Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NEW Scoops are UP!! Hump Day Hootinani!

NuKate...with her snooki goin'

WELL, did you see the spoiler pics up on the Wubs Net?? And all the good info?? Looks like Sonny asks Kate to the JaSam wedding. Not sure how I feel about THAT one. I will reserve judgement until I see the newbie in action. I did like Megan Ward though.

OLTL: Little SAM is so damn cute!!! I love him.  I could give him /r/ therapy. Jess and Christian? Left field?? Uh, yeah!!
TEA was on fire!! "At least he (Victor) wasn't a sex offender"
Shane goes to say "sorry" to Jack but really it's to DIG at him about killing his mom...
just a side note: I HATE Blair's tight white leggings. ewwwwwww.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Here we go-go!! Will it make me fall asleep today?? Hmmmmmmm

Sam and Krissy doing wedding stuff..cute. Krissy has a bone fragment. You know she's going to end up in a wheelchair at some point. We have to have someone blind or wheelchair bound.  You know it. LOL I thought the bone thing was due to the CAR BOMB or the Bus Accident but Alexis says it was Keifer. Hmm.

Alexis had her bat-wing shirt on, I can only hope Helena's behind that corner.

Michael quit ELQ! Why have him quit when he was just changing?? UH... WOLF you are supposed to be getting out of the mobular sheeze!  Michael is going to work at the WAREHOUSE? Didn't he get SHOT in a warehouse?? ahahaahha!! That's so stupid. Whatever. They are trying to make him SO tough and all I did was giggle at him.

LULU IS ON MY LAST DAMN NERVE!! HE's a cop, girl, get over it!

The new Gina person will be coming..and rumor has it AZ "Dies" or maybe doesn't die. Whatever. Maybe he'll fake his death.  Never seen THAT before.  *sigh*

and........Maxie can't find the ring *sigh*

Jason said SONNY WAS WRONG today about Jax!! WOW..World shall end soon. I think some Jason Q is peeking thru!

line of the week: Maxie: "Brenda was a huge Fashion Disappointment" ahahahahha!! She was! She was!

Everyone looked VERY orange on my screen today!! How about yours??


  1. Jason and Michael: WOW! Great scene!!! :) Jason you were great today! :)

    Patrick and Alexis: Patrick was going to tell them what is wrong with Krissy, when Alexis says we can talk about it outside. Hahaha Oh Alexis! You are too cute. :)

    Papa Z and Skye: Skye is scared of him! And is running away from him! ROFL!

    Lulu and Maxie: Wow I can't believe I'm going to say this but, listen to Maxie!!! :)

    Lulu and Dante: Dante you don't have to keep giving Lulu flowers every time you have an argument.

    Lulu: She needs her mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Sam and Krissy: Sam if you don't care about the wedding dress and only care about Jason, THEN ELOPE!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! :)

  2. kdmask, Lulu is getting on my last darn nerve too. Since when does a cop have to come home and tell his significant other everyone else's business? Isn't it against the rules anyway? How much confidence would Lucky have in him as a partner, or anyone else for that matter if he went home and told her everything.

    And Michael as a mobster is a joke! he's a kid and definitely not a punk eiter, just a silly kid trying to act tough. he needs someone to beat the bejeezus out of him a few times so he'll go running back to the Quartermaines. I'm so sick of Sonny always winning.

  3. You're right, you weren't seeing things, Karen, everybody was VERY orange today - Oompa Loopma orange. Disgraceful, but funny. LOL

  4. I can't stand Lulu and if she ddoesn't want a good man then she doesn't deserve one. I hope Dante walks and finds someone who can truly appreciate him. Lulu is and always will be an annoying self centered idiot.

  5. If Dante was a psychologist, he couldn't tell her a THING! LOL

  6. Karen, I also noticed how everyone looked that they were wearing loads of bronzer today, it's amazing how you almost always comment on the stuff I notice that I think no one else will notice.

  7. Karen! You are right! If Dante was a psychologist, he couldn't tell Lulu anything!!!! Then we would hear Lulu whining about that! ROFL!

  8. I agree w/ the bronzer. I almost thought the color on my tv was off! Jason is just too, too tan. I can't even enjoy him taking his shirt off because he's so orange.

  9. it was weird today with the orange people. Then Skye was like a ivory white. (Gorge of course!) AND Becky never tans either. She's just got the best skin. You know she's never seen the REAL sun burn her! LOL

  10. I liked my old Kate just fine, thank you. Chemistry with so many others it makes me sick to see her go. I view this as another attempt for the Sonny show. Blech.
    I so applaude Becky & Robin for not giving in and tanning their skin. I trust that's why some other actors have those permanent bags under their eyes (Kemo, Kristina Wagner, Blair on OLTL). All Beautiful women, but seriously!

    Had me giggling outloud!!
    No doubt that was the LINE of the WEEK!! (month?)lol

    Jason ROCKED with Michael today.
    I think this is what they are talking about when they say Jason is a 'changed' person. He still has 'goodness & sense' when it comes to right & wrong.

    Havne't watch OLTL yet...
    Add'l SPOILERS..
    Expect to see a new dimension (aspect) to Jason's personality emerge over time.

    A gloved hand "floats" through Wyndemere.

    Will Sam end up with a Quartermaine heirloom as an engagement/wedding ring?

    Maxie has her hands full with wedding disasters.

    Kristina comes through her surgery just fine, but Anthony is not finished with her yet.
    Look for Ethan to become even more protective of her this fall.

    Ethan helps Lulu prepare a romantic dinner for Dante.

    Lulu asks for Ethan's assistance to help her disappear for a little while.

    Dante interrupts Johnny at Sonny's warehouse and someone gets shot.

    Anthony and Tracy, have a date...and a dance?!
    Tracy attempts to go incognito in a big hat and sunglasses,
    Lurking Luke observes from a distance.

    Skye runs into Luke aboard the Quartermaine jet.

  12. I am so sorry!!

    I just saw where you listed the spoilers!!!!!

    You can take mine down!
    I have the flu, and I guess I am not paying good 'attention'.

    Forgive me!

  13. My2Cents2 says

    Had me giggling outloud!!
    No doubt that was the LINE of the WEEK!! (month?)lol
    You have the flu? You poor thing!!! :( You are so sick you didn't share with us what the line of the week is! ROFL!

  14. YES I did!! Your line of the week was MY line of the week as well. Possibly line of the month? Year??

    When Maxie was calling Brenda names, and the fashion statement were PRICELESS!!!
    LOVED it. Even had to hit 'replay' a few times.

    Me bad. lol

  15. can't love me for my brains. Know that now!!

    In the commentary it was mentioned that the comment of the week was about Brenda. That is what I was referring to. Gotta LOVE Maxie!

    btw...wouldn't you be scared of Papa Z??

    Lulu needs Tracey! Lulu doesn't know her mother! Sadly.

    For what it is worth, Lulu has an issue with Dante keeping things from her when it concerns her family.
    I kinda agree with her.

    YIKES..I am in trouble for saying that!

  16. My2Cents2 you are making me laugh! ROFL! Your poor brain has the flu too ROFL! And wait Lulu knows her mother. :) And yeah people should be afraid of Papa Z! :)

  17. Sonya, we will have to agree to disagree about Lulu knowing her mom.
    Her grandma Leslie raised her.
    Laura came home one Christmas.
    That isn't a mother. That was a 'teaser' to Lulu!
    The only mother she knows is Lesley and Tracey.

    Who needs a mother more than Lulu is Maxie!

  18. Oh my god, there's so much helpful info here!


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