Monday, April 4, 2011

Exclusive! Wubs Interviews Mr. Guza Himself!!

On the heels of his TV Guide interview and You Tube video, Bob decided it would be major awesome to sit with the Wubqueen. Here's the scoop:

Wubsnet: Hello, thanks for meeting with me, you're in demand!

Guza: DUDE! You're telling me DUDE!

Wubsnet: Uh, did you just call me Dude?

Guza: Oh, sorry-DudETTE..Dudette. Heh...want a White Russian?

Wubsnet: No, thanks, really. I'm fine. I really have respect for writing soaps, the time crunch alone is intense. Where do you come up with all the story arc ideas??

Guza: Dudette, man...if I told you that, I'd have to have you shot. Ha..get it? (hand like gun) Bingo!

Wubsnet: Oz, maybe? Sopranos? Really old gangster movies? Showgirls?

Guza: Showgirls, now there's a masterpiece. Don't you think Abby kinda looks like that chick from Who's the Bell? 

Wubsnet: You mean Saved by the Bell? 

Guza: Yep.  NEXT! Meaning next question...

Wubsnet: Ok, so here we go... Do you remember the Valentin story? When Helena was so upset about him and...

Guza: Stop. Stop. I don't talk about past story lines...

Wubsnet: But it wasn't even a story-- it never got to be a story.. didn't you hire some guy from AMC to play him?

Guza: (covers ears) La, La, La...can't hear you....

Wubsnet: Ok scratch that. Can I talk about Jake?

Guza: Now  you're talking, let's dish about Jake. Quite a HUGE story, isn't it?? HUGE!! Do you know there's a big U in Huge...?? You baby.... YOU!

Wubsnet: I'm wondering why there is so little of Elizabeth on...and really a small amount of character no memorial.

Guza: Ah, memorials are boring. When's the last time you saw me do a proper memorial? Too depressing, man...a real bummer. I mean, I like the lead up and the tragedy part--but the other stuff? Eh. 

Wubsnet: Well the fans like them...

Guza: FANS!! you see any U in Fans? Nope. None.

Wubsnet: Ok, let me ask you about the Brenda return. You know, Vanessa Marcil came back and things moved a bit slow there in the beginning..

Guza: I had to tell the whole story. I mean if you didn't know she was engaged to Monty, then how could I tell the rest of the tale? HUGE right there. And Suzanne? How brilliant was I about that? Audience never knew she was the Balkan's wife because I played it so confusing. Hell,  I wasn't even sure she was until February. (takes off sunglasses and cleans lenses)

Wubsnet: well...yeah, but... the Rome scenes alone lasted months...

Guza: Uh, hello...I had that Roman set built. Dudette, that was so cool. Did you notice the tiny grapes, wine bottles...statues--and big busted Italian lady I imported?

Wubsnet: Do you think Sonny and Brenda will remain happy for a bit? 

Guza: Oh, yes.   NOT! Got 'cha!! I've got Jax to mix it up... we haven't talked about that aspect since..well, last time she was back. I love triangles.  They make me tingle. :shivers: 

Wubsnet: I'm wondering about a few characters that seem to shall we say? Where are Claire, Kate....Coleman...Mayor Floyd-- Billy Dee William's guy--Morgan...Bobbie, Monica...Leslie--

Guza: Stop. Never heard of them.

Wubsnet: ANY of them? 

Guza: Well, maybe that Morgan kid, I mean he  IS at camp. Kids DO go to camp you know...

Wubsnet: Why did you kill off Georgie? 

Guza: Who? 

Wubsnet: Do you think Olivia will get any more stories other than delivering pasta?

Guza: What? 

Wubsnet: Are you paying attention? 

Guza: Oh! Look! Pastries! want one? 

Wubsnet: No thanks, guess I'll be going...Has anyone ever told you that you look like..

Guza: Oh my gosh, Paul Newman? You know it. 

Wubsnet: Yeah...that's it.  Thank you and goodbye!

