Thursday, April 28, 2011

HAPPY Birthday To Nancy Lee Grahn!

One of my fave GH actors!! I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy in NYC and she was just awesome. Honest and down to earth, she spent a lot of time at each of our tables and really connected with every fan there. Her daughter Kate came as well--they make a great pair! 

Nancy joined GH in 1996, playing Alexis Davis who was found out to be the half-sister of Stefan Cassadine. Helena hated her. heh... Before that, she played Julia Capwell on Santa Barbara. 
Nancy is active in politics and community service projects. 

Nancy met Alberta Wubs at the NYC event and at her Haiti Relief rally in California.
Recently Nancy appeared on Hell's Kitchen!
Visit her awesome website


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRLFRIEND! hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for all the pleasure you've given me on GH and Santa Barbara!!! Truly a talented lady.

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