Thursday, September 8, 2011

ABC: Give us Your Fortune...

ABC went and  sent fortune cookies to the soapie press with these fortunes
as part of a promotion for an "upcoming event on a show" :

1. Love is around the corner - right or left?
2. Love is...conceivable.
3. Love awakens the best of us and worst of us.

4. Love wears a familiar face but masks an unknown pain.
5. Love will haunt you.
6.  Love lies bleeding.

Now, we know this is... GH.. totally going with the spoilers. JaSAM WEDDING!! duh. LOL. I also think it's a bit ironic to send out fortune cookies. We know ABC's soap "fate"-- "cancel" no surprise there.

LOVED OLTL and Erin/Christian ending..nice touch!! She still has those cute dimples!! Tea and Blair-- awww,  their friendship has so evolved from enemies to freinemies to friends. I wish GH did more of that. I guess Lulu and Maxie are kind of that way. GH took friendships and threw them out the window for many years. 

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People loved JaSam eating wedding cake on the twitter feed. Well, the JaSammers, the other group were NOT happy. LOL OH SOAP FIGHTS!! Gotta love 'em!!  

Shawn and Carly.. too forced for me. That's all. And er..Chemistry teacher?? Okayyyy

Molly and Krissy: Me like!! I just love those Davis Girls...MORE DAVIS GIRLs!!

So: Do you like Maxie and Matt?? M&M or... do you like Liz and Matt? Miz?? For me, eh.. not keen on either, really. They wasted time on Matt/Maxie-- and not sure on the Liz thing. I guess the rooftop was nice. It was planned for MAXIE not Liz..the spoilers didn't sound like that!!

Michael Making COFFEE AT THE WAREHOUSE!! Uh.. what. I don't know why he's not at ELQ. That was as a step in the right direction, now, he's a coffee  "mobber"??  AHAHAHAA. Come  on, the ELQ stuff had better not be shelved. Carly's all happy he's in the WAREHOUSE..where, uh, hello he got SHOT in the head!! And..he and Abby make love there.  ewwww.

Ethan and Skye... well. There was no point to that. I guess unless we get to see AZ stalk her on the Haunted Star??

Ok, today seemed very weird to me. Other than the Davis Girl fun, it was boring.

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  1. One life and its happy surprise ending was so wonderful today! Loved it!!!
    always liked Christian,

  2. Only caught Matt and Liz. Airhead maxie blew off Matt yet again. I felt sorry for him. I liked that matt said everyone needs a Liz in their life. Nicest thing said about Liz in 3 years. She is always the door mat. Thank you , Matt.
    Didn't watch the rest,as dull as dirt couples on.

  3. Lisa, you missed COFFEE BAG SEX?? LOL!!

  4. Matt and Maxie: She is way to busy for him zzzzzzzzzz.

    Matt and Liz: Okay they need to start dating! Right NOW!!!! They had a picnic together. Altho it was supposed to be for him and Maxie. Ah well. Maxie's loss and Liz's gain! :) Something about Matt is being published? His research? What was it? Liz and Lucky can't be together right now. He is in mourning and hooked on pills. :( So come on Matt break up with Maxie and ask Liz out!! :)

    Jason and Carly: I like their scene. :) She was afraid that Jason wouldn't remember her! And the way he said I remember you. ROFL! They had past history talk. It was nice.

    Shawn and Carly: I like their scene. :) Shawn lives at Kelly's. Carly talked about how she used to live there when she first moved to town. :) And she even wants to give him a job! :) Come on Shawn take the job! :)

    Abby and Michael: A coffee taste test? Really? Making love really? Is this the calm before the storm? Or I should say another storm. :) How many storms are they going to have before they break up?

    Krissy's room: Love the Davis girls scenes!!!

    Sam and Alexis: Awww! :( Great mother and daughter scene. Sam is crying. Alexis is there for her. :)

    Jason, Sam, and Maxie: Maxie misplaced the ring! UGH! I am starting to hate that damn ring!

    Skye: Her room has been ransacked!! She is all of a sudden terrified of Papa Z! Glad Ethan was there for her. :) Oh oh Papa Z found her at the haunted Star!!! ROFL!

