Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Amputating the Hand that Feeds You

The End is Near? Who knows... one day you hear one thing, one day another. All I know is, something is shakin' bacon... something is sure shakin'... 

Supposedly AMC is "saved" head writer stepping on in. I'm so afraid this is the death knell for OLTL. I'm sure one soap is going. It's going to be so sad to see the best of the bunch leave if true. OLTL comes in under budget and manages to be spectacular most weeks.  SMH.

It was a wild week. Between that news and Bob Guza's interview with TV Guide, I am about ready to jump ship. Did you see the You Tube of Mr. G and Steve Burton? Here it is: 

Now, what do I find interesting about this little ditty? Bob's sunglasses? Nah... The fact that Burton still is wearing a black tshirt even in an interview clip? Nah... The fact they did it  AT ALL is quite astounding. Who does this? Why did they do this? It's on by the way. All PR wheels churning. I think it's hilarious that the fan "questions" were answered by a star and the headwriter of a soap..and broadcast on that network's website. If this has been done before, forgive my ignorance. This just took me by surprise!! LOL. Such Spin-control!! 

Sigh..Guza still doesn't get it. When answering the "history" question he pleads ignorance based on 40 some years of GH he doesn't know. Hell, read up--or fire your "consultants" and hire new ones. Some fans from way back, they'll let you know. The ones you have now? Frankly, suck. Continuity people? Like the guys that check that Dante's hair is the same length in successive scenes? Buy the some laser eye surgery. Thanks. Your editors? Give them a little mood-stabilizer. Choppy doesn't even begin to describe what we are seeing.

I don't even know what to say anymore. No memorial for Jake was probably the last nail in the collective coffin on this rushed story. If you had told me before all this they wouldn't actually SHOW even a small scene of it, I wouldn't have believed you. Because surely, even Mr. Guza would realize the need for closure on this--having characters come together in one room, cry... talk about the past. Show some clips. Nah, why bother? We have Mabby having sex for DAYS..and her ex coming back again to beat her up! WOW..there's crazy Lisa, still stalking Scrubs--that's real important.  I don't get it. I just don't. Now they are bringing in a new kid, about the same age that might (or might not @@) be Brenda's son. Great. Do you think I'm going to care about this kid? Ha. Think again. 

I don't expect much anymore, especially after what I feel was the most botched story on a soap I've ever seen: Brenda's "return" . If that's what you call great storytelling for one of your biggest 'draws'-- then I give up. Genie Francis was snapped up by Y&R--who also has Tristan Rogers and Stephen Nicols to name only a few ex GHers.  Guess what I'm going to start to watch? You bet I'm there. 

You know I think the actors in this story brought it with everything they had. I wish they'd actually been more interactive , but hey, I'll take Tony tipping over tables any day.  That scene actually made me feel good because that's exactly what I feel about my once fave soap.  I wish I could turn the tables over and just start again. *sigh* 


  1. Actually this have been done alot.JMB did one with Kirsten Storms & DZ and LW did one with Brian Fronz.

  2. This sounds horrible. You know I gave up on GH after the toxic balls story. But this sounds really, really bad.

    OLTL is awesome! I've only watched one ynr since TR came on. It was like it wasn't ynr any more. Choppy silly, plot-driven stories. I thought to myself. Hey dudes, GH tried this too. Ain't worked out so great for them.

  3. Oh,ok. I know BF did one but i think it is the first time a HW did one.

  4. ITA with you. It was a very odd video--the HW and 'star" sitting there trading little 'Oh I like you better' crap things. I hope SBu demanded and got a yrs pay to do this--not that it was deserved but all that gremy slobbering Guza did had to be worth at least that much.
    They said nothing just talked around nothing. ABC has lost it's collective mind putting a guy on there who IMO looks like a cross between Truman Capote and Andy Wahol--it makes me shudder in distaste. he just made me angry as did SBu.
    I love OLTL and agree it's ABC's best soap right now I actually watch it. If they cancel it and keep the other two then we will have out agenda ? answered.
    Y&R has always been my fav. soap and I added GH a few yrs ago thanks to Becky's great acting. They have got some really good actors over there, as does GH, but the Bells know how to use their actors properly-oh they get things wrong but they fix those things and come out better. GH not so much.
    Someone at ABC/Disney/GH should be watching to see how to fix a F-k up, firing Guza and Frons would be a great start.

  5. Guza is such a douche. Didn't even mention Becky in the grouping of the great actors that get to work together during the Jake scenes, which is noticeable, since her character hardly interacts with anyone.

    I like how he said he likes to take a chance...I think he likes to see how much further he can tick us off before we quit watching the show. Well Guza, Jakes death did it for me. Congrats! you just lost a GH fan that has been watching for 15 years.

  6. Whether live or dvr'd, I watch OLTL every day Even before I gave up on GH, I either FF'd or deleted more than I actually watched. If they cancel OLTL they are foolish. I think a lot of people are starting to tune into OL, but are leaving GH and AMC. If AMC were a better lead in, I also think OLTL's ratings would rock! How about they cancel AMC, keep OLTL, and give GH the new head writer that AMC is supposed to get? That would probably fix all their problems, and we would all b much happier!

