Monday, September 26, 2011

THAT Show...Gets Poor Reviews in Rehersal!

ahahahhaa.  Love this. Grub Street NY-- a foodie site gives poor marks to The Spew. Here's a the whole thing at the link. 

This coming Monday, television history will be made — so say the people over at ABC, who've been touting their daytime-soap replacement, The Chew, which premieres on Monday, as a revolution in food TV. But is the show — co-hosted by Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, and Daphne Oz — really going to shake up the food-television formula? Grub sat in on a rehearsal taping yesterday, and after sitting through the hour-long session, our take is: Eh, not really.

The warm-up guy, comic RC Smith, joked with the largely suburban and out-of-town studio audience in between takes ("you look like a bag of Skittles," he told a trio of bright-cardigan-wearing Connecticut housewives), while the cast practically leapt around the spacious set, reassembling for a half-dozen or so zany segments. The preplanned bits had an improvised energy to them, like a cooking segment that had Molto Mario throwing together some bucatini with zucchini, white beans, and chile flakes; and Carla Hall's "It's Gon' Be Okay" segment, where she made a soup intended to salvage a limp, overcooked zucchini. The other cast members watched while making off-the-cuff comments. (Clinton Kelly: "Not much to do with a limp zucchini, is there?" Oh, Clinton!)


  1. Unfortunately I don't think ABC cares if people watch it. I think they only care that it's cheap to produce.


  2. It will fail, and ABC will just plug in another show on the cheap that will also fail and before you know it they'll be showing infomercials or syndicated shows in the afternoon, and as far as they're concerned, they still will have WON, because they just have no clue...

  3. you guys are absolutely right. ABC just does not care. that's exactly what happened with The Tony Danza Show a few years ago. It sucks, rating dropped, and they replaced it with Oprah wannabe and soap hater Rachel Ray.

  4. The review for "that Show" on Zap2it was horrible.

  5. Only ABC would think that their show will make television history. The Food channel has "30 Minute Meals", "5 Ingredient Fix", "Cooking for Real", "10 Dollar Dinners"...Yet, THIS show is a revolution in food TV? Yikes. It's cheap to produce and you get what you pay for...


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