    Karen I do not want M&M They are so boring!!! I go for Miz!!! :)

  5. Karen!! Coffee bag sex!!!! ROFL! That's a new place to have sex! :)

  6. I vote for M&M. anything is better than boring Spixie. And relaly it's just Spinelli that bores me. The whole language thing is so old and I'm so over it. Like it better when he was on the backburner. I adore Maxie. I would like to see a L&L2 reunion, but doesn't look like I'm going to get one.

  7. coffee bag sex?
    and they say there is nothing new on tv.....

  8. Hope at least we can say it didn't learn it from The Chew

  9. OY!
    Since I don't twitter, I take it that you can 'dispute' on twitter your angry feelings, only faster??

    I will admit, the 'picnic' scene was nice. It was never planned for these 2, yet we were 'led' to believe different. Either way, I liked the scene. Glad Liz could be a friend to Matt, since Maxie makes everyone else in her life a priority over Matt.
    Disapointed though, I like M&M together. They could produce good material if properly written.

    Sonya..I must disagree about Shawn & Carly. He is creeping me out.
    Why again is he living in Pt Chuckles? This couple is NOT working for me.

    Abby & Michael....WASTE of airtime.

    Molly 'toned' it down a bit. Pleasant surprise!

    Skye, Tracey, Ethan, Papa....oy my head is spinning.
    What is all this?? Much ado about nothing?? What have we learned??
    Tracey is hiding something, Skye is in Pt Chuckles, WHY?? Papa is chasing Skye WHY??
    Where is Skye off to?? Why again did she come to town??

    FORTUNE cookies?? Geez, I can't wait to see how that one 'plays out'.
    'I also think it's a bit ironic to send out fortune cookies. We know ABC's soap "fate"-- "cancel" no surprise there'.


  10. I hate how they are writing Maxie. She is usually a breath of fresh air but of course now she'll blame the person everyone else blames for everything else: LIZ.
    I was liking Matt & Maxie. True they don't show them enough but the writers are guilty of that with many favorites. Laura Wright has so much chemistry with so many people (Johnny for one which would have Sonny's head explode) why pair her with someone like Shawn? He's attractive enough, in fact he's totally hot, but he's boring. I really liked Carjax but I guess the powers that be just didn't want to honor yet another vets history with ties to many on GH. Jax was one of the few that had a retired parent show up now & again. We have one: Edward.

    Please send Spin somewhere for say, I dunno A year? Maybe to help Brenda! Oh and please take Lulu with you! And maybe take Abby too.

  11. Rita Pita.....Great post!! LMAO!

    They 'say' Spinelli returns to normal. When was he ever normal??
    I been ffing thru him for 2 years now. Did I miss something?

    I ADORE Maxie. Like many characters right now, she is being written horribly.

    As a forever CarJax fan, I will not give up on them. I truly believe Jax will be back.
    He is the guy on the 'white horse' isn't he??
    He has to be back. not a favorite of mine.
    (No secret) Alot of blame she has coming to her.
    However, I will say, that the friendship or whatever it amounts to with Matt, was Maxie's 'doing'.
    And nobody but Maxie is too blame for this one.
    It's nice to see Liz with a man who in reality, is available.
    Just not sure that is her type.
    A man who is available.

    side note: I am glad to see I am not the only one who see's things play out on the show differently than the 'spoilers' let on.
    However, I have been seeing this since GW started talking.
    I guess he has one opinion of things......and maybe I misread his statement??

  12. I dont want to start a fight...HONESTLY I dont...but I just can't...regarding Sam and Jason marrying. They just bore me to TEARS... And she is ANNOYING!!!!

    I find Sam running around saying to anyone who will listen, and HIS GRANDFATHER "please let MY 9hitman) Jason return, please, please, please" to be very selfish, childish and ANNOYING. I mean I try to see things her way...Yes, I guess I would want my brain damaged, hitman to wake up and remember that he loves me. (haaaaaaa!! that is just too freaking funny for words!!) But I mean seriously? You should want him to just wake up first, and then out of all your SUPPOSED LOVE, wake up and have all his memories (pre - you as well deary) and to then be whomever he choses to be. Perhaps "intergrated jason" would love you as well. Ever given that a thought. Yeah probably not, so I guess I do see her fear.

