Monday, September 19, 2011

Hand Over the Kleenex...Day One Down!

 From the PEOPLE Mag Tribute

AMC was fantastic today--- the whole Hubbard thing. I so love that little puddin' Lucy!! :) awwww!! So perfect. I teared up so much and got goosebumps. YOU CAN'T MAKE MEMORIES like that on a damn show like the CHEW!!  This is going to be a hard, hard week.

OLTL: It was hard to watch after AMC just because I'll be a wreck in December too. I hate Jack so much, that kid HAS to learn how to act!! PLEASE or let him go. Painful to watch.
speaking of...

GH today: Well. Luke skulking on AZ and Tracy-- I liked the flower on her hair.

Johnny shooting the drug guy... inspired. 

SKate: I got nothin' other than Sonny's past is Guza's past, not the show's. I'm tired of Deke.

Screaming today---Maxie,   Liz... Carly. 

I think pieces of Jason Q are going to creep out. here, there..and Carly/Pat just confirmed it. 

"Kids...can't live with them, can't shoot them"... AZ to Tracy.

Skye and Luke off to the skies. 

Lulu and the wedding dresses, I'd love to see her in her mother's giant headdress heh.

ALERT: Daytime Confidential is saying it's been reported that David Kreizman is coming to GH
He's the guy behind the wonderful crap at Guiding Light, As The World Turns and All My Children-- before they all got cancelled. GREAT. :eyeroll:
THIS IS NOT GOOD news people!!



  1. Oh no Karen!!!! David Kreizman on GH!? WHY?!!?! What the hell is he going to do on there?! Co-headwriter? UGH! Yeah he was on AMC UGH!

    Sonny and Kate: Or should I say Sonny and Cher? Nah cus she didn't sing to him. I wish she did! Cus their conversation got a bit boring. She is supposed to be his savior? It didn't work! And I liked that she said that HE is supposed to save himself.

    The kidnapping: I loved the scene. Well parts of it. :) I like that Liz and Maxie escaped on their own! :) Altho Maxie DID fall! ROFL! Just like in the scary movies a woman always has to fall. Spinny pretends he is Jackal for strength! Oh hon you don't need Jackal for strength! You can do it yourself! :) Spinny kisses Maxie YAY! :) They need to get back together. Lucky saved his Liz! :) Then Spinny HAD to show Maxie the damn ring which flew out of his hands! ROFL!

    Papa Z and the chef: Or whomever he is. I thought Papa Z was talking to his flowers about how it has to make the evening good but he was talking to that guy! Hahaha!

    Papa Z and Tracy: Oh another date awww! :) Tracy in all black like she is in a funeral hahahaha. Luke is watching!

    Luke and Skye: Luke is so mellow! What is going on with him? Oh kiss Skye already. :)

    Johnny: Oh he saved Spinny and Maxie from that bad guy! But they don't know it's Johnny! :)

    Carly and Patrick: Carly is worried about Jason cus she can't find him ROFL! Carly says Jason thinks of me as family. Patrick says YOU think you are family ROFL!

    Lulu and the wedding dress: She SOOOOO wants to get married! :)

    Forgive all my laughter. :)

  2. No he's a script writer, but still WTF there are a million and one writers out there!! WHY HIM!!!!!!

  3. Karen,

    I will thank you to refer to that new show by its rightful name:

    The SCREW


  4. Karen scriptwriter, well, at least he isn't co-headwriter! :) Well he isn't the only scriptwriter right?

  5. Sonya you ask WHY? Obviously the show thinks they are on a right track and want to bring add't joy to us?? (wink)

    Anyone see the View today?? The Chew is doing their promo on the show. Cooked for the ladies today.

    I don't care if MW was playing opposite Sonny, the story has gone as far as it can. Its done!!
    NOBODY cares anymore about Sonny!

    I have nothing nice to say about this show today, so I hope everyone has a nice evening!

  6. OMG pleaase don't reunite Spixie. I am so over Spinelli and want him off GH altogether. Love the actor, but this character is worn out his welcome with me.

  7. It won't be long until the words POW and ZAP appear across the GH screen. Horrible show today.

  8. Frons likes soap killers...therefore DK will feel right at home.

  9. My2Cents2 says

    Sonya you ask WHY? Obviously the show thinks they are on a right track and want to bring add't joy to us?? (wink)
    ROFL! Good one. :) *wink back* :)

  10. Love4dogs your right on with The Screw as its name .I personally cannot stand the View.I wouldn't eat the food some soap bad guy could poison it lol

  11. I am seriously wondering what is holding up any major announcement about GH's future at this point, and I seriously doubt it has one on ABC, unless heck froze over and Frons is no longer in charge there. To be honest, I never thought Garin Wolf was brought in to save GH. He was brought in to ride it out. I believe a new writer was brought in at AMC before its cancelation announcement was made, so with GH, it just seemed like a logical step. Sorry to sound like a complainer, but as many others have said, a good majority of the show is "been there, done that" lately.

