Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday--Ratings Race

Lisa, Brianna and Khary go out on the town last night !

RATINGS: Not much really to note, other than GH lost viewers from last week. I believe the ratings from this week and next will tell the tale-- no more  HUGENESS to keep people tuned in.

SOAP OPERA NETWORK (see all) (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
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Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,742,000 (+204,000/-309,000)
2. B&B 2,909,000 (+90,000/-157,000)
3. GH 2,720,000 (-149,000/+46,000)
4. OLTL 2,574,000 (+63,000/+172,000) --these numbers look good!
5. AMC 2,383,000 (+8,000/-40,000)
6. DAYS 2,228,000 (-133,000/-294,000) * <---- new low
* Previous low: 2,229,000 (July 2-6, 2007)
OLTL today was so fun... Cutter, Ford and Brody were all shirt-free a the same time. LOL!  AND David and Dorian are home AND Tess totally licked her whole bagel so Ford couldn't have any. Tess and Ford were hot. wowza. I love how they are writing Lang out, to do David's movie with Marko!! nice... 
GH: Today was 2 people in a room day. Good GOD. I really wish they'd put more than 2 characters together, it so sucks!! 
THIS IS WHAT BLOCK TAPING LOOKS LIKE!! People stay in one room and other people come in to talk to them after the first person leaves: 
From 3:00-3:57 today: there were NO OTHER players in the room at these times but these 2 characters: 

Lucky/Sonny in a room
Carly/Brenda in a room
JaSam in a room
Nik and Luke in a room
Sonny/Luke in a room
Jason/Brenda in a room
Carly/Shawn in a room
Siobhan/Lucky in a room

Brenda/Sonny in a room 
Siobhan/Luke in a room in the Haunted Star
Lucky/Jason in a room
Carly/Sam alone in Kelly's

Let me tell you something-- having Shawn and Carly standing over Joss' crib when it should have been Jax was just mean.  Crazy Town. 
Luke pouring gas on the bar..P-U!! 
Underwhelming for a Friday. To say the least.

I asked people on twitter their fave soapy names over the years. I got a ton! Eden, Greenlee, Flame--Luna, Cruize, Spike, Ridge, Fallon, Jagger, Stone... Frisco. How about you??! I loved Nina and  Devon from #AMC Seneca from Ryan's hope..Lori reminded me of that one.


  1. I have decided that I just can't watch anymore until they put Liz back in the mix. Where is she. This is HER story, so she should be on all the time. Crap!
    Carly. I don't want to talk bad about Liz, but....Just be greatful and shut up, Carly!
    No Jax. BULL****
    Seeing Sibbohan on more than Liz is stupid!
    Sonny still taking Carly's side over Brenda and then Brenda telling Sonny he is right. Even more stupid.
    Carly telling Sam to have a kid. Hate it.
    I don't want to say this, but GH is going to lose me as a viewer sooner than later. I know I am only one person, but I am sure there are more of me out there!

  2. Way to go OLTL! Maybe they can beat GH and be safe!

  3. Eden and Cruz!! My two favorite romantic couple names! I shall never forget the loveliness that was their antibellum wedding....sigh.

    And I loved Siobhan from Ryan's Hope...before GH ruined the name for me...sorry. I'd never heard it before and it was sooo sooo "Oyerish", lol.

  4. Boy, I hope "the room" is getting paid some good $$$. He seems to be the only one guaranteed any screen time!

  5. If they like rooms so much on GH, Why don't they go to the closet , and let Bobbie.Monica, Epiphany, Leslie and Audrey out of it. After all it's a room too.

  6. Oh and they can let 2 out at a time too.

  7. When Edge of Night went off the air (the only year I ever watched it was the last year, 1984), they had characters named Sky (a male), Raven, Gunther, and my favorite, Preacher.

  8. If GH gets the ax I am prepared to boycott ABC. Most of their programming is crap any way, so it's not like I will be losing out on some great shows. I will let ABC know why I will not longer be among their viewership.

  9. Oh is THAT what block taping is Karen? Block taping sucks!!!! Today's show sucked! Too bad we didn't get to see Shivon (sp) and Lucky put groceries away in the kitchen! That would have made me smile! Carly and Brenda scene was a waste of time! Shut up Carly! You are telling Brenda SHE is full of judgment?!!?! So are you!!!!

  10. Sonya, yes...that way only X people tape X days, they chop them up and put them together. That's why GH doesn't feel like a "town" or a "family" or anything.

  11. has anyone brought up Cricket?

  12. All one can say about GH right now is that it is beyond criminal to be wasting such a hugely talented cast. It seems to be time for Guza to retire and start his own car washing business. Guess he's just burned out in the idea department.
    As for my favorite GH name, that would be Filomena Soltini. She was so cute! :)

    to be wasting such a hugely talented cast is beyond criminal.

  13. After today's show I think we all need a laugh! Watch April 1995 of GH. Lucy taking a bath with her duck Sigmund! ROFL ROFL!

  14. The worst part about the block taping is that GH is still constantly over budget...How does OLTL do it? No block taping, cast integration, good stories and they come in under budget...oh that's right, no CLICK-BOOMS! I'd rather have cast integration and good stories than click-booms anyday!

  15. It will not really have success, I feel this way.



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