Friday, September 30, 2011

Primetime WUB

Well, it's the new fall season and I thought I'd do a bit of a round-up of shows I've enjoyed (and not) because I am a TV ho after all and you deserve to know just how I feel about everything, right?? LOL Anyway, here goes....I'll keep it brief!

Boardwalk Empire:  (HBO, Sunday 9pm) I actually re-ordered HBO to watch this brilliant show. The guy with 1/2 a face pasting photos in his scrapbook was worth the $14 this month. LOVE. LOVE, LOVE. Jimmy is going to have to choose between his "father" and his "real father" soon. Chalkie White's going on a rampage, I can feel it. Just a great show.

The Middle: (ABC, Wed 8pm)  I watched but felt something lacking this time around. Not sure what-- Sue Heck still makes me laugh and of course, Brick. Maybe I'm just not into the groove yet. The Ray Romano cameo was great but it also made me long for "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Modern Family: (ABC, Wed 8pm) Still the best-- hilarious and just plain awesome. Having Phil tightrope walk? Inspired. I love how they weave 3 stories together every week. That little doggie took the show this week, didn't it?

Subpugatory:  (ABC, Wed 8:30pm) Not sure yet. The pilot wasn't as caustic as I would have liked it. It felt very "LA" for a NY "based" show. Our burbs don't really look like Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane. Cheryl Hines was fun as the wife that helps out with bra shopping, etc. Her exaggerated looks are spot on. The premise that Dad moves his daughter because of condoms is weird though-- I guess they had to come up with something. This show needs to be more ironic, sarcastic and smart if I'm going to keep watching.

The Office: (NBC, Thurs 9pm) Ok, I've watched The Office since day one, and even own the British series. I love the show, that's for sure. I can also go several weeks without watching and catch up online. It's not an "instant must-see" for me anymore, but it's still entertaining. James Spader? YES. Andy as office manager is a great move, and I think I will tune in each week for awhile. Loved the tattoo thing last night. Pam looks ready to explode, doesn't she??

Toddlers and Tiaras, Dance Moms... any brides dress show, Four Weddings: (assorted, TLC, Lifetime) Still love these cheesy fun, mindless shows. T&T is getting even worse with the parents, I hope they see themselves and recoil in horrow. Dance Moms is so brilliant I have to think at least part of it is staged. (I think "Cathy" is a plant--and her "daughter" Vivi is from some homeless shelter somewhere--just filling in) Having a dad on? Oooooo, so good. I hear it's renewed. I can listen to Abby's voice slowly slip away another season. I'm a speech therapist, I can help her with that. PS. If you haven't seen "Four Weddings" On TLC on Friday Nights, it's hysterical. 4 brides go to each other's weddings and rate them. Heh.

Biggest Loser 12: (NBC, Tues 9-11pm) Finally jumped the shark for me. The 2 hour format has been a stretch since it started and the fillers have been really boring. So many ads for products are thrown in there. Bob seems tired. Pitting oldsters against 20 somethings? Ummm, no. New trainers? Ummm, good to look at, personalities? Not so much. Off my DVR.

The New Girl: (FOX, Tues 9pm) Oh, I tried to like you, I really did!! The jokes were stale, imo. Zooey is great, the rest of the cast? Forgettable.

How about you?? What shows did you like? I really haven't given any CW shows a chance yet. I guess I just don't think much about tuning in there. I tend to go to the Food Network if I can't find anything because they'll have Chopped or Cupcake Wars on or something like that.
48 Hours Mystery is always a safe bet (Saturday, CBS) and if you get ID (Investigation Discovery) you can always find gruesome true crime to keep you going!!

I am very disappointed with BRAVO lately-- not digging ANY of the "Style" shows-- and I'm not  a Rachel Zoe fan. Patti the Matchmaker is on my last nerve. She needs to start showing weddings she's "created" with her couples or leave. I don't think I've seen more than a handful of successful matches on her show. "The Next Great Artist" reminds me of that sewing show I didn't watch.  "Just Desserts"? Blah. I need something fresh. The Housewives are good for a look  or two and I'm only watching Beverly Hills out of curiosity. Shame on me.

Oh, an Oprah? OWN seems to be a disaster -- I haven't tuned in for one thing since the weight loss show that premired. (people lived in a group environment). Rosie's back but not sure I'll tune in way up in the 400's. Ms O should have opted to take a soap along with her or at least look into it. Not a lot of people following her. I think I'm about her prime target audience and I really can't find much I like. Ryan and Tatum was ok, but again, I never knew when it was on.

Shows I'm looking forward to: American Horror Story on FX and Mad Men on A&E (hurry up already). Hoarders, Intervention..American Pickers are all fillers for me. Primetime hasn't grabbed me up. Maybe because I'm not a talent show watcher. I think I've been watching TV too long as well-- I've seen every plot from Three's Company to Love Boat to Cagney and Lacey redone to death. Maybe that's why Mad Men and Boardwalk hook me..they are totally different. We watch BBCA's "MI-5" on NetFlix too.


  1. I bet Oprah wishes she would've taken on one of the soaps right about

    Also, my favorite returning shows are Happy Ending (which had strong numbers) and Community (a fan fav). Absolutely love them!

