Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Soap Train Keeps Rollin'!!

Rosie O'Donnell took calls about Soaps being canceled yesterday and today! Talked to @firefrons from Twitter about the situation. (she loved the name)-- and said she wouldn't watch "The Chew"!! Not too shabby. 
Reports continue to say Hershey Candy is thisclose to pulling ads. 

The New York Post is wondering about Frons' job and his supposed directive to "The View" and Kelly Ripa to stop yapping about them on their shows or Twitter. (he denies this HA!!)
Daytime Confidential reports that Frons is on shaky ground job-wise, but just might be a scapegoat. He's not the only head honcho that wanted soaps gone. 

Alberta gets her Redvines on!! She's all for them--loves the color and the fact they are helping us with #savesoaps hashtags on Twitter!

There's a Petition to Fire Frons out that has almost 10,000 signatures on there. That's no small potatoes!! 

SID has news about the April 26th protest at ABC studios.  

GH TODAY:  Starts with Carly bitching at Passive aggressive Brenda! LOL...

Sam's going to get that baby thing done.  I mean, quick enough??

Dante has stopped wearing his big, giant police badge--notice that?? I did. Dante did the weekly "news rundown" with Lulu. Heh.

Ethan actually says "Maya's gone,  I don't know when she's coming back" spent a LONG TIME on that exit story, didn't you??! ahahahaaa. Oh, how pathetic!!

Abby and Michael ....good gravy. Abner needs to just take over Kelly's ...she's there enough.

Shawn needs to STFU when it comes to Jax--he's JOSS' father!! Geesh. He's the new fave of the man-bunch, that's for sure.

Brenda, Sonny's Guards???????? REALLY????????

Sudzy Meliora wrote: Sam's baby shower registry: bullet proof stretchable bubble. Protects her from Liason v JaSam and Mob wars...


  1. They BETTER bring Maya back. If only to say goodbye. Brook got a goodbye! Dammit.

    This would be the perfect setup to have Maya come back with Zoe. But wishful thinking Im sure.

  2. I tried to watch but it was just so GD awful I only lasted 30 min.Jake is dead what a week and Sam is going in for the test REALLY rush much with this story but the Brandon story goes on and on and on sigh

  3. hopefully sam has IVF and FRANCO switches jason's sperm for his own. now that's a soap opera!

  4. I think Maya has gone the way of Terrell. I personally haven't noticed her being gone. Or Terrell, for that matter. Or Claire Walsh. They must really be paring down and trimming the budget.

  5. I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but there is something that I cannot fathom no matter how hard I try. If TPTB knew all along that they were going to cancel AMC and OLTL why would they move AMC to LA and then hire a new head writer Lorraine Broderick. Also why bring Roger Howarth back to OLTL for only 4 months(they stop taping in August).Can someone please explain that to me????

  6. jake's death was unforgivable and so unnecessary, but sam and jason were supposed to have a baby a LONG time ago. JaSam fans have been waiting for a JaSam baby forever, like 2004! and instead they got us invested then destroyed the couple and even now that they're back together, they're never on! If they decided to have a Jasam reunion, then do it, don't go around killing children, now if sam will get pregnant (and it's a huge IF), it's always gonna be bittersweet to say the least, even for us fans of this couple....

  7. This Jasam pregnancy storyline, linked with Jake's death is really galling to those of us who actually remember the Sam/Liz/Jason storyline where Sam watched jake being kidnapped etc. (The writers have obviously forgotten it)

    She wanted the kid gone because he was a connection between Liz and Jason. Now the poor child is dead. "Yaaahh! let's have a baby Jason."

    This storyline is just plain sick!

  8. It's really frustrating to hear people compare Maya to Terrell or Clare. Maya has a family, Maya is a Quartermaine/Ward. She was a high anticipated character. A lot of people care.

  9. I stopped watching when Michael went to prison - I tried to get back into it when Brenda came back, but I just find myself deleting the weeks episodes on Sunday because I am just not interested. This coming from someone who has been watching for at least 30 years. I almost wish they would just cancel it too - might as well just wipe out the whole line up. They have completely destroyed the GH that I loved for years.

    I do find myself watching OLTL every night on SoapNet - I will definitely miss it when it is gone.

  10. I delete it too, without watching now and then. There's just nothing exciting going on. The whole Jake thing was was done so poorly, there was no aftermath. ;/

  11. The Chew? What kind of disgusting name is that for a show? Is it about zombies? Flesh-eating bacteria colonies? The name is enough to keep me from watching.

    If I have to do without GH, I can do without ABC.

  12. I really don't care who killed Brandon. Bringing him back to be killed was a waste of story time.

    Is anyone else getting tired of Michael's insistence that he knows everyone's rationale and intentions? He is as hung up on proving to everyone that he isn't weak that he cannot see the big truth in front of him. Sure, I can understand his need to be in control of his own life after what happened while he was in prison. But this kid doesn't change his mind no matter who tells him that they do not want him to make a life for himself in the mob. He thinks they are lying to him to placate him. Who will he believe? Apparently he is as fixated on himself as Sonny is. I don't imagine they are going to send him back to Pentonville. That storyline done sailed, but something extraordinary will have to happen to get this kid beyond his desire to prove his strength to his mob boss dad. Nothing new has come out of his mouth in months. Talk about tedious. This story has been dragged out far too long with too little forward movement.

    Guess this is just another way of turning off viewers so "they" can pull the plug. At the rate the show has been going to hell, the plug will pop soon.

  13. Catherine Hickland's BLOG is revealing. She doesn't name names but you know she's talking about Frons. He never liked soaps and it was his intention to destroy them and replace them with shows costing less money to produce. He micromanaged producers, writers and interfered with storylines. He destroyed characters and told writers what he thought fans wanted to see. He destroyed the soaps. If he doesn't leave he will destroy GH. I believe it's ABC's intention to remove all of their soaps. He plays favorites and if he likes you your in, if not he'll find a way to be rid of you.

  14. Brook Lynn has a family, she is a Quartermaine. They cut her. Nik has a family, he is a Cassadine. They are cutting him. A lot of people like them. GH is obviously cutting down on cast, even including a vet or two. I don't understand the indignation with regard to Maya.

  15. OK, was it my imagination, or was yesterday's GH a new dimension in terrible-ness? I ALWAYS watch every show, but, for the first time, yesterday's show was PAINFUL! Maya gone, what? And all everyone talks about is Michael's future, they are cutting and paring down the show, whittling it away to almost nothing, just Carly, Sonny, et al. going on and on, repeating the same dialogue over and over, cutting people out left and right, all the actors look like they're in shock. I really don't know how much longer I can watch this debacle . . .

  16. I think Carly's ranting everyday is killing this already doomed show. I guess if the pedictions are true, no one really cares about what they put on our screens everyday. And I am starting not to care,too. I do love that rascal Johnny, though.


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