Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Stages of SOAPY Grief

With nods to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross:

1. Denial: Wait..what Did I just SEE THAT TWEET?? What!! Someone told me their local affiliate said AMC and OLTL is cancelled?? (scramble to look at Daytime Confidential, SOS, EW, a million other tweets...) No, wait they CAN'T CANCEL BOTH at the same time? What!!?  

2. Anger:  Hell NO! No..they can't do this. Shady idiots.  They just SAID THEY weren't going to cancel the shows! They moved AMC to LA!!
  :calls ABC voicemail and leaves screaming outbursts: I'm going to  write to every PERSON I can find associated with DISNEY until they listen to me!! Bastards. I hate this. Greed. I'm fighting to the bitter end!! I'm selling off my Disney stock! Boycott! :throwing bars of soap:

3.  Bargaining: HEY Oprah...please put our soaps on your OWN station, please!! I know, maybe if we call the hotline enough, they'll listen...we'll tell them we'll watch the soaps and not the new shows!! I won't yell. I won't scream. Maybe someone will buy them. Maybe they can cut staff. Something, anything to save the shows.

4. Depression: Well, hell. That sucks. I love my soaps. I really hate everyone at ABC they suck. :crying: --Calls Mom...gets out old soap books. Watches You Tube clips of old shows. Does a blog about vintage AMC characters. I'm just not going to watch any soaps period. 

5. Acceptance:  We knew it was coming..*Sigh* the ratings were in the crapper for years.  Whatever. 


  1. ROFL ROFL! Karen you are awesome! :)

  2. For my 89 year old Grandmother, it was just tears.

    The lady couldn't turn on a computer if she tried, so when I learned AMC and OLTL were cancelled, it was up to me to tell her. Like I said, she cried.

    I feel terrible because this is all my Grandmother has during the day. After she does her morning routines and then has her lunch, she settles into her chair and watches her "shows". When GH comes on (she gave up on GH about 6 years ago) she has her tea and an afternoon nap until one of us can come by after work and spend a little time with her.

    What can she have to pass the time away now?

  3. I know what you mean about older people-- I was thinking of all the nursing homes that will have to explain to people who might not 'get it' they are gone.



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