Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prospect Park Signs OLTL Actors...

According to SID on Twitter:

Prospect Park announced Erika Slezak, Ted King, Michael Easton and Kassie DePaiva have signed on.
This is of course, pending the AFTRA deal for the Unions. So, looks like some heavy hitters have signed!! 

Deadline is also reporting that Susan Lucci turned down PP however. Excerpt:

The offer was for a salary identical to what Lucci currently makes at ABC but I’ve learned that she tried to gouge the producers for more money while also asking to work fewer hours and get a commitment for a primetime series. In light of that development, I hear that Prospect Park may reevaluate its short-term strategy for the two soaps and put its muscle behind the higher-rated OLTL, while moving AMC to the back burner. Prospect Park’s original plan was to re-launch both OLTL and AMC online in the first quarter of 2012. Lucci made headlines over the weekend with a leaked new epilogue to her book All My Life, in which she blasts ABC Daytime president Brian Frons over the series’ cancellation.


  1. OMG!! That is great news!!!!

    I am shocked!! Not about Blair.
    I knew she would go, I did not think John or Vicki would go!!

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Wow I'm surprised. It makes me really curious about what the new OLTL will be like. I wonder if they'll bring my Todd back to life. If they do they'll have a loyal viewer in me!

  3. Still curious as to what is to become of Mathhew......

  4. I know, maybe they'll bring him out of the coma just in time to go online.. ;)

  5. I am thinking they will wake up Mathew for the new show. But what do I know??
    I honestly didn't think John or Vicki would go to PP.

    is the new website for PP.
    Haven't read much, will tomorrow.
    Thought I would post for those who want to keep up.

  6. OH, I am SO excited by this! Thanks for posting, Karen! I didn't know about it until I came here tonight.

    I was really concerned the rumors about ME retiring from acting were true. So glad they weren't!

    ME & TK are my 2 fave soap actors, so I am a happy camper tonight.



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