Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save Soap Rally Around the US Today!!

This was posted by @xanderdash on Twitter at 10:15am this morning! Rally at NYC ABC affiliate!! There are ones scheduled all over the country!! If you are going or have gone, please let me know and I'll put it up. LA's will happen at 1pm/est 10pacific time. If you can't attend, CALL your local station and say you want your soaps!!


  1. I called the local station, they were very nice, gave me a number to call Disney, you can choose either show and leave a voice mail, who knows if they listen, but I was polite, said, please count me as another person who is protesting the cx of the shows and who will be boycotting Disney products, abc sponsors and will turn off the station once the soaps are gone....I left my name and number because I am not hiding.... now if Micky comes and beats me up you will know why...LOL

  2. Nahhhhhh Hope they will pay the 7 drawfs to come get ya lol



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