Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Extreme Mental Exhaustion

NOTE: YES, THIS Blog is up early due to the holiday tomorrow...I shall be donning my bonnet and eating Jelly Beans!! 

Woo. What a wild week,  eh?? The Hoover news knocked us all into gear...then Oprah brought us back down to Earth by "gently" reminding us, it's all about the money, honey. 
There are rallies scheduled for Tuesday the 26th...petitions to sign, groups to join. Some people are angry--some people are active, some people are coming to grips with what looks like the reality of it all. I do love the notion we are making noise--it's just hard to keep it up when even the actors shout it down.  

I've written two of my fave blogs this week: 5 Stages of Soapy Grief and So, How Crazy ARE Soap Fans?? They say it all. I've put up Addresses to write to for both sponsors and studio heads. Joined in discussions, brainstorming ideas and letter writing hoopla. There are other things coming next week to help with the efforts as well. 

How are you feeling about all of this? I'm pretty sad and tired lately. It makes it double hard that GH is just so badly written right now I can't see anything worth praising it for. I know Tony Geary's performance for the "intervention" will be fab the 28th-- I get that, but when it's over, then what?? May Sweeps will be about: "The Real Lucian", "Mabby Murder" and "Krissy is Drugged". Uh, nothing that makes my heart stir. You know I'm loving OLTL, so it is hard to watch that show rock, and the ratings finally rise up, only to know it's going to be canceled. 

I did have a brilliant idea earlier in the week, I really want HBO or Showtime to pick up OLTL and show some naked Ford Brother action. Hee hee. Do you realize that AMC only has 5 more months to air and OLTL 8?? Wow. 

I do want to mention a few things about GH (how could I not, right?!). First of all, who knew Crazy Lisa would STILL be around by this time?? What the hell? I mean, keep her for Johnny and to have another doc on staff but to still mess with Scrubs ?? zzzzz. Drugging Krissy? Come on.  Makes me wonder how many times we'll see ol' Terrell around. heh. I also have to laugh about the whole "Where's Maya" stuff going on. Johnny said she "stayed in Vegas". Geesh, don't spend too much on that story exit.  Carly is driving me insane. Please, just Shut up for one day. Her pushing Sam's womb was pretty funny. And rather odd, given their history. Siobhan? Well, I guess the INS is being kind with it's extensions. Liz and the Aiden reveal? zzzzz another snoozer, although I am happy Maxie and she are talking.  Poor Jax-- sorry but this Shawn thing is just inserted very awkwardly and makes little sense. I guess it gives more time to put Jax in the path of Brenda, right?? 
Mabner..Mabby--Michael and Abby and the murder NO ONE cares about. This story is so bad, so boring and so utterly stupid I can't even remark on it. The scenes in the PCPD have been done to death. Then, we'll get Michael "confessing" to save Abby. :eyeroll: One saving grace? Anthony Z is back, talking to plants like they are his dead daughter: SCORE!! 

Please don't get all in my face for criticizing GH right now, when I should be on the bandwagon. GH is safe for at least a year, and if the writing is crummy, I'm going to say so. I'm a big cheerleader for the show but also an unforgiving critic. GH in my book, is wasting it's last legs in mindless stories that hold little interest. 

Hope you have a wonderful Easter if you so celebrate-- find lots of eggs and chocolate bunnies. I was thinking about poor Morgan, you think he's still at camp or what!? LOL NOTE: People told me he was at Sonny's Birthday Party, which I missed. Whoops. Bad day to miss GH--when more than 2 people were in the room!!


  1. No Morgan is back from camp! They showed him the other day! And love Anthony Z! And love his Claudia plant! ROFL! And then Sonny,

    Sonny: I'm sorry I hurt Claudia.


  2. Happy Easter!

    I love having Anthony Z around...he gives good crazy!

  3. GH has been downright depressingly awful lately! I totally hate to admit that; but it's just the hard truth. I know it's bad because I watched 3 episodes that I had DVR'd last week, and all I could think was: Damn, that's three hours of my life, I'll never get back! I think the thing that I equate it to is like having a child that does so well in elementary and middle school and then just flounders and fumbles in high school leaving you to wonder what the hell happened?! You think about all the potential that just isn't being realized and the only thing you can feel, despite how much you love the child, is disappointment. I can't compare it to
    OLTL or AMC because GH is the only one I
    least when I do! I remember when I couldn't wait to see what happened next in Port Charles. Now all I can think when I watch is, "Really?isn't this version 999 of the same story? It's lost its zip, zing and oomph thats for sure! When it goes off the air it'll mean we have to accept that our child just wasn't quite good enough to make it in the real world!

