Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's Plans..Port Chuck, Cocktails and Alberta

 PORT Chuck at Brother Wease Studio

Looks like I'm going to the cocktail hour before the Port Chuck show. I didn't get tickets-- but the fans are having a get together before hand (I love the fans just as much as the actors LOL). So I won't be here for the soap today  Please recap Sonya!! xxo Will I have to pay you soon?

The interview this am with the boys was great. Our local DJ Brother Wease just really couldn't get over the ticket mania that they inspired. He was asked for tickets more for them than any other gig in town in 27 years. He's a huge rocker so that's something. Callers  mostly said "thank you for coming to Rochester" and how gorgeous Steve Burton is. One asked Bradford if he did some of the "Spinelli Speak" writing and he said sometimes. They all found out GH was filmed here with Luke/Laura in the '90's when the producer of the location shoot called in. They were here 10 days and Port Charles IS Rochester!! They jumped in the Irondequoit Pool at the Country Club in the helicopter scene!!

Steve talked about working in various mediums but how he liked the stability of GH the best. He's been there 20years now. Scott Reeves couldn't talk due to vocal rest and snapped his fingers. By the way, it's Reeves who has all the musical connections that got the band their start. It was Burton's idea, but Scott's know how that got them off the ground.

Brandon Barash talked about the MDA telethon and said that Port Chuck was going to Vegas next for Sunday's show. They'll be on between 10-12pm, not sure the exact time. Wease also googled Brandon's girlfriend (Colby, AMC) and about died on her gorgeousness!

I was surprised how Bradford sounded on the show... he has a great radio voice and sounds nothing like EITHER Spinelli. 1940's or the other one!! His voice sounded the best, imo. Wease is now going to watch GH.. I was waiting for a Franco mention (he's a huge film buff) but nothing. I should have called in to clue the station in on Franco's Jason LOVE. 

One girl wants to take "Stone Cold" to the "Stone Cold Creamery" while he's here! heh. Supposedly, they'll be back in Jan or first of the year.. we'll see. They have a lot of fans in the area, and people that drove from all over because soap stars never come this way.

The show is sold out...can't get tickets no how, no way ... I personally have trouble with the $250 meet/greet... and am surprised the "standing" ones went as well. (they have a 4 tier pricing system). Oh well, if they can make it, why not!!? If you are there, let us know!!  

GO TO Water Street Music Hall's FB page for TONS of studio photos!! 


  1. I'll be there tonight with a couple of girlfriends from HS. We've been watching for 30+ years. VIP tics too. Can't wait!

  2. You going to Tapas first?? Have a BLAST!! you paid a LOT for those tickets LOL

  3. No, not going to Tapas first, though we could change our minds. We got the middle tier tics $125. Meet/greet/photo op afterwards. Are you going?

  4. Long story but no... I'm pretty cheap and the standing tickets were gone early. Didn't give press passes... although Wease got one!

  5. I'm here Karen! :) About OLTL, I think it's either Brody, or Shane who killed Victor Jr! ON TO GH!

    Jason's room: I KNEW IT!!! It IS all a set up!!! :) To try to get Papa Z!!! :) Jason wasn't in the room it was a decoy!!! But poor Robin had no idea what is going on! :) Steve didn't inform her. Patrick is upset over the whole thing and Robin.

    Johnny, Papa Z, and the Orchid: Papa Z talking to his Orchid and Johnny can't believe his father is talking to an orchid! Sonny comes in and is upset! Johnny has the line of the day! Johnny says to Sonny about his father,

    Johnny: He talks to plants now.


    Skye and Tracy: CAT FIGHT!!! :) Well a little one. :) Tracy wants the proof that Skye has about her!! She thinks Skye has it in her purse! They are fighting over the purse! Johnny shows up! Johnny likes it. :)

    Johnny and Skye: No Skye let Johnny tell you how he untied himself! :) Don't you want to know?!!?! He really wants to tell you! He also wants to help her keep Edward safe from his father. Skye isn't sure if she can trust him.

    Ethan and Krissy: She is STILL trying to get him to be her man. Skye shows up needs Ethan's help. Krissy tells him she knows when he is blowing her off. She leaves but not really. She overheard them talking about her. He tells Skye that Krissy is a messed up kid and stuff. :(

    Krissy: Poor Krissy. :( She is crying. :( Are you finally going to give up on him hon? Oh oh she is in pain! Her neck!!!!