    Maybe its me, I just can't stand Sam with Jason, I HATE(abhor, loathe, seethe, FF with a fury) the way she's portrayed so I don't have much sympathy. I do like her with other people, I do, love her with her sisters, her mom, with Spinelli, liked her with GV-Lucky. I just cant stand her with Jason!! Her character can't exist or live without his love (her words). And then when he does wake up your FIRST WORDS are oh Liz plowed into you with her car, and Carly is the reason you were in the carwreck. The women in your life need an overhaul. Insecure much?

    And, umm deary, Jason MADE HIS OWN choice to go running after Carly yet again and her drama. Yes she's obnoxious and over the top, but deary, HE could have chosen to stay at home with you, and sent his precious overdramatic Carly home, and called Max, Milo, anyone to check on the Jocelyn jax situation. So place blame accordingly. He is at fault for being in that car.

    Then as soon as he wakes up, he's trying to jump out of bed to run after his other priority - Sonny. Come on.

    Sorry, this may have been bashed back and forth already, I'm sure. I'm always a few days behind in viewing. SO forgive my lateness, but this annoyed me so that I had to come here and vent.

    And just so you know. I have liked everyone of Jason's pairings except this one. Yes, I even liked him with Courtney. I know, I know. It's not a Liason thang. It's just a not feeling a Jasam thang at all. Perhaps if there were a real threat to their union. A real love triangle (again it doesnt have to be Liz) perhaps I'd find them more, interesting but...this is just so not Must see TV.

  13. Ravenbeautys spoilers updated this am:

    Ravenbeauty's GH Dish

    In case you missed my recent appearance on Silas Kain's show, Garin Wolfe has not been fired! A fan left this out on my Facebook wall, and as usual, it was attributed to me. If he has been fired, I was not told anything about it. I was told that my news on Laura made its way around the globe (lol)! Can magic be recreated once again? The show seems to think so. Despite what you may hear to the contrary, look for an announcement on this over the coming months. Speaking of recreating the magic, actors are asking fans to show their support now while there is still time. I am asking my readers to spread the word. My sources still maintain what I told you in April. General Hospital is being canceled by ABC. I told you that they are due to wrap in July 2012 to be off the air by September 2012. I am asking you to watch because it can only help. For former old time viewers, this is the time to return. Many wonderful reunions and exciting things coming your way. Will it change what has been set in motion, probably not, however it can help to stabilize and ensure that PP will pick GH up as well (contrary to ABC spin, they already have the rights). The only hope it has of continuing to air through ABC is if ABC is bought out soon. That buyout needs to happen tomorrow. ABC doesn't realize what they are losing, but another entity with real vision, may feel differently. It's imperative to get those numbers up. Only you can help to do this.

    That audition script summary I put out on "The lady In White" is taking on real form. Look for her to turn up at Wyndemere. I told you that the Cassadine's were not done spinning their webs, and Helena has only just begun weaving a new one. This one is far more insidious and deadly. Hell hath no fury like a black widow scorned.

    Spinelli is a different man. Carly realizes that things between her and Jason will never be the same. Sonny loses it, and goes gunning for Johnny. Kate is there for Sonny in his darkest hour. Sonny is set up using his own bait. I told you months ago that Lucky would face those demons again. Look for Luke to be his savior this time around. Delores is set to muddy up the waters for Lulu and Dante. Lulu finds solace in a very surprising way. No need to fear Lante fans, Dante and Lulu are far from over (so you can stop buying those Ravenbeauty Voodoo dolls off eBay now). They are sold out anyway...LOL!

    I told you that you had not seen the last of Ronan. Look for "The Changeling" to make its way to a screen near you very soon. Ronan gets payback at Lucky's expense. I gave you a hint months back on Dillon Quartermaine. Remember the clues and watch for the fireworks display. Dillon Quartermaine returns.

    Robin's head spins when she walks in on Carly and Patrick's dance, but the real danger lurks elsewhere. Port Charles is about to engage in a good game of musical lovers, but when the music stops, all will be as it should be.

