Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Day, New Tweet about Soaps!!

What else is new? Yesterday it was ALL about the "axing" of 2 soaps-- today Soaps In Depth tweets this: 

Great news kids: #AMC is NOT being canceled. Even better news: Lorraine Broderick is bring named headwriter. It's official.

So, there you have it-- I'm sure many AMC fans will be thrilled that Lorraine Broderick is taking over.  AMC's writing has been so bad --it is great news. What does this mean for OLTL?? Who knows. I'm still not convinced AMC is completely safe but that's just me. Maybe they'll take my suggestion and all go to 30 min!

How was your Saturday?! I went  shopping at Sephora...ahhhhhh, smells so dang good in there! I also just watched "Brothers"--what a brutal movie. Dang. I blame my hubby for making me watch it. He's going to have to watch some chick flicks now. See you tomorrow for Sunday Surgery !!  


  1. No one cares about AMC here. I think that it's a given based on no one commenting but I know that people like OLTL but most of us come here for GH stuff. I personally wish it stayed a GH blog but that't just me.

  2. Well, but this news might have some kind of domino effect on GH somehow, so I'm keeping an "ear" open on what happens to the other soaps in relation. Meh, I don't mind the other soap talk, as long as most of the discussion here (and it is)is regarding GH. JMO.

  3. Karen, I also love Sephora, one of my "guilty pleasures." Did you read my comment after your Sonny interview? (No biggie, just wanted you to read it, about the "head smack.")

    I work on Sundays (I'm a psychotherapist, and work in a clinic as well as having a private practice.) Hope you have a good day, looking forward to "Sunday Surgery."

  4. I want to be happy about this news but think the fans deserve to know what's really going on. These rumors of cancellation have been around for months. I think it's disrespectful of abc not to shed a bit of light into them.

  5. There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely right.



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