    Patrick and Robin: Sweet scene! She gave him the chief of staff job but he don't want it. He realizes he wouldn't be very good at the job and she would. He wants her to keep the job awww!

    Abby and Michael: They argue over the same thing. Jax and Sonny!!! Time to break up NOW!!!

    Shawn and Carly: Carly is looking at the divorce papers. Shawn shows up and wants her to sign them. He gets a call and the boat that is named after Carly, is gone!!! With a parachute in its place! Carly knows now that Jax is alive! She wants to tell Morgan but Shawn won't let her! He thinks Morgan will tell Sonny and then Sonny will kill Jax. Great scene.

    Carly and Sonny: Someone knocks on the door and I thought it was Jax. Nope it's Sonny! Damn!

  6. IS there a way to listen to the broadcast through his web-site? I missed it this morning and would love to hear it.

  7. Oh and Karen, you don't have to pay me ROFL!

  8. So maybe Lisa is coming back to "off" Robin?

  9. How can Robin offer anyone the COS job. The hospital board decides those things.

    Kristina is so Susan Lucci like. I totally think they should make Susan Lucci a relative of Alexis...perhaps some Cassadine cousin.

  10. AMY I am hoping the station will get it up on their site. I tried emailing them to tell them we'd all tune in. So far, nothing.

    TAPAS WAS fun!! Met some wubber fans, had drinks. It was great.

  11. Irene killed victor because he wouldn't go her bail. Got someon to let her out and she offed her own son. Got to be someone expendable.

  12. I agree about Robin being so small. It's hard for me to take her serious as A dr. much less a chief of staff. She looks about 12Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces, but really put her on a box or something. Sometimes it even looks funny when she walks in heels.

    Out of no where Kristina returns after what, 3 weeks off canvas? And now we're supposed to care? I was loving her and Ethan but now... well... I'm over them. Same way I never will be into Steve & olivia. Bring her back into Johnny's life PLEASE!

    Performer of the week: Nancy L Grahn by a milestone.

  13. NLG BEST performer of the week by far!!!!!! (U hear that GW??)

    (laughing) I too was hoping the knock on the door was Jax!!

    Since Robin didn't know Jason was gone, why was she shown walking out of his room the day before, preventing Patrick from going in.
    Of course she knew he wasn't in that room. Am I the only one who caught that??

    Shawn...GO AWAY!

    Shane didn't kill Victor, then pick up Jack and take him to the hospital! lol

  14. I just read at GHHappenings that Brianna Brown will be returning 9/16! Finally closure. Poor girl has been in a coma for months now.
    Will she die? Or wake up? Or get moved to a hospice?
    Or will she be just 'another' dream?
    I also read this on this site as well!! (that is why I am discussing)

    Good Matt spoilers...not sure if I am allowed to post until someone says I can, I won't.

    NOT sure about Robin spoilers. I just don't 'buy' into any of them.
    But that is 'my take' only!

  15. My2Cents2 says

    Since Robin didn't know Jason was gone, why was she shown walking out of his room the day before, preventing Patrick from going in.
    No Robin noticed Jason was gone. :) She knew something was up and had to find out what is going on. :) That's why she freaked and wouldn't let Maxie and Patrick in.

    Shane didn't kill Victor, then pick up Jack and take him to the hospital! lol
    Okay touche! :) Altho it could be Shane's adrenalin pumping ROFL! Anonymous has a good point tho. It could be Irene. :)

  16. Sonya.......

    No Robin noticed Jason was gone. :) She knew something was up and had to find out what is going on. :) That's why she freaked and wouldn't let Maxie and Patrick in.

    Thanks for explaining. Makes sense. Though why wouldn't Robin 'search' for her lost patient? lol

    If Irene was missing, wouldn't it be noticed by now??
    Confused about Brody!!!!!
    Either way, he needs to stop talking to himself outloud!!!!

  17. Tomas killed Victor. He never liked Victor with his sister and if he can make it look like Todd did it he can get rid of him too in order to win Blair.

  18. Oh my god, there's a lot of worthwhile info here!


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