    My exclusive on Frank Valentini heading to GH has not changed my friends (if there has been a change, I have not been updated). Someone is still due to receive a lump of coal in their stocking this year. Major shakeups are due behind the scenes. I gave you the heads up on Guza's firing, and now I am warning you that the other shoe is about to drop. It is almost show time! Look for Paul Rauch and Gary Tomlin to be thrown into the mix (one will take over the reins at OLTL with the other involved at GH). How they work this out is anyone's guess. One person coming to the GH writing team will not be welcome, but ABC won't be crying into their pillow at night over it. They seldom do. Even when "The Chew" crashes and burns, they will still be eating bonbons at night watching reruns of Brad Womack's many seasons of "The Bachelor.”

  14. I told you I didn't think Wolf was fired... heard he has scripts thru December arc-d out.
    Can't wait for Dillon, wonder if JPL will play him.

  15. @My2Cents2 I hope we're not painting Liz as some kind of homewrecker... that she is not. Is she a cheater? Yes. Pretty much the whole town is. The whole "It's nice to see Liz with a man who in reality, is available.
    Just not sure that is her type.
    A man who is available" threw me off. What are you insinuating?

    Every man she has gotten w/ weren't w/ a partner at the time. Now, I can concur if we're saying she tends to fall for old flames when they enter new relationships. That is true. Liz is very fickle and a jealous person. Just keep in mind Sam and Jason weren't together when '06 Liason began, Lucky wasn't w/ anyone when LL2 got together for the umpteenth time, Nik was single when Niz started, Liric was fresh, and to my knowledge Zander wasn't w/ Em when him and Liz fooled around a little.

    Just wanted to put that out there. Liz tends to get a bad rap on the wrong things due to biased opinions, instead of what has transpired on screen.

  16. Saw..personally I don't think you said anything wrong in your post.
    I too, find them boring. Dull. Whatever.
    My beef with Sam is that she went from a 'lap dog' to a human as soon as Jason asked her to marry him.
    A whole new Sam!! Mouth and all!!
    Secretly, I am hoping her new show picks up and she leaves the show.
    I like Jason ALONE!!!

  17. As far as Raven's post, most everything she has stated has been posted elsewhere this week.
    As far as abc and keeping GH, I was hoping the new writer would change things around and abc would re-consider.
    The writing just isn't there. Can't blame abc on that one.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Maxie with Matt please!

  20. Tabatha....I stopped reading your post half way thru.
    I don't come here to debate Liz.
    I have my opinion of her, and you have yours.

    We can go 'tic for tac' with this character and that character.
    If you are 'egging' me on, email me at home. I will be more than glad to privately tell you what I feel about her and my reasons.
    However, I am not bringing it to this board.
    This isn't your forum, and I refuse to argue over Liz or anyone else.

    If you don't like what I feel about Liz, skip my posts.
    As I did yours halfway thru reading it.

  21. @my2cents2 Who's arguing? And why so combative? I don't understand me wanting clarity as egging you on. It's not that serious of a matter for me to email you. This is a fictional General Hospital character. This is a blog where all things General Hospital are discussed, and w/ this being a comment section, I felt w/in my right to comment on one of the comments. I was never rude. I just expected an exchange between two grown women... which of course you don't have to grant me. I guess I'm sorry...

  22. Don't be sorry your reply post to me, you were getting pretty defensive of a fictional character. I felt you were in attack mode with me.

    If you think it is possible to discuss Liz like 2 grown women on here, I would have no problem with it.


  23. okay I caught up a little least to yesterday's epi.

    DAVIS girls...awesome. SO loved Sam crying about HER SISTER!!!! And not Jason and being comforted by her mother. Nice scene. Enjoyed Sam talking to Maxie and even liked Sam being over protective of Krissy with Ethan. I like kick butt take charge Sam...with her family.

    Even enjoyed Carly and Jason talking. Lol @ Jason's "yeah I remember you".

    Liking Matt and Liz. VERY much. "everyone could use a little Liz in there life." how sweet is that???

    Liz addressing the fact that she hasnt been in to see Jason, about time..and thank you for that writers.

    Enjoyed the family interactions very much. Still nothing exciting happening perse but I guess its better than a hail of bullets and weekly bodybags.

    Have a great weekend all.

