Friday, September 2, 2011

JaSam Gettin' Hitched

From EW: (read whole article on link!) 

Finally, a wedding we can talk about that doesn’t involve the words Kim and Kardashian: Jason (aka Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will make it official this month on ABC’s General Hospital. The nuptials will kick off in what we hear is a very unlikely setting beginning Sept. 19.
But the bride isn’t exactly dripping in Neil Lane jewelry in this exclusive photo. Why isn’t she donning the Vera Wang? Is Jason about to offer tickets to the gun show? And is that the officiant in the background or is Teddy Chen Culver just playing a creepy observer?


  1. Amazing!!! I can't wait!!!

  2. Thank you for identifying the guy "in the background" - I wish he was going to be a new character. (I am aware that I will be alone in this!) I am a sucker for Asian boys though~ *^^;*

  3. the wedding will be the final nail in the coffin for gh and me. cannot stomach these two.

  4. Considering I'm not a Jasam fan in the least (but am a Sam fan) I was really looking forward to the wedding. A real wedding. Not men in black style. This I will not watch. Kemo is a girlie girl, I want to see her in her Vera Wang! I want to see the Davis girls in their bridesmaids dresses and Alexis with her paper bag!

    I was so bored this week. Spinelli bored me, even the bedside Skye was cute, but she's leaving in a month so why bother investing?

    As for the ratings, I believe they are that high due to AMC going off the air. Everyone is tuning back in for stars returning and such. I do think OLTL has been doing well either way but GH, well I can't answer that. GW should have to answer to that though since there are holes gilore in his stories.

  5. The stats I have been looking at has GH losing viewers in every category.
    Which is understandable.
    The stories are all FLAT.

    I guess I put too much into GW and a new writing team. I am so disapointed with GH.

  6. I agree my2cents. It has been awful with so much potential out there. We barely even have 1 supercouple. Carjax, done as Jax is presumed Dead. L&L2 was almost revisited, dropped. Scrubs: Bickering to the point of boredom. Matt & Maxie: Dropped like a hot potato for dumb Spin story. Dante & Lulu: Some how this actress just comes off so bitchy (kind of like Kim m's robin) it's a supercouple killer. She can't be playful whatsoever. They even ended the 2 couples that made me giggle. Diane & Max & Alexis & Mac. Geez. WHo is together? Oh Jasam. sorry can't go there. I was fine with this couple 6-7 years ago until he threatened to kill her after she hired poeple to threaten Liz & the boys knowing one of those boys was Jason's son.

  7. Rhonda....I guess its true, Great Minds DO think alike!!

    Everything you just said, I say DITTO!!

    GW has fallen very short.
    Saddens me, because I wanted this guy to be a Super hero and save the day for GH. It isn't happening at this rate.

    Spinelli I stopped watching 2 years ago.
    Jason was my LOVE. No longer. Tired of him. :(
    Matt is being written as a complete idiot. I am SICK over the demise of him and Maxie.
    LOVE my CarJax, and I won't give up that Jax is brought back!!
    Until then we watch Shawn lurking over Carly. BELCH!

    Uncle Mac, Alexis, Diane, Max, Coleman...PRICELESS.
    Unfortunately these aren't storylines. They are 'fill ins'.

    Reading the articles that GW puts out on this show, and then watching the storylines 'play out' is more disapointing than anything.

    Though he made promises in the beginning for our favorite characters to be seen and given more material, it isn't playing out like that at all.

    And I do believe, that there is friction behind the scenes that isn't helping much.

  8. I kind of agree with Rhonda & my2cents. Except I love Sam. Just not with Jason. Like Rhonda said they were good years ago, but watching Sam turn into nothing but a lapdog again right in front of my eyes after watching her grow when not with Jason makes me sick. Hardly any Davis girls scenes or any friends for Sam other than Maxie but since that's only sometimes it means nothing to us. Even Aleixs and Diane have lost that lovin feeling since that was the first time we saw them together in MONTHS. These women are the type of relationships we want to see. Have someone always have Sam's back that's a female. They killed Emily so Liz no longer has that. Robin barely has a friend. They never show Kelly or Lainie with her anymore. Patrick and Matt are 2babbling fighting idiots. This is not nursery school, or even college. They are grown men. Having them disagree is one thing but showing the unprofessionalism makes most of us cringe. bring us some damn romance Garin. Bring us some women friendships. Bring us some love triangles. Bring some dead back to life like only Siap operas can. Start with Jake, please.

  9. Joni...'bring back Jake'
    Do you know how easy that would be?

    There is no "Alexis, Diane, Mac, Max' storylines. We get 'scenes' with them in it. Nothing more.

    Been waiting 2 years for a storyline for Matt, and this is what we are given? An idiot??

    I can assure you, these actors are just as unhappy as we are behind the scenes.

