Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disney Makes Daytime Confidential Remove Frons Video

 Putting out the Fire with Gasoline

Well.. seems last night The House of Mouse told Daytime Confidential to remove their video of Brian Frons cancelling the soaps AMC and OLTL. Why? Oh, I think we know the answer to that. I wish I would have translated it to type for you all to see-- I wonder if they own the rights to words as well?? 

If this message was delivered  in a classy, professional way--why would they have to take it down? Guess they are embarrassed about the way the whole thing was handled? Hundreds of people told via video they were "shut down" (and a joking story about  Agnes Nixon inserted no less??)  Kudos to DC for putting it out there and letting at least some of us see what happened April 14th.
The video showed Frons in a room, basically telling employees about the decision to cancel the soaps and what the replacements would be. He thanked everyone for their years of work and also went to to say that "surveys showed females want something different in daytime'.  (not sure where that survey was conducted---Siberia perhaps??) Interestingly, Nelson Branco also wrote HE broke the news to Robin Strasser because she wasn't at work that day.  If you weren't at work, I guess you were sheeze out of luck. Wonder how you were supposed to find out? 

My wish: TMZ gets that video in their inbox...I'm sure their lawyers could wrangle to keep it up on their site.
Just a quick kudos to Luke and Jamey who do a great service to daytime fans-- despite the obvious disdain soap sites get from networks. They have given ABC years of free publicity for their soaps and now then the chips are down, they get something taken away. Jamey was saying he wouldn't remove it, and then Disney flagged the video and it's dark. Speaks volumes, doesn't it? 

On another note,  ABC comment lines seem to be "down" as well.  Stay classy. 
WRITE, they can't shut down the damn US Postal Service!! And skip letters to Frons, who cares about him? 
Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney Media Networks Division 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521


  1. I suggest you go to the Dollar Store, buy a $1.00 pregnancy test and MAIL it to ABC-Disney. Fans crippled and I do mean CRIPPLED CBS after the cancellation of Jericho by mailing nuts. I suggest we BURY ABC in $1.00 pregnancy tests!

  2. Yeah I tried to watch it last night and it was gone. Damn it I wanted to watch it. :( Hopefully someone will have it. Maybe TMZ will.

  3. Belinda! ROFL ROFL! Pregnancy tests. Priceless. :)

  4. why bother keeping GH. i rather it was canceled now before it is totally run into the ground. with more vets leaving tyler and ingo what is the point. more newbies and how much of sonny and jason can we watch. i know they are easy on the eyes but their characters have been totally destroyed. I want my old GH back.

  5. I am struggling with watching GH myself--as you know! LOL
    Dollar Stores have PG tests?!! WHAT!!

  6. I saw a few minutes of the Frons debacle but really it was so disrespecful I couldn t watch the rest.Yes WHERE DO THEY DO THESE SURVEYS?? not online for sure

  7. they certainly did not survey the HUGE soap fanbase out there.. PPL like me who's home every day, watching, ppl who sneak it in at work on live feeds, ppl who dvr, ppl who watch clips... so, so many of us. TPTB are out of touch completely.

    The got rid of SN, where all 3 soaps could have gone, NOW, in their current timeslots but no, now that will be a preschool network....

    I'm in no way impressed w/ABC or Disney on how they hanled this. That Frons video was rude, insensitive, crass & disrespectful. He is a lowlife.

    As for GH, good luck with that... a cancelled show just past yu in the weekly ratings... i hear they'll keep GH as long as they have good ratings... hmmm. i guess they might be done sooner than later... or as soon as Frons finds a replacement he likes.

  8. "Females want to watch something different..."

    What about men? We dont count?

    It's off to another network for me, both in daytime and primetime. If I am not good enough for ABC Daytime, I am not good enough for ABC Prime Time either.

  9. Dollar store pregnancy test are sold right next to the Dollar Store condoms (enduro?)

    Survey says...YES we do want something different in daytime tv. We want less mobs, explosions, newbies, disjointed storylines and isolated cast. We want more families, vets, intertwined stories and cast interaction. CHEW on that Frons...

  10. Good one Frisco I wrote Anne Sweeney myself .I wished I had seen the video but I have no respect for that idiot Frons.People People boycott GH see how fast that last.Or better yet lets all go to the Young and the Restless and watch Genie Francis and go to Days of our lives thats what Im going to do.

  11. Oh my god, there's so much useful info above!



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