  24. Tabatha...
    This is what I don't like about the character of Liz.

    I feel how she is written is how I perceive her. I see her as a sneak, a liar, and YES a homewrecker.
    Whether she was legally married to Lucky, she slept with him at the same time she slept with Nik.
    I am sorry, but sleeping with your brother in law in my world is wrong on so many levels.
    When Lucky went off on her, everything that day he said was true about her.
    He called it as it was with her.
    Lucky moves on with his life.
    Liz goes away and comes back and since Nik has 'hooked' up with Brook, now Liz wants him back??
    Lucky got married. He moved on.
    What right did she have to interfere with his marriage??
    When Lucky got drugged up, she took it upon herself, to go and steal drugs from the hospital and 'fix him' herself.
    Why would anyone not call 911??
    His career?? What if the drug she gave him he had a bad reaction to??
    She isn't a Dr, and she had no business doing that.
    I hated Sio as much as the next person, but she was Lucky's wife. She had every right to chase Liz around looking for Lucky.
    Liz kept Lucky away from her.

    Jason & Liz IMO were never anything other than they conceived a child. Jason's heart, (unfortunately) has been with Sam.
    (I don't care for them)

    When I started my post, I meant to meaness toward Liz.
    I liked that she and Matt were 'just friends' for now.
    Out of character for Liz.
    As much as I adore Maxie, she doesn't deserve him.
    I just don't see Liz, looking at Matt as a potential love interst.
    Any other way you took it, I apologize.

  25. Dr. Matt Hunter and Maxie Jones is LOVE. JC/KS chemistry is so wonderful.

  26. I 'take it' there was a Matt & Maxie scene today??
    Haven't watched yet!

  27. @My2Cents2 We must have our different takes on the term "homewrecking", because I have yet to see that in your response. I've only associated that to someone who plays the mistress in someone else's marriage, someone who came in between a committed home. Not one ruining their own engagement. I've already called Liz out on cheating on Lucky, being a very fickle and jealous person. To me, the only thing that separated Liz from the other PC women is that nothing she does is deliberate or w/ malicious intent IMO, like Sam, Carly, and Maxie. I hated how she was written in '09-'10, I felt like Guza was dragging her through the mud while Sam got her whitewashing. But this is where I end this exchange, and thanks for indulging me lol. I feel like we're about to enter Liason territory (as you opened up w/ a diss), and it's sensitive to me as a disrespected fan. I wasn't looking to change your mind about my fave, Liz, just didn't want her character smeared w/o a chance of defense or representation. And I got my clarity... so again, thanks.

  28. perception of a 'homewrecker' is someone who 'wrecks' a home.
    NO I guess (for me) that doesn't mean infidelity, but the breaking up of a family.

    I respect how you feel about Liz.
    However, why is it, that everyone is so defensive of this character?
    When Carly mess's up, nobody defends her.

    You say Liz doesn't miliciously do things. Or deliberately.
    Let's talk about just this past month.
    She didn't deliberately keep Sio from Lucky??
    She didn't meet Matt at Kelly's and deliberately 'bad mouth' Maxie to him??
    She doesn't lie at work about med's?

    YES alot of other characters do bad things too. However, I am so tired of hearing 'Poor Liz'.

    What about today?? Why in the name of ' ' would she walk out of her job, following the drug man?
    Who told her she could leave?
    She snuck out. She is sneaky.
    She wanted help?, she should have called Dante.

    I like Carly. However, I am also the first one to call her out on her poor behavior.
    Carly, unlike Liz, 'owns up' to what mistakes she makes.
    I don't see that in Liz.
    I am just soo tired of people feeling sorry for 'poor Liz'.
    She brings her problems on herself!

    OK..I got it out of my system....
    What did you think of today's show?
    Is it me, or do you also see characters that have been with the show forever, all of a sudden changing personalities??
    Alexis..who never wanted Sonny around Kristina, all of a sudden calls him to the hospital??
    She all but spit on him last week for what he did to Jax.
    Speaking of the hospital, I am so tired of hospital scenes. Especially those that are Jason & Sam related!

    Patrick....Patrick needs to grow himself some b*l*s back, and tell Robin he is going to another hospital where his talent is respected.

    And speaking of Carly, IF what she said today was the truth, and she sees now that she put Sonny before Jax, why isn't she searching for Jax??