    Spixie was sweet, but it just didn't work. I like the actor a lot, but they really overdid the dorkiness with Spin; the gumshoe black and white flashbacks, his personality change, etc. I don't know if the plan is to put Spixie back together or have a triangle with Maxie, Liz and Matt. One would have to convince me that Matt and Maxie are actually a couple, because if they had a relationship, we never saw it.

    Sonny and Kate; seen it, redundant conversation. Ok, he had a messed up childhood, abusive stepfather, etc. We know all of that. Nothing we have not seen before. NuKate is just not growing on me. I am trying to like her but I just do not thus far. I was never a big Kate fan to begin with; I only liked Megan Ward's Kate when she was with Coleman.

    Jason, my thought is that he will recall who he was before his accident with AJ and also know who he is now. An interesting storyline would be him wrestling with his choices with that, if that is what the writers do. I don't know if I give them much credit. I guess the wedding is the 23rd and Franco will show up!

    Luke...come out, come out wherever you are! The lurking is getting old now. If your family was in crisis, wouldn't you step up to help? Especially with Lucky. As a long time viewer who watched back in the glory days with my mom 30 plus years ago, it really annoys me what they've done to this character. Started when they made him a cheater on his wife to add Ethan to the mix...nothing against the actor, but really. That was going a yard too far, but then what do we expect from writers who burn down the Spencer home and Kelly's? The Q mansion may be next. I just get upset with the total disrespect for GH history.

    AZ and Tracy are good for some laughs. I hear Helena is going to Helena and AZ? Wow, that would be some match! Johnny thinks he is in charge? Nope, I don't think so, son. Good luck with taking over the reins until Daddy is ready. The kid might get killed trying. The only reason he continues to breathe is that A. Sonny hasn't been lucky taking him down yet and B. Daddy would not think twice about eliminating him, (Dad once strapped a bomb to sister Claudia, but then she is a girl and girls do not matter in the mob.) but as the only son, he's the only future for the Z empire, so he's allowed to breathe, for now.

    The last thing Lulu should think about is marriage. The gal has more baggage than an airport. Until that gets fixed, I would not think her life can progress. I liked Lulu and Dante at first, but they have just fallen flat for me, but so have Matt and Maxie, Michael and Abby, and several other couples I could think of. I do see a crisis coming for them. Usually does happen that with Jasam now. Crisis equals a couple coming together. I would not push marriage for Dante and Lulu anytime soon though. Neither of them are ready. She has to let go of her quest for perfection and he, well, he has to learn to take his cues from her a bit better. He can be a sweet guy (even if the character can be annoying and in our faces everyday), but sometimes, he's as thick as two short planks when it comes to his girlfriend. Stop bringing her flowers everytime you do something dumb like a 12 year old who just broke his mother's vase. Really...OK, the key for her birthday was sweet, but couldn't you have attached it to a nice necklace or something, Dante?

  12. The show on Monday was disgusting. FF thru 80% of it.
    Did I miss anything??
    Can't stand Spinelli. Haven't watched a scene of him in over 2 years.
    They are destroying Maxie by putting her with him.
    No wonder she needs off the show for a few months!!!!! lol

    I saw the food being served by the Chew on the View thru a promo commercial. I don't watch the show. Barbara is sickening as is Elizabeth.
    I can and do watch Joy at night thought.

    Wasn't BB coming back for a day?? Was that 30 second scene laying in a bed it??? Was that even her??
    Talk about bullcrap rumors going around, starting from GW himself!!!!

  13. btw....I did think they were bringing in GW to straighten out the show so abc would reconsider keeping it.
    I thought they were giving the show a 'chance' with firing Guza.
    Hiring GW.

    That turned out to be yet another mistake. Truthfully, at this rate, would any of you watch GH on the internet??
    As a 35 year vet of the show, I won't. Stories are horrible.
    I am finishing out the year on abc. Unless by magic something changes, I am done in 9/2012 with the show.

  14. Melodybluez says Stop bringing her flowers everytime you do something dumb like a 12 year old who just broke his mother's vase. Really..
    YES!!! Thank you! :) Yeah come on Dante really!

  15. Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have success.


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