Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soaps Today: Tuesday April 19th

OLTL: Rocked, loved Dorian standing over Clint!! Niki Smith is priceless.  LOVED her outfit. So festive. Heh

 Redvines are supporting SAVE OUR SOAPS!!

GH: Anthony Z is back!! "He beds a lunatic doctor"... gotta love BW!!!
Liz "I've always loved lucky, I've never really stopped'....and then doesn't show  Nik the DNA test RESULTS. boooooooo
Don't care about Oyrish Siobhan. 
Carly blesses the JaSam baby and Sam LEAVES because she won't shut up! Good Lord.
The only thing I liked today was Maxie/Robin!!  
All Carly does is bitch..lol she lays into Johnny-- 

! HOOVER is backing us for an ABC Boycott! Remember we are only watching THE THREE SOAPS and Castle on ABC. That's it! This story has been picked up by the AP!!

Kashi is a great company here's their contact form!! you can email or call or snail mail! I told them I loved their cereal (true) and thank you for supporting Soaps all these years. Told them about Hoover ad boycott and hoped they'd help in our cause. :) 

NOTE: There is a fantastic interview with #OLTL's head writer, Ron Carlivati on POPDOSE! It really shows how the writing process is run!! 


  1. I did see a Hoover commercial today yall.OLTL was great and even AMC was kinda.

  2. Please, everyone, we need to remember that the advertisers who support AMC & OLTL also advertise on General Hospital. The fact that Hoover is making a statement 'in the moment', and is giving a very good reason for doing so, is very good publicity for Hoover. How long they will continue their boycott remains to be seen. I don't think it's to any fan's benefit to encourage other sponsors to follow suit because of the negative impact it will have on GH.

  3. Shirleedee, I have heard that ABC will be announcing GH's cancellation next year. It seems that Frons wants to kill the soaps. Hopefully, anything that we do now will cause ABC to have second thoughts.

  4. On Yahoo is a huge article from Hoover and what they and us want from ABC check it out..GO HOOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As I understand it, HOOVER'S boycott starts Friday, so we should not see any ads come next Monday. Obviously the only way we can "hurt" ABC, is to hit them in their pocketbooks and ratings. Whether we can save GH is doubtful at this point, but we can let tptb know WE ARE HERE and WE CARE ABOUT OUR SOAPS!

  6. I love Modern Family - even gave away Season 1 DVD sets for two Christmas presents - but I'm going to intentionally miss it for the first time ever this Wed. Really glad Lost is over, because that would've been where I drew the line!

  7. I love Lucky and Siobhan!
    Why do you always call her like that? Would fans be ok if you made fun of Liz like that?

  8. Shirlee.. I think it's twofold: it's getting us press for our cause and it's also showing ABC that we are CONSUMERS and COUNT!! The fact that advertisers will listen to us? Brilliant.
    I think it's win-win.

  9. While I agree with much of what you say-I'm sorry but I can't help but feel that if you continue to bitch about how bad GH is you are feeding to it's cancellation as well. Some people are unable to think for themselves and if they come here and read you continually tearing GH down well then they might follow the flock and stop watching and what then will we be left with?
    kindest regards and I mean it-kindest,

  10. Well, when the show sucks, what else are you supposed to write about? I come and read this blog and I knew GH started sucking before I read what karen had to say. Some of us have been putting up with it for awhile and that takes a toll on us. I think this is mainly because we knew how good GH used to be and right now the writers are putting this show in the crapper by not thinking about history, not listening to the viewers, and hot trying to change anything up to get their viewers back.

  11. anonymous, is Karen supposed to lie and say GH is great? Please! And Shirlee, if you don't think the writing is already on the wall for GH, you are delusional. It is only a matter of time. And this is only my opinion, but I would rather they cancel GH and keep OLTL. I would feel bad for the cast and crew, but OLTL is a much better show and deserves to be saved...

  12. I do have trouble when I really am upset with GH. It's very difficult to support the show right now. But I am. I still post spoilers, I still run my website-- I am still writing actors.
    I won't say writing is good when it's not. Can't do it.

  13. I quit watching GH a year ago but I love to come here and watch what other people put on how they feel.I turned to AMC and OLTL a year ago because they have better writers.Really OLTL has and they have people I have grown up with they too had problems years ago.But this is Karen's blog anon so she can down whoever she pleases.But she is sad as we all are how the vets are gone.....and the writing stinks

  14. My heart is with GH, always has been, always will be. I have tuned into OLTL & AMC over the years for certain storylines but that's it. GH is it for me, good or bad. It's like a marriage. I don't want to see our wonderful actors out of work and I would be sad to see this part of my life over.

    Viva, GH.



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