Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AMC Day 3 out of 5-- Glamorama!

Glamorama Mention!! Ruth!! and a tribute to Mary F in the beginning. Ruth/Joe moving back home. Jamie came back too! 
Sarah Michelle Gellar  was so funny re: Vampires: "I saw them before they were trendy"!!! 

Opal may reopen the fave spot. They could just do a cybersoap on that place. 
Jacob Young did a fantastic job as distraught JR. wow.. I like the angst there it's not all syrup.
TADD and DIXIE!! Tadd butt dialed Opal LOL!!! It was so sweet.
STUART!! is alive!

I'm so This is such great history and I can't replace it. My Mom and I used to keep in touch when I was in college thru the soap and we'd watch together when I'd come home from vacation.

Cady McCain tweeted:

T odays episode (at least for me and Mike) is totally dedicated to the fans of All my Children. Thank you so much for years of support.

OLTL: DVR'd it... 

GH: OH Edward and JASON aaaaaawwwwwwwwww the ring!!  MONICA!! She gives Sam Alan's ring for JASON!!

FRONKEY and Franco...:) Me smiling. He is way more nuts than last time. I loves it. heh. The whole "mini-robot" thing?? Spivey Vision?? ahahhahaaa

Dante will ask Lulu to be a bride!! 

I loved Kate hanging up on Maxie...LMAO it was the only fun part of NuKate. She and Maxie had the same horse-hair thing going.

Sonny was sad today, and I wish Robin had talked to him about his meds and stuff. Said something like "I tried to get you to take care of yourself and you refused"--"go get help"
Sonny was being genuine for once and COW OF A MOUTH CARLY won't shut up! LOL She was kinda nice to Sam.

SEXIS!! LOVE...very good scene. "Welcome to being a parent"!! And the whole joke about being in the same car together. heh. 

Sonny and Olivia, he was all over today, right?? With NuKate-- not feelin' it yet.  Too soon and she's not been on enough in the last year.

Davis Girls...having so much fun with the wedding!! Molly gives Sam Shawn's stone for "something borrowed"....Sam's dress looked better on than in the photos. 

GH gets a dang B today-- it was entertaining!

food! FOOD! FOOD! at the JaSam wedding!!


  1. Karen Alfred here will you post the reunion of Denise and Genie when she guests on pretty would love to see that thanks.

  2. Hey Monica!!!!! That ring belongs to Elizabeth!!!!!!

  3. On AMC: My Stewie is alive!!!!! I cried. :'(

    On GH:

    Jason and Edward: Lila's ring! I cried. :'(

    Maxie, Sam, and Monica: Jack and Sarah?!!?!?! Oh Maxie you should have been fired. No Monica no!!! Don't give Sam the ring Alan gave you!!! You keep it!! She can have Lila's ring!!

    Sonny: Did he get help by going to an AA meeting and doing the 12 step program? ROFL! What the hell is with him apologizing to everyone? :)

    Sonny and Kate: Ohh! I see! He isn't doing the 12 step program! He apologized to everyone because Kate approached him. She IS his savior! Zzzzzzzz.

    The Davis girls: YAY! :) Oh oh Molly isn't going to go overboard again is she? Please headwriter Wolfie I beg of you! Don't do it!

    Dante and Olivia: Yeah it's odd and creepy! :)

    Jason and Spinny: ROFL!

    Spinny: Why can't he work on his laptop?

    Carly and Sonny: She can see right through him! :) Go Carly! I like what she was wearing today.

    Carly and Sam: HUH?! Okay Carly what are you up to? Hahaha!

    Sonny and Alexis: Love the scene!

    Jason and Sam: Sam in her wedding dress and the look on his face awww! :) Great scene.

  4. Picturing Opal and Roxie in a beauty shop partnership...

  5. I'm with you LIASONADDICT! The ring belongs to elizabeth! I didn't watch today and can't bring myself to watch until after the wedding is over.