  4. I LOVE Papa Z! He's one of the few things I am currently enjoying on the show. I wait to see what he's going to say next. Can we have some more of him, please? lol

  5. I have an OLTL question. When the new Todd came on, did he have proof that he is the real Todd, or did everyone just accept it? Did he go off for plastic surgery, or what is the story? Is there a chance that Tomas could be working for the real Todd, to bump off the imposter? I'm just trying to get the background on when new todd came on and all that. Any help or insight would be great.

  6. Brian, I do believe he got a DNA test, plus he knew all ALL of Todd's stuff. AT the time, they were trying to make us buy him as Todd, so they did use a lot of "evidence" to say he was...

  7. I agree with you about GH. The only thing that has been worth watching on GH now are the Johnny/Lulu scenes other then that GH SUCKS and bores me to tears. IF they were smart they would have the Johnny/Lulu scenes lead to a Lante/Jolu triangle.But i have a feeling TIIC wants GH to be canceled so they are ignoring what the fans see in front of them and just going to kill Johnny off. If they do then i will be done watching GH for good and noit care if it gets canceled.

  8. ITA about your comments on GH and OLTL. The Shawn s/l was very well done and not drug out.

  9. Hope everyone is having a good Easter and Passover week.

    I don't watch GH but I watch no ABC stuff that was my New Year's resolution and I'm sticking with it.

    ICAM with what you said about GH and OLTL but I only read recaps and what is said on Twitter.

    I would love to think we can really save at least OLTL and I never say never even about ABC. So far nothing shown or to be shown sounds enticing enough to get me to watch--sorry. It the s/l suddenly gets better I'll go back no problem but I think we really are seeing the ending of a once great soap.

  10. If all else fails, why not resort to triangles to spice up this damn show? So much potential for pairings, but GH ignores it unlike OLTL, who damn near screen tests any and everybody lol. There's nothing like giving everyone a little of what they want, cause passion, get everyone tuned in. Cause an obvious triangle between Dante/Lulu/Johnny, Sam/Jason/Liz, or have Zander come back and cause a Zander/Liz/Lucky triangle or Zander/Liz/Jason (like '02). Do a square w/ Sonny/Brenda/Jax/Kate, pair Brenda and Jason, etc. GH just needs a shake-up... so romanticism, passion, SOMETHING.

  11. Annie's management has confirmed she will be back on GH, so that's something for Mayan fans? But I doubt she's back very long since Angels will be filming this summer.

    I'd love to see a Jolu redo, but god forbid Dante now have a love interest.

  12. PLEASE don't stop bitching about GH. You have every right to; it IS awful. It IS horribly written. As I keep saying, it's basically unwatchable. Shame.

  13. Rumors are that ABC daytime has canceled GH but has not made the official announcement. Guza supposedly has been made to take a whopping paycut.

  14. Normally I try to stand up for gh, but the last few weeks have been so stupid I just can't.

    Abby and Lisa have the dumbest storylines and brenda makes no sense to me.

    Shawn is boring

  15. Did anything actually happen last week on GH? The repetition of dialog has gotten so bad that I can no longer remember what is happening. I know what SHOULD be happening and isn't. But what is actually happening???? Geez, how much longer are these terminally boring stories going to sit and spin? Does anyone actually care about Lisa or Brandon or Michael and Abby? Michael refuses to learn or to acknowledge that he does NOT know the motivations others around him have. Abby is delusional to think that she can make Michael into a rational and safe individual. Brandon? Who cares? Lisa? Let her go warm Anthony's bed in Pentonville. Maybe he can take her back to his prison cell when he sneaks back in. Both of these characters are pretty useless. They rank right up there with the disgusting, degenerate Franco.

    Is there, by any chance, a sweeps coming up? It would be nice to see some forward movement in these stories to get them off their incredibly boring laurels. Let's get on with Sonny and Brenda and Lucian. Let's get Sam pregnant so the actress can impress us with her tears. Let's push Carly into doing something typically stupid so Jason can save her yet again. I really hope Jax is successful in getting full custody of Josslyn and Morgan. It would be fitting for him to maneuver her out of the hotel, kick her out of the house he built for her, and turn Crimson over to Brenda to run. I am also ready for the big Luke intervention scenes. Hopefully, it will mean some scenes without Sonny and company.
    Okay, enough blather. Have a great week.

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