Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet Lucian....Darling Miracle Boy!!

Aw, he was so cute--that little jean jacket. So nice. Brenda's face was priceless. I like how Mo said "I'm Sonny"!! He looks just like the kid!! Heh... Max was even on!! I'm trying to see if I can understand this whole Suzy backstory. Vanessa killed it in that scene...great job! Loved  it. Adrienne B did great as well. Give the ladies something good, and they'll bring it. 
So Suzanne says that cutie-pie's parents are dead now. Did she kill them or Theo? Must be she did because he wasn't there-- or she is just saying they are dead. The kid's name is Lucian, which I think Stavvy used as a fake name when he came back to Port Chuck.  Maybe the kid is a Cassadine. Guza said we'd know 'down the road' why he's named Lucian.

Michael and Abby are overstaying their welcome. Either couples are on 24-7 or NOT AT ALL!She needs to stop the whisper, she's going to get vocal NODES!! I can tell you that!!

Dante needs a vacation and then Mac could take over this case. Why not? ugh...Please. And they are making Johnny into a douche. 

I love Krissy acting all "Rory Gilmore" about Yale but it loses ALL IMPACT because ALEXIS IS MIA!! 

I miss Olivia.  

Scrubbies Romance..ahhh....

Other than that one Suzy/Brenda scene today? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Suzanne made me mad!!! She tells Brenda if you don't want him?!!?! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! Who gave her THAT horrible line?!!?! Guza did you do that? Suzanne basically said it twice!!!! Lucian is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) What the hell time is it on GH? Robin and Patrick went to Kelly's twice and Lisa went to see Johnny three damn times.

  2. I WANT MY JOLU BACK! I thinkthe only good pairing Johnny has had was with Lulu. They need to bring them back ASAP!!

  3. Didn't watch. Not the least bit interesting.

  4. OLTL was outstanding. I was tearing up over the Shane stuff within the first 5 minutes then I was glued to every word for the rest of the show... every single storyline. And it's a Wednesday.

    I love Ron Carlivati... that is all

  5. I loved VMG today...she killed it with all the emotion, from surprise to anger to astonishment and love!!!

  6. I agree Vanessa rocked it today. First time since she came back, IMO

    Why still no Brenda-Jasons scene?

  7. No Brenda-Jason scene might mess up Sam getting preggers lol

  8. I understood Brenda's outrage but on the other hand..she did kill Suzanne's son. So I'd say they are about even.

  9. Is anyone else tired of all these huge declarations that are made in a pairing as I am?
    I understand it is a staple of soap operas, but enough with the repetitiveness day after day...all the time.

    I agree with you Karen, Michael and Abby are becoming very boring. Too much too often, just like Lulu and Dante.

    I too am disappointed that Brenda and Jason are yet to share a scene. Or have Brenda go to Edward and give her great would that be Edward finding out about his great-grandson like that??

    Segway into Monica and Edward reaching out to him, and help him with his grief.

    There is no more connections and that's the big issue about it. It's the little things like that make it realistic.

    And, Sonny not going to a funeral cuz he doesn't like them? Really? Who does?
    It's your best friend's son!! He's sacrificed so much for you over the years. He sent himself to prison to protect Michael, and you cannot garner up any courage to go to the funeral? Talk about selfish!!

    I have no words about them not having shown the funeral itself other than, DUMB!!!!

  10. My guess is Kemo Lover Guza feels Jasam is threatened by VM's prescence & chemistry with Steve. Just sayin'

  11. But Watchintele not only did Sonny not go to the funeral, but Jason didn't go either!!!!



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