Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is it Thursday Already?? Lather UP!

Raven's new column is out. She's usually spot on about casting. I've also said more vets are out-- I heard at least one and 2 contracts going recurring really soon. Her info is worse than mine as far as TWO vets out!! OUCH.  Soon, someone like "Sam" will be considered a vet character!! I'm still wondering why they had LC on to tell Liz that Aiden looked like Lucky, then not have her show up for the whole Jake thing. Having Jason reveal it to Monica would have been so powerful. Put Tracy in the mix? Even if they didn't want Edward to know, the 3 of them would have been a great scene. 

Guza news? No, not really...  I do know that the Feb sweeps ratings may have saved him, not to mention the mainstream press for Jake's death. Some people still don't get that any PR is wonderful PR . It may be controversial, but media loves that sheeze. I'm telling you, they do. Plus, Franco is still in the wings--Burton, Guza, Benard, Geary. Let's just say 'winning' in some minds. 

Spoilers? Well, I have on the Rumors page about Nikolas maybe being killed off. I'm hoping it's a trip to Greece. I mean why kill him off? Impact maybe? Who knows. Bye Cassadines. Guza created, Guza dismantled. Abby's probably setting Michael up-- AZ will be back. Jax and Brenda. JaSam creating babies any which way but loose. 
I also think Suzanne switched Brenda's kid so that her REAL grandson is "safe"-- 

So, on OLTL they had terrible actor  NuJack say "St. Queer" as a line and the kid with him say "Word". HAHAHAHAA. Goodness. You know, this story would be unstoppable if they would have hired a decent Jack.  Great story. I also love how they have people move around the canvas in the same day! They really should have Roxy on-- I know she's on Broadway in My Big Italian Wedding but still. She needs to be on. 

GH: Lucien's eyeballs and stare are darling!! He looks like Dante! LOL. Don't kill me.  I know it's not Dante's kid,  I really don't think they ever slept together. 

Carly tells Jason that you'd "never know Joss had kidney surgery"...YOU THINK? !! yeah, we noticed. And it's the first time she's even visited him.  This show is so sad that way. I remember Carly hadn't met Laura either.

Luke has a hazy drunken vision of Jake in the Haunted Star. Ethan is finally home--he took Maya to Vegas. FOR THE WEEK. Stupid writers. By the way, Luke shaved today. I really wish it could have been Lucky lathering up.

Loved the Lucky/Nik scene but so wanted them to mention Laura!! Geesh Louise.

Carly went to see Sonny and found Brenda with Lucien. HAHAHAAH. Her face was priceless. I loved her saying that Lucien looked like Sonny. "Who's the mother?? Kate? Claudia"?? Nice. Loved it.

IN the end, Luke threw a glass..then his phone--then lined up liquor bottles and threw them . WHAT A WASTE! :Sobbing: Nik had to duck them heh.


  1. So months of angst scrubs scenes and Lisa and all we get is a 3 second love scene yesterday? Lisa & Patrick had a better love scene than that!
    They are currently 1 of 3 happy couples on the hwole show. Show them be happy PLEASE.

    Happy to see Ethan back on my screen. Want to see him with Kristina unless Guza ruins her also. Where the hell is Alexis? Jax? Liz?

  2. what do you mean carly never met laura? they were forced to be business partners because of sonny. laura wanted liz as the model and carly wanted gia.

  3. If TSJ is out idk what I'll do. He's the reason I've stayed in touch with OLTL for the past 7 years!

  4. Karen what is a waste? Throwing all the alcohol bottles? ROFL! What a great scene! As soon as it goes on youtube I'm going to favorite it! :) When Nik walked in I laughed a little cus he was wet a little hahaha!

  5. I don't watch GH, but I do read the daily recaps and spoilers... so sorry for the "lazy" question: has Liz and Carly had a scene together since the organ donation?? Carly thanked Lucky today so I was just wondering. Thanks!

  6. Also glad to see Ethan again. Also looking forward to his upcoming scenes with Kristina. I think she has a hard road ahead of her. I hope Alexis is there for her, too.

  7. Liz and Carly have NOT had a scene together since.

    I meant Laura and Carly didn't meet for about 3 years when Laura came back on canvas, should have made myself more clear.

  8. Actually, Carly and Jax did go to see Liz and thank her for the donation. Nic was there at the time. I believe it was following the off-screen memorial.

  9. There was no emotional connection carly and Liz made the way Karen spoiled. Another scene cut I presume?
    The one with Nik & Jax was pretty minimal. I want tears, hugging, rip roaring soap stuff. That's what makes these horrible stories worth it, but not this time.

  10. Haven't watched since last desire to do so AT ALL! I guess when I catch up on my other shows and all my Netflix queue...maybe then I'll think about catching up again...

  11. Happy to see Ethan again! And even better a Maya acknowledgement - Vegas! Terrible writing, but I'll take it.

    Lucky and Nik were great today, and I enjoyed Brenda too.

  12. Jake looked so sweet in that flashback. I don't know why they had to kill him off. I'm still holding out hope that after we've had all these great scenes with Luke, Lucey and Jason, and their grieving over his death, that we'll find out that psycho Franco actually dumped a child on the road and took Jake. He's sick enough. And finding Luke's car after and leaving evidence on it would be easy enough to do.

    They never actually showed jake after either . His headmust have been badly mangled as it was a memorial not a funeral. It would have been a closed casket,

  13. Lucky and Nik were great today. I cried!

    That was the most pathetic excuse they could have come up with for Ethan not being in PC for his brother and father. He should have been in PC the whole time.

  14. Vegas, Ethan? Really? Loser.

  15. Karen,what ya think of the Jack Manning? I say military school cannot stand him.

  16. Hey - Chelsea Handler had a OLTL clip in her opening monologue. Did anyone see it?

  17. Luke is a drunk.
    Sonny is so insecure he resorts to mental abuse to control his women.
    Jason is a killer.

    And these are our "lead" males?

    Stephen Webber is a hospital based character with good morals from a "core" family but the bubble lamp gets more screen time.

    Mac Scorpio is the police commissioner, upstanding citizen, role model/mentor for many characters, and member of another core family yet the only time we see him he has to share the screen with NLG's cleavage...and we know who is the scene stealer in there!

    Patrick messed up but is trying to redeem himself. Is another hospital based character from an established family with ties to key characters. He is relegated to propping up a storyline for a stringy haired over sexxed psycho.

    Jax will soon be able to be classified a vet, if they don't can him first. He is anti-mob and has great potential for business raider type storylines. He is only allowed to exist as the whipping boy in the Carly/Sonny orbit.

    Where have all the good guys gone? Less Luke, Sonny and Jason please.

  18. Frisco, I totally I agree with you.

  19. The Lucky/Nik scene was great. I am really sad that Tyler is leaving since they play brothers so well. And Carly visiting Lucky was good, too.

  20. MamaspatOle,

    Do you mean the actor or the character? Either way, I'm with you- can't stand him. If they wanted to SORA Jack that is fine, but there had to have been a better teenage actor available for the character, we'll see where this goes. He's a kid, so he can be redeemed if it is done right, and OLTL has been doing a lot right lately.

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