Thursday, September 1, 2011

Port Chuck in Rochester Today!

It's a treat to have SOAP people in's a RARE treat for us. The last one here I think was Billy Warlock at the local mall. It's a sold out show, even VIP/Platinum went. We are HUNGRY up here. People from Syracuse, Buffalo and Southern Tier are making the trip. I should get more up here, they'd clean up. 

Go to WEASE  
To listen to the show live...  he's a bit naughty as he's our Howard Stern, ugh. 

if you're going, give a comment! The Wubs Net was mentioned today on WHAM morning news !! You knew I'd get in here somehow, heh.

Brother Wease said "OMG-- I have never had this kind of reaction to a guest's crazy, out of control"-- People love them LOVE them!! Wease also LOVES "Johnny Zacchara"!! (Wease is about 70 years old, btw, a Rochester Icon and a real hard rocker, so to hear he watches GH cracks me up) 


Canada VS USA

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