  7. I think the "interview" was Guza's way of putting it to the fans..."I am still here and I will write the show the way "I" want it written, and you will "learn" to like it." I think he is a pompous, over paid individual, who need to get a handle on what the fans really want

  8. Let's have a GH intervention. Let us fans petition to "save GH" by demanding Guza and Frons step down. Even the actors know it's the fans that make or break a continuingly successful soap.

    Let's face it, we can complain until we're blue in the face but nothing will change or make anyone really take notice unless we as fans make a stand. We need to start putting the pressure on Guza and Frons to either clean up their act or step down from their self-righteous pedestals.

    Make 2011 the year that fans changed soaps for the better. Anyone with me?

  9. I say lets save OLTL cause they have a great show and great writers.I didn't even watch the video of that Ahole and I cannot believe that anyone would sit next to his butt he has ruined GH the show really blows.

  10. I just started watching OLTL daily about 3 weeks ago. It's really going to suck if it's cancelled. It's entertaining, which GH is NOT. Haven't watched it in over a week. Maybe when it's actually PLEASANT to watch. I hope a tv show picks up Bree Williamson - she's got loads of talent.

  11. Guza sounds like an arrogant idiot and will write for his favorites. those being Steve Burton and kelly monaco. jake's death was a waste. and was only done to give jaspam a baby. steve seemed very uncomfortable talking about jake's death.

  12. What does Guza think he's Jack nicolson or somehting with those glasses? what an asshole.

    I agree with Andrea how he purposely didn't mention Becky, but that's probably cuz we pissed him off by getting her rehired.

  13. I agree with the Anon from 11:25 AM. my mom used to tell me that i would learn to like peas, but it has been 21 years since she first said that and i still can't stand peas.

    Guza is like the slimy, icky pea of the soap world. no matter how much he gets shoved down my throat i will NEVER like him.

    I started watching Y&R this weekend (thank you Soap Net), and it was absolutely brilliant compared to the way GH is written. There are actual families on there! And someone was killed by falling into a volcano! no crazy explosion or toxic balls needed.

    Also, I love OLTL. I started watching when Vicki was living in Paris and they introduced Gigi and Shane. I can't wait to see if he commits suicide tomorrow. The way this bully storyline has been written is amazing. It is very true to life. I think the striking contrast between OLTL and GH is that if GH tried to do something like the bullying s/l, it would have ended up with Sonny or Jason killing someone. Rex wanted to slap the ship out of Jack, but he would never have killed him. I really hope that ABC doesn't kill its daytime lineup by canceling OLTL. It is by far the best written show that ABC has, and it would be an absolute travesty for it to be canceled.

  14. Is there an Anti Guza website out there? Can someone please form one? He has destroyed my favorite soap. A soap i've been watching for 33 years. But for the past few years I can hardly handle it. The Jake Debacle has become the last straw. We need to out Guza from GH soon. Give us back our show!

  15. Send letters-If Frons has his way both AMC and OLTL will be cancelled leaving only GH. Check article by Micahel Logan

  16. Susan haskell's Marty is leaving OLTL. Never liked her much this go around but loved her original portrayal.

  17. When you combine this interview with the other Guza did with TVGude, I feel as though I've been slapped in the face. It is beyond disgusting the way in which ABC daytime has not only allowed Guza to destroy what once was a brilliant soap, but to allow General Hospital to become their golden child in spite of this, irritates me.

    Yes, General Hospital is popular; does its popularity stem from the proper reasons? No. My timeline EXPLODES at 3 o'clock; however, it explodes with anger and fury at the garbage that it fed us. Guza writes these nonsensical storylines with more potholes than a New York City street, he insults the viewers' intelligence with simple criminal procedure that most people know, and he leaves storylines undone or simply barely done. WHY does this man still have a job?

    Most fans know more about GH history than Guza throws in our faces. Hell, you don't even need to look forty years back; Guza screws things up that happened TWO years back. He rewrites history left and right, and day-to-day episodes within his latest debauchery are far from continuous. The fact that he could give such an interview and be so pompous in doing so, makes me sick.

    The blatant lies are fairly obvious to us, but somehow the idiots in charge continue to allow this nonsense to continue. I could go on forever, but I'm going to just stop here. Bottom line: I, like most fans, am so tired of the bull.

  18. I haven't watched GH in 2, count'em, 2 weeks. I refuse to pander to the ego-masturbating, talentless,hack writing that Guza and friends so delight in throwing at us. And you know what, I am still alive and sane without GH. My next step is to eliminate the other ABC shows I watch. That's not going to be a big effort since the only things I watch on ABC have been GH, Grey's Anatomy, and Burden of Proof.

  19. So funny about bob's glass,ha ha..I like Susan's original portrayal.
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  20. I say can save the OLTL because they have a great show and great writers.I not even watch the video of this Ahola and I can not believe that anyone would sit next to his donkey, he ruined show GH really blows.



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