great interview with Tony about his "intervention" on General Hospital the end of April. Jane Elliot also was part of the discussion!! Good stuff. Here's a sample:

What is the most moving part of the intervention?
Anthony Geary: For Luke to be forced to hear from each one of these people — particularly, his wife and his three children — how much he means to them and how much they’re missing him. Because Luke hasn’t been fully engaged since the accident.
Jane Elliot:
Everybody in the room, with the exception of Carly, has a personal memory that is the best of Luke. Everybody shows him the best of himself. It’s powerful to see a group of people rise to the occasion and try to explain to this man how much he means to them and why.

Wubs note:  Carly had no personal memory but she's there...interesting! LOL 

They talk about the filming:

Did you strive to do all these scenes in one take?
Anthony Geary:
They were pretty much all done in one take.
Jane Elliot: Just because everybody had their A game.
Anthony Geary: If anything was repeated, it was because of a technical glitch.
Jane Elliot: Everybody worked really hard on their own part. There were long monologues. We had pages to learn. They hired prompters for us. Nobody used them. I walked by one of the guys, and he was fast asleep. He never got up off his chair. Nobody ever used him, because we all invested ourselves in it. It was wonderful to have something to really sink our teeth into and to watch each other. There’s a point in each person’s exchange where they are alone with Luke. So we all went down to our dressing rooms, looked at the monitors, and watched each other do their bit. It was enthralling to see these actors expose themselves. 

Geary calls the the "best material he's ever had"....For all news Tony Geary follow @TonyGearyDotNet on twitter and check them out on Facebook!


  1. Andrea..really. Are you delusional? LOL.

  2. Bobbie - yeah right.

    We don't even get a Laura mention and she's alive and lucid again isn't she or did she revert back to a coma patient? I can't remember.

    I wonder how much this will actually be about Luke and the Spencers. Since Sonny and Carly are there I have limited faith. Who's the guy with the grey hair?

  3. Well OF COURSE Carly had to be there lol. I mean, she can't NOT be in a scene... even when it doesn't make sense. It's Carly. Guza's fav character next to his St. JaSIN.

  4. I can't wait to see Lulu's part because she is the one who is in the most denial about Luke and i KNOW JMB & TG will ROCK those scenes.

  5. Why is Luke tied down?!!?!?! What the hell!!!?!? Stupid Guza! Where is Bobbie?!!?! BAH! Why isn't Carly there?!

  6. Oh I didn't read what Karen said in the blog.. So Carly IS there! Well she should be there! She is family Karen!!! :)

  7. I think I'll wait to see the feedback here and then maybe watch it after if you all think it is worth it. Just because TG is hyping it really means nothing- he hyped the big reveal that he hit Jake and yet that has all pretty much sucked...

  8. Of COURSE Bobbie isn't there. WHY would his sister...who's in town and he's close to...possibly be there? I'm not shocked at all. The 967th logic-defying act of the past year. And if -- IF! -- she's even mentioned...and I highly doubt it...she'll be at "a conference." Hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

  9. I know Carly's there but even Jane said Carly's never had direct results of Luke's drinking because Guza never bothered to put them in scenes BEFORE. LOL

  10. It cannot have effect in actual fact, that is exactly what I think.

  11. Here, I don't really believe this will work.


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