Guza: Later. Time to write the scene where the Quartermaine's house is blown apart by ... oh, wait... that's a SECRET..don't PRINT THAT!! Damn. Now I'll have to burn it down instead. It's always something. 

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  1. still giggling but it's just a prelude to crying.

    I told someone he looked like across brtween truman Capote and Andy Warhol

  2. Guza is pathetic and this interview reinforces it. He is so impressed with himself, and so out of touch with the audience that the show is intended for.
    His flippant comments, sheesh -- he is the cancer of my beloved story that I have been watching since 1976.

  3. You mean that was a real interview? Wow how full of our self are we.

  4. Its sad that this is probably the most 'real' interview he will ever be in

  5. Laura aka GedsternApril 4, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    Karen- you are so brilliant! Thank you for this!!!!!

  6. Please tell me that is a belated April Fool's joke. There is no hope for GH at his hands...sigh.

  7. OMG, come on, THIS IS the WUBS net...people!!!

  8. Karen! Billy Dee William's guy!!! ROFL!

  9. karen, hysterical interview. you have guza luza down to a tee.

  10. LOL! Awesome Karen. Oh, and I think Guza lookms like Elton John.

  11. Wow Karen that was hilarious! Well done!

    Btw, did you hear about this rumour? Liz and Jason might have a sort of reunion. Do you think it's true?
    Check it out:

    Jasam baby & Liz Storyline

    Following is a scoop that I read on other sites. Spoilers have said that Sam will begin fertility drugs sometime this month and that Patrick will finally diagnose Sam’s headaches or whatever is causing her illness. It is said that Sam will find out on the 21st that she will not be able to carry a baby so she and Jason take up Carly’s offer to be a surrogate for them but Liz will put “a wrench in their plans”.

    Speculation is that Guza will have Liz slowly dismantling in her grief and guilt over loosing Jake, and also Lucky because of his marriage to Siobhan and Nick’s exit. She finds out that Jason wants a baby with Sam and steals Jason’s sperm so that she can impregnate herself in order to create another “Jake”. There have been several hints that this is the direction the writers are going because it is mentioned that Liz has upcoming scenes with Dr Lee (Sam’s doctor) where she learns of Sam’s procedure and more scenes with Jason.

    Guza himself mentioned that Liz and Jason will have upcoming scenes. There seems to be also no intention of reuniting Liz & Lucky since Jakes death has not brought them closer together. In fact. The writers are consistently showing us that Liz is not stable (aka continuously blaming herself and not being angry with Luke for killing her son). There is also a scene in the hospital with Jason when Jake died in which she told him that he didn’t fight for his son or her (I don’t remember the exact words, but something to that effect). Could this be a wrench in breaking Sam & Jason and hooking up Liz & Jason?

    If Liz does end up carrying Jason’s baby, could he walk away a second time from her? Would he try to take the baby from her? He has always had a soft spot for Liz and I think this is the direction the writers are going with, though I don’t know how I would feel about it. I’m a long time Liz-Jason fan but I have come to slowly like Jason with Sam. She seems to be his soul mate and I wouldn’t want Jason to use Liz again as I truly believe he never loved her in the same way he does with Sam. What do you all think?

  12. I can see Guza trying to paint Liz in a bad picture like that. Who knows with Guza though. He will probably start the storyline and then forget what he was doing and all of a sudden Jason is the pregnant one...

    Great interview Karen. Best one yet!!

  13. Hopefully that is a rumor about liz. and never thought as sam as jason,s soul mate. only as someone who fits his life style. more like friends with benefits.

  14. mr luza guza. When are you going to be fired? never.

  15. Guza . I'm not going to be fired,cause i'm sleeping with my lovers sonny,jason and frons.

  16. Guza. I'm trying to get pregnant by sonny then i will be there forever.

  17. oh Dear God, no that rumor has NOT come across my emails. I sure hope this is just too stupid for words. IF anyone steals ANYONE sperm, I'm so done. LOL

  18. LMAO Andrea! Guza forgets and Jason ends up pregnant! HILARIOUS!

  19. Um. rock, girlfriend!



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