  29. HAAHHA I can always tell when people are "discussing" Liz or Sam cause my post counts are HUGE!

  30. My2Cents2 says

    Sonya..I must disagree about Shawn & Carly. He is creeping me out.
    Is it because he just walks right into Carly's house without knocking or ringing the bell? ROFL!

  31. Hey Sonya.... Shawn seems to be everywhere.
    Especially when Carly is 'in need'.
    Why is he in town again??
    He don't want to work, accept to teach, and he has turned down a job in Washington teaching.
    Now he is getting 'comfie' at Kelly's.
    What is his story??
    I read next week he is a HERO to someone else on the show.

    A 'DRIFTER' is how I read him!!
    (those are scary people)

  32. Karen...Sam I have no words for.
    She is just BLAH!!!!!!!!!

    My only quirk with Liz, is how everyone is always 'feeling sorry' for her!!!!!

  33. @My2Cents2 I think the reason ppl feel sorry for Liz is because she doesn't come off as one of the "mean girls" of GH. She doesn't go around yelling at EVERYONE, scolding folks at work and in their homes, and causing drama. Liz's drama, is like how you said, brought on by herself... relationship based. She has this pattern of prolonging (through lying) screwed up situations for others sake, instead of nipping it in the bud, putting others involved out of their misery. Another thing, is that she has a conscious. Every bad situation she's involved in she's visibly in turmoil because she knows it's wrong and/or unfair. In addition, many real overworked mothers just identify w/ Liz more, versus rich mob wife Carly who in most cases gets her way (albeit through hollering everyone down, physical harm, or Jason and/or Sonny to the rescue). You can't help but feel sorry for Liz. She's definitely the sad Sally of GH. She's been through a lot and STILL comes short in the happiness department working overtime, w/ kids.. one of which was killed. And that's just on the surface.

    I won't offer a rebuttal for the many recent Liz examples you provided, because honestly, and I mean this w/ no disrespect, I feel you're responding out of complete bias. You refuse to give the benefit of the doubt just maybe in her mind and the rest of the viewers that she's trying to do the right thing, instead she's this malicious, arrogant woman trying to achieve harmful or illegal purpose.

  34. @Karen I'm sorry! lol

    I don't mean to fill your comment section w/ Liz. It's the sucky part of Soaps, getting too attached to a character. It's really not that serious, but it's been a while since I could have a somewhat cordial debate or discussion w/o things turning into a drag-out Liason/Jasam war lol

  35. Tabatha...I like having this debate with you!!

    However, we perceive the character of Liz differently.

    Where you see other characters 'screaming in public', I see Liz as way too 'sneaky' to bring attention to herself by screaming and drawing attention in public.

    The difference between Liz & Carly, is Carly 'owns up' to her bad doings. Liz doesn't.
    She plays the 'poor victim' role.
    I am not buying it.

    The best I can say about this character, is my heart went out to her when she lost Jake.
    For about a month, I saw a 'change' in her personality.
    I liked it. Alot.

    So you didn't tell me what else you liked about Friday's episode.
    IMO it was the best day out of the week.

  36. @My2Cents2 Sorry! lol, I didn't see you ask about my enjoyment of Friday's episode. Honestly, I didn't get to watch because of classes, but I did catch Liz scenes... of course lol. So, you probably don't want to hear it but I like Liz and Matt a lot.

    But speaking of Liz, I've always hated when ppl say she doesn't own up to her mistakes. She does! She's very self-destructive in blaming herself (maybe not initially, but eventually) and feeling she deserves bad things. The problem is that she repeats the same mistakes. Which I feel is lazy writing by Guza. No way should she have had THREE "Who the daddy" stories and that's all. That's disrespectful to Becky and demeaning of Liz. Where's other great storytelling mirroring her rape storyline? Instead, she's backburned and only brought out when they need filler story, which equals "who the daddy". I'm hoping Garin better appreciates Becky's talent and see importance in Liz.

  37. don't dvr your shows??

    I enjoyed Fridays episode the best out of the week.

    (Notice I am not discussing Liz with you) we have completely different

    Hope your day is going well as school.

  38. Ohh Tabatha..I will agree on one thing about Liz....I do like her with Matt.
    NOT as much as I do with Maxie, but I like that she acts right around him.

    See I can be nice!!!!!!!!lol



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