  6. Looks like chinese food is the jasam favorite.

  7. YES! Alfred you should watch the show on you tube, it's fun!

  8. Hope I love it! Opal & Roxie... that would be priceless!

    Not feeling NuKate and not feeling her w/Maurice. I wasn't a big fan of Kate before, though, so I guess I just don't like the character. I thought she looked like Genie today in the close up before she hung up on Maxie five times in a row.

    Love MB & NLG together, need to see more of that.

  9. Ethan and Kristina were sweet today in their ten-second scene. lol

  10. Felt like I had to knock the rice out of my hair today after watching GH! At least it's been a bit more entertaining in the last day or so!

    Jasam...with so many things going wrong just prior to a wedding, maybe someone or something up there is telling you marriage isn't such a good idea? Oh well, at least we get Monkeyman, er, Franco out of it!

    I thought Edward giving Lila's ring for Sam was sweet. I always like nods to the past as a long time viewer! The Davis girls were sweet, as was Mama Olivia helping Dante with the proposal for Lulu..."Shut up and marry me!" Does he know how many fans have been telling Lulu to shut up lately? :-) I actually like her most of the time, just not when she is on a whinefest about her Spencerdom. I don't like when Lucky does it either.

    When you get all this and an apology from Carly (to Sam), it ain't a bad day! Now, if we can get Sonny to listen to Alexis and tone it down a notch, all will be fine. Hey, Ethan might be a bit of a rogue (I like that he got the hair cut down just a bit.) but he's no Johnny Z and besides, Ethan's father is much more harmless at this point than Johnny's. (Not that Johhny is hard on the eyes either and you do have the mob prince/princess thing. It is just that the writers have made Johnny about 30 recently and a 30 year old and an 18 year old is a bit icky. A 20 something is fine.) Which guy would you rather have your daughter date, Sonny? I'd pick the one without the psychotic father and the one you didn't want to kill, which is a moot point because he has wanted to kill both of them in the past. I must admit, I have always had a soft spot for Ethan and Krissy and was upset when they tossed in whatshername for a moment...oh, yes, Maya.

    Still not feeling NuKate. I am trying, but it just all seems too forced to me.

    The Jasam nuptuals should be interesting! (All that and Chinese food too; I'd be there!) We know drama will ensue! I cannot recall a single wedding in very recent years that went smoothly! Even Scrubs had to have a redo when Emma decided to be born!

    I have not watched AMC for years, but I am glancing in this week and will see how it ends, well at least on TV this Friday.

  11. Today was a C+. Since yesterday was a F, it has risen quite a bit.

    Loved Loved Loved the rings being handed down!
    What a beautiful gift!!

    What does Sam do all day??
    Why can't she be involved in her wedding plans??
    Yesterday, they show Jason up walking for the first time in a month, today the leather jacket is back on. OYYYYYYY.......

    Liz.....really, can't you call first?

    Dante going to his mother to 'rehearse' his proposal? Really? Guys do that??

    Shawn still in heat sniffing Carly.
    Carly, if you are so upset about Jax, GO LOOK for him!!!!

    Sonny's meds must be kicking in.

    I like NuKate. I am alone with this, but I stand firm! I like her.

    Liked that Ethan's presence had an effect on Krissy and she could move her toes.
    I hope, HOPE that they don't bring Ethan's 'presence' into the storyline. In otherwords, she can only feel or walk when he is around.
    That would be corny.

    Maybe a B tomorrow??

  12. I can't stand the build up to jasam. Everything is mob or sam, ughhhh!

  13. My2Cents2 says I hope, HOPE that they don't bring Ethan's 'presence' into the storyline. In otherwords, she can only feel or walk when he is around.
    That would be corny.
    Oh geez!!! I hope not! That would be VERY corny.

  14. i guess i'm in an agreeable mood tonight. i agree that that ring should be Liz's. Every time something went wrong today, i kept yelling at the screen: It's an OMEN! I really want Helena to curse the wedding (see how well it worked out the first time around?) or for Franco to kill Sam. My mom thinks its so romantic; I just want to throw up. How the writers can have him marry that whore after she watched Jake get kidnapped is beyond me. Once the kid died, I wish Jason had snapped out of this insanity and broke it off with Sam.

    I also agree that Opal and Roxie would be a GREAT team.