  2. Sorry, that's Happy *Endings*.

  3. I really enjoy "Harry's law" with Kathy Bates - Wed. on NBC.

  4. I did like Happy Endings, I forgot about that.
    Haven't seen Harry's law...

  5. Karen Alfred here I am trying to give up tv at my house. I know it is hard and only really watch one show Y&R and if I can give that up I think I could give up tv for good. But it has dragged me in. But maybe one show at lunch time isn't so bad at that.

  6. THANK YOU for what you said about The New Girl! I tried it, too, and just, meh.

  7. OWN is a disaster. It has nothing to offer but Dr. Phil and Say Yes to the Dress and you don't need to watch OWN to see those shows. Oprah needs to act fast or that's a sunk ship.

  8. Love Harrys law an drop dead diva,big bang theory modern family and in the middle.

  9. I am a total HBO , AMC and Showtime channel fan! I love boardwalk empire ( Martin Scorcese's baby which he won the emmy for ). Great acting! I am looking foreward Dexter season 6 in october on showtime ( season 4 of Dexter with John Lithgow was not to be missed as he is superb ).
    I love law and order SVU but detective stabler isn't back, and The Good Wife. AMC's :The Walking Dead is also great if you can handle horror. I will also watch the next installment of Spartacus after December.

  10. Well, from one TV junkie to another, here are my fall TV choices. We don't have any of the premium networks, so just regular old cable and networks for me:

    Top Five Favorite Returning Shows:
    1. Hawaii- Five-0: Cause Alex O'Loughlin is so HOT on screen it should be a damn crime! Love also the Terry O'Quinn has joined the cast this year. This show is sexy, funny, and thrilling all wrapped up in one eye-candy package!

    2. Blue Bloods: LOVE me some Tom Selleck and come on...the family's last name is "Reagan"!! Of course, I'm going to watch it

    3. Harry's Law: Kathy Bates is such a hoot! I fell in love with this show last season and am happy to see it back.

    4. Castle: Cause it's Castle...Who doesn't LOVE Nathan Fillion?!!

    5. NCIS & NCIS:LA I've always enjoyed these shows and continue to do so!

    Ok, So what about the new shows?

    1. Person of Interest: So far, so good! Jim and I watched the premiere last week and LOVED it!!!

    2. Revenge. This is going to be my guilty pleasure show for the new season. Lots of twists and turns already.

    3. Pan Am: Enjoyed the first episode. Surprised by the mystery factor in it. Was afraid it was going to be too much like Mad Men (and let's face it, there's only ONE "Mad Men!!) But actually is very different!

    And actually those are really the only new shows I'm watching this season. Oh, and speaking of Mad would be nice if it would come back,sometime before my KID GOES to COLLEGE!!! Ha!

  11. I don't know how I forgot to mention "The Good Wife", Julianna Margulies is amazing...and Chris Noth shows up every so often!

  12. I am a firm believer in Mad Men & Boardwalk too! So fresh, so different, so smart. If I'm giving you an hour of my time don't waste it with crap, give me gold like these two shows.

  13. I know you said you don't really give the CW any thought, but they have a new show called "Ringer"- Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in it. Lots of twists and turns. I happen to love the Vampire Diaries as well. Blue Bloods is great as well, but I really like to watch for Donnie Wahlberg =) LOL The other show that is really good is Dexter. The new season starts tonight! (10/1/11)

  14. Retuning Shows:
    Blue Bloods, Castle, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory & Breaking Bad

    New Shows:
    Person of Interest, Pan Am, Up All Night

    Plus Mad Men which hopefully will be back before I graduate uni.!!

  15. Can't wait for Mad Men to come back. Tried New Girl because I love Zooey D. (and especially her singing duo of She and Him - check it out!)but it was a bit much. Like Person of Interest. Haven't tried anything else new yet because I always wait to see if they will be cancelled before I get into them. Modern Family is the best, and I am totally addicted to Chelsea Lately. Fringe is really good, too.

  16. My three favorite shows are all on Thursday nights at 8pm est, Vampire Diaries, Community and The Big Bang Theory. Vampire Diaries is the most soapy show on Primetime TV, IMO. Tortured triangles, female characters who can kick some ass. A city with a long sordid history of wars involving a secret council of founding families and vampires. My absolute favorite TV show. I also adore Fringe. It's become my new LOST.

  17. I liked Suburbgatory, but I'm a little disturbed by the fact that it seems to be based partly on my life. When I was 13, I was forced to move from a nice, normal neighborhood to the Stepford community, where everyone was bleach blonde and as orange as an oompa loompa.

    Jury is still out on New Girl. I have the 2nd episode on my DVR.

    I liked Prime Suspect, but I forgot to DVR it last week, so I have to find it on demand.

    I really like The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie on the CW.

    Pan Am is just great. I can't wait for the 2nd episode tomorrow night.

    I'm still waiting for Chuck to come back. NBC delayed its premiere until October 28th, which sucks.

    The returning shows that I just love are How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Castle, Supernatural, and Fringe.

  18. Andy at the tattoo parlor - "Let's ink the stink"! I LOVE him

    Oprah needs to make some changes FAST because so far OWN is an epic fail. Has she been taking business advice from Brian Frons?

    2 Broke Girls has potential.

  19. Revenge on ABC is my favorite new fall show, so far.

  20. I forgot about Castle and The Walking Dead. I am loving Castle-- it's so fun. TWD == gruesome fun!

  21. For my part every person must go through this.


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