Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day TWO out of FIVE Days All My Children --FRANCO DAY!!

Did you like "The Office" type docustyle today?? It was a way to get around flashbacks with other actors, I guess. I say if your show is going off the air, use the old clips with all the different actors. Why the hell not!!
Loved the Myrtle Fargate mention/memorial! 
Heh on the "who should play Kendall" in the Movie--Sarah Michelle Gellar of course!!
What's up with AJ? Loved how Erica told him not to "take on her family"!! 

Fun show today but not as teary as yesterdays!

OLTL ....at least we know it's Stacey....with a new Facie?? LOL Love Shane torturing Jack.  OLTL is just not-miss for me!! I'll shut up because you are sick of it, I'm sure. 


GH: It's too funny with the ring..only it's not. Whatever...At least Mac's on. 

Franco better get on here quick!! 

How does Shawn get to just cook at Kelly's?? Where is everyone? NO ONE SHOULD COOK CHILI in Kelly's unless it's RUBY'S!! I like Shawn but not too fond of he and Carly yet. 

Looks like Krissy might work with Kate in the fashion arena....

I so wanted Epiphany to run up and Jab Sonny with a big needle. Patrick yelling at him was fun though. 

If they wanted Kate back so damn bad, they should have had her come  on for Fashion Week, gradually move back into the scene, then maybe maybe hook up with Sonny down the road. This is bizarre overkill.

Max said he tweeted Diane!

Liz and Matt might be growing on me, and I'm a L&L2er..I can see Miz together, they'd work.


  1. Matt is better with Maxie. If only this show would give them half of a chance.

  2. LOOK at that photo with Myrtle in it, doesn't it look like George Clooney back there!!?

  3. Ohmygosh! Karen, that does look like George Clooney! What the heck? Anyone recognize that guy from the old days?
    My cable was out today so I missed all the soaps. I'm going to catch up online before tomorrow's shows. Should I bother watching GH or just let it go?

  4. Karen I loved the monolog office type on AMC today. :) I hope hooker Babe is a ghost! :) I cried when Zak and Ryan talked about changing the Cambias name to Myrtle Fargate memorial! :(

    ON TO GH!

    Matt and Sonny: HUH?!!!

    Kate and Krissy: The scene is so boring! The recast Kate is dull and boring! Zzzzzzz.

    Matt and Liz: Awww! :) He is taking care of her. :)

    Matt, Spinny, Maxie, and Liz: That was a very strange scene. I guess Matt isn't really in love with Maxie. Go home and take a warm shower and you will feel better? HUH?! And why didn't Liz ask if Maxie is okay? Why was Liz so calm?

    JT and Johnny: NO JOHNNY! Don't shoot Lucky's boyfriend no!! :(

    JT: Oh crap Lucky's boyfriend is dead!! *cries buckets* :( Poor Lucky! :(

    Johnny and Papa Z: *snicker snicker* HAHAHHAHAHA!

    Carly and Shawn: They had a nice long scene! :) They danced. He cooked for her. She tells him about the family and that she can't cook! :) Come on kiss already!

    Franco: Why is he back? He is a very hot man tho. :) And I wish James Franco the actor would stop squinting his eyes that really bugs me! Open your eyes and let me see your sexy eyes. :) And hey Franco has got Ryan Lavery's (AMC) monkey!!!! :)

    Dante and Lucky: Aww Dante is protecting him. :)

  5. Woah Karen it DOES look like George Clooney in the background in the picture! :)

  6. Maybe if carly & sean kiss we can see if there's chemistry after all. So far, not so good.

  7. Huh, Matt isn't really in love with Maxie? Matt is a Doctor and Liz needed stitches, you can't wait on giving stitches or it will be to late to put them in. Matt has always said it was love at first sight for him regarding Maxie. But he knew what was going on there and Maxie was just fine. M&N are love.

  8. I am OUTRAGED with this show today!!!

    To begin with, STFU Sam!!
    When did she become a Dr??
    Anyone will know when you are hospitalized, the first thing they do is get you up and walking.
    So what was she BARKING about?? How can they even show such stupidity?

    Carly is walking around with the same red dress and heels for days now. Why is she hungry in front of Kelly's?
    Last I knew she had a home, and a hotel/restaurant to run.
    WHY would she go to Kelly's? Why wouldn't she be home with her child since the baby is alone?? Morgan is gone.
    Metro Court. What happened to that? They tear the set down?? Between Olivia, Carly, and Jax being gone, is the Metro Court just going to drop out of sight too??

    Alexis. The mother of the child who just had surgery. Where is she?? Is it more important that we see scenes of Papa Z & Mad Man Sonny all the time??


    And I am so NOT into Horndog Shawn & Carly!!!!!!!

    Someone...WHAT are they doing to this show?????

  9. Who can blame Matt after Maxie has been on Spinella/Jackal PI duty for weeks! I personally want Liz with Lucky, but Matt is a nice booby prize.

  10. Oh and where the heck is Ethan? Wouldn't he visit Kristina by now if GW wants them as a couple? Guess i got my answer....

  11. As much as I adore Maxie, she deserves to lose Matt.

    Did I just say that??

  12. Storm in my area..DId JR see who was on the table and how did JR end up leaving the room????

  13. I also noticed Carly's omnipresent red dress. C'mon, it's upstate NY people, not the Bahamas, and it's mid-September, why is she wandering around town in a cocktail dress and heels?

    I love Sonny, but he is being written as a monster lately, so I also loved Patrick yelling at him, Patrick is so much taller that I could see him not being scared of Sonny. It looked like the war of the dimples!!

  14. Cute AntJoan...'War of the dimples'

    Sonny's writing is so bad. As bad of a character as he has portrayed over the years, this has to be the worse.

  15. I agree about Carly's red dress and also Kate has worn the same outfit since last week. As much as I love Megan W., I don't think this new Kate is all that bad, and close up she looks a bit older than she appeared at first. Sonny is such a jerk - so glad Patrick stood up to him and defended his brother. Can't stand anymore of Sam and Jason's wedding plan talks - enough aleady. I think when Spinelli kissed Maxie it was the first passion shown between a rather unromantic pairing. I would rather see Matt with Liz. Maybe then Lucky and Maxie?

  16. I agree Linda V. I don't think this Kate is so bad. She is the least of the problems at this show right now.

    There is no storyline right now. Only 'holes' in stories, and scenes with people who aren't who they were once were.

    This show, is in alot of trouble.


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