  15. I am a Liason fan ,too however I do think Sam is more for Jason long term. I will always long for Liason, and they are one of my favorites ever, but we have to let the dream go people. These writers are in favor of Kemo, period. I too like her a lot so I am not a hater. Us Liz fans need to be happy she's at least been on our screen sicne GW took over. We would rather her be in more of a love story with Lucky or Matt but I'll take what I can get. And calling Sam a whore is really uncalled for, since Carly, Monica, Bobbie, Liz, Maxie, Brenda, and more have slept with half of port charles! I don't get all warm and fuzzy with Jasam, and yes I wish it were Liz but at least we have a happy event and one that shows the Davis girls is always welcome. I do agree that miracle hospital should have let Jason recover another day or two ; )

  16. Really unrealistic to have Jason back to normal again in one day. I also like Nu-Kate - she is one recast who I feel, fits in quite well. Nice to see Edward and Monica again.

  17. LindaV said...

    Really unrealistic to have Jason back to normal again in one day.
    Has it been one day? ROFL!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the much loved sand missed Lynn Herring Lucy on Thursday September 22.

  19. Mrs B....nice post. Nicely said.

    I personally saw nothing between Liz & Jason. Ever.
    However, all of a sudden Sam is a 'Queen Bee'??
    I don't think so.

    Who killed Victor??
    NOT Rex
    NOT Tomas
    NOT Todd


  20. I guess the JaSam Liason fights will be as epic as GH lol :)
    I thought the balcony scene was really touching. I think having Liz come and talk to Jason was touching. I think we have to remember Sam's character did what she did when Kelly was going to leave the show...ergo, they had to make "sam" look bad.
    Look at Ric--hell look at most characters on GH, they've done bad crap all the time. then, the writers forget it.

  21. To say that you never saw anything between jason and liz ever is to ignore their years of history and attraction on the show well before sam was ever on GH. Jason and Liz have always loved eachother, but
    Frons loves Sam more :) . Anyway, my beef will always be the writing and , to put it simply, it's poor. I don't watch other shows when they are not interesting and GH is no different. I used to watch GH religously but I just can't anymore. I loved the show and have tried to stay loyal to help it stay on air but can't watch nonsense. The cast has shrunk to a select few and the characters are mostly those that are not liked. I have to say to the folks at Disney, Frons and JFP , that they certainly know just how to kill a show.

  22. Jason & Liz were friends.
    For years.
    They 'flirted & teased' one another. Went on bike rides.
    I personally never read anything into it.

    Until one night she went to Jason for comfort because of what she found Lucky doing.
    They made love twice.
    And got pregnant one of those nights.
    Jason offered to marry her because that is who Jason is.

    So no, I am sorry, I don't see big love between them. Never 'read' them as 'romantics'. jmo (and I am entitled)

  23. SPOILERS??

    Did I hear the word Jax??????

  24. My 2 cents: no one ever said you weren't entitled to your opinion, however wrong it may be :) .

  25. Truth is in the story.
    He isn't marrying Liz.

    That is the bottom line. :.

  26. My two cents I do believe they had sex more than twice (Liason). They met at the cabin a few times. It wasn't the sex that made them powerful for most of us. it was the longing. The loyalty. And yes, the friendship. It's what we relate to. It's what soaps are made of. It was bad boy against resident sweetheart. JMO.

  27. Pita...we take away very different insight into Liason.

    Perhaps on this forum people have a connection for Liz & Jason. Other forums, though there are 'some' Liason fans, most agree that there was never any love between these two.
    And we aren't by any means Jasam fans. At least I am not.
    Jason never loved Liz.

    Don't blame me for not seeing it.
    Alot of people never saw it.
    Is it worth debating? He married Sam today.

  28. As far as how many times they had it, was it really more than 3, tops?

    Have you forgotten when he promised to take Liz to Paris, and he left her sitting at the airport?
    Or the dinners she tried to cook for him, and he never showed up for.

    If a man wants to be with you, he will.

    Like I stated, it isn't a contest who Jason wanted, I see things very differently than most of this thread.

  29. I think every person ought to read it.


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