Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Part To Die For: Franco Frenia

 From The Ultimate Fort Bend:

Next week's episodes of the soap opera General Hospital will feature Missouri City resident and Houston broadcaster Michael Garfield in a few macabre scenes with guest star James Franco.

In the story arc that begins next week, Franco reprises his role as an eccentric killer who is also named Franco. Garfield, 46, plays a model that Franco photographs in his studio.

"He's starting to take pictures of me in his crazy studio, in a dead position," Garfield said. "So I am his model-slash-body that he ultimately kills... he and I have a little confrontation, needless to say."

Garfield, best-known locally for his KPRC radio show
The High-Tech Texan Show With Mark Garfield, flew to Hollywood last month to work an 11-hour shoot.

Is he imagining Stone Cold laying there?? BTW, anytime they need a dead body on GH, I'm available!!! 


  1. Franco please kill sonny,or make him vanish for good. He is ruining GH. I hope Johnny gets sonny for assault and battery, but i doubt it. Garin Wolf sucks too. They need to fire him already. I still say he's guza the luza in disguise

  2. They make everybody wimps around sonny and he always has to cry and have the last word. Such a good father he is.

  3. Yeah and he shakes when he threatens people and can't act.

  4. I'm a fan of James Franco but I must confess that I'm not a fan of the way GH has incorporated him into the stories. I understand why they have to do the block taping and such due to JF's tight scheduling. However, the writing is appalling and the scenes end up having no importance or further revelance in the soap. And how many times do we have to watch him kidnap Sam and have Jason fret and worry and then rescue her? It's so idiotic and redundant to have to go through this again. His presence seems to do nothing to propell the story forward. It just stagnates.

    And I don't even think the dialogue will be much improved because if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Guza still the HW during this time? (Perhaps it was GW but I still don't hold out much hope).

    And I'm still wondering why we had this whole Jason with the dashboard up his nose far it seems to have meant .... Um.... what?? All the blue eyeball promos and "WHO WOULD JASON BE" seem to have fizzled into a big old pile of "I just don't give a damn anymore".

    At least from my perspective.

  5. They just wanted to be able to say "dashboard up nose" in same sentence LOL

  6. *snicker*.... It is funny isn't it? It's one of those ideas that I envision someone on the writing team coming up with and then someone else goes "You's just crazy enough to work! Let's do it! The fans will love it!!"

    ...yeah...only not.


  7. The only reason I want Franco back is to take Sam AWAY from PC forever.


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