  10. Bring back Jake YES! Bring back Alan and Emily and Georgie. And Laura, Felicia, Rick and Faith for that matter. And put Sam away for a very long, long time. Ok that was mean. Sorry but it gets so old people! Loved her with GV's Lucky. She was playful and sexy.

  11. No Emily. How many times can they bring her back already?

    Felicia is a MUST.

  12. I liked Emily since she was a Q & was a good ff to Liz & sister to Jason. I loved her story w/ nikolas when she had breast cancer

  13. I am sick of jasam and don't care about their wedding. TPTB have forced these two down our throats and I will not watch.
    Bring us couples we can get behind. I'm sorry, the poor ratings are due to poor writing and mob based storylines but this couple did nothing to enhance ratings.

  14. Not at all into this couple.

  15. I LOVED Jason for years. Lately, I just am not that 'into' him.
    Or Sam.

    *****SPUMORS-ghhappenings 2

    Luke secretly tries to help Lucky with his addiction.

    "The Lady in White" will be seen at Wyndemere; Helena knows her.

    Liz and Matt's close friendship startles Maxie.

    Spinelli has a new outlook on life.

    By the time Ethan is ready to acknowledge his feelings for Kristina to both himself and Kristina, she may no longer believe that his feelings are true. Look for a significant moment for Ethan and Kristina right around Halloween.

    Alexis opens some doors to the past.

    Someone unexpected may become pregnant. Choices made may complicate things even more.

    Keep in mind that Robin Scorpio is/was the child of secret agents... even when she was in France.

    Christmas Eve brings a very special gift.
    OK who could be preggers???
    Maxie is 'startled'?? Startled enough to WAKE UP!?
    Been hearing about Alexis getting a storyline since GW took over.
    I will believe it when I see it.
    NOT a Ethan & Krissy fan. GROSS.

  16. Ya know I really wonder what has happened behind the scenes that is totally letting out all the steam from Garin Wolf's stories. It HAS all fallen flat..Completely agree My2Cents2. There was so much potential, and he gave such awesome interviews and the audience was excited and hopeful and then...FLATLINED..Ugh...

    Its getting kind of exhausting to watch this show...You keep hoping for something great to happen, or they tease us and give us a little bit of Q's and some good history, and a potential great s/l (Jason coming back even partially a Q! Come on all sorts of awesomeness) to just drop it flat and snatch the rug out from under us. I don't get it.

    There... are... no... couples. NONE. Except Jason and Sam. I'm not a fan of the couple, but shoot I'd watch and invest if they were even written half way interesting and romantic. But they are dry and dull as dirt.

    Shawn is fine, but he's STALKING Carly and its kind of gross and creepy. Stop it. Do the writers HATE their show?

    CarJax was good. I mean Jax made Carly tolerable and all her misdeeds halfway forgivable. Her running around town screeching and interfering in every one elses life when she has THREE CHILDREN that she could be paying attention to, is exhausting and annoying.

    Sorry to be such a downer. But GH has just disappointed me to no end, and Im mad about it, cause I allowed myself to be hopeful with all of Garin Wolf's promises.

    Are we sure Guza hasnt left the bldg?

  17. WOW Saw....I feel exactly the same things.

    With all the spoilers I may post, they are still most 'ado' about nothing.
    I have been reading GW's interviews for 3 months. I am still waiting on him to deliver to us what he says is 'unbelievable' material.

    The first 'hint' I remember was when he was talking about the roof top scene between Sio & Liz. He stated we aren't going to believe how fantastic it was going to play out.
    Aw...still waiting....

    Best scenes are with characters who have no storyline. What is up with that??

    I won't give up on the show.
    This is probably the last year on abc, and I will stick with it. Mostly out of habit. Nothing more.


  18. Oh man My2Cents2..ITA with this: Best scenes are with characters who have no storyline. What is up with that??

    Thank You! I know. Alexis bombing out Carly..she rocked it. Johnny Z, who is fine all day long, and makes every interaction with any female sizzle, no s/l.

    Even his crazy father, AZ is entertaining to say the least. All of them, characters who have no storyline. I mean they are hinting at something with Tracey and even a taste of something with the Skye blackmail, BUT she's leaving soon, so you know nothing is going to come of that either.

    I feel like GW is just good at "the spin" but not really at making it all come together in the show.

  19. Saw, if you asked me what I would grade last week, I would have to say a C-.
    Alexis with both Sonny & Carly was amazing. Those were scenes.
    Not storylines. But those scenes saved the show for me for a grade F!
    Why isn't this actress carrying a storyline??
    Bring Jax back. Let's see Alexis & Carly both fight for him!!! Now that would make for good entertainment!!

    Johnny is so easy to watch. He plays off his father like a genious. (papa Z)
    Why are they wasting this gorgeous hunk of a man? To be Sonny's whipping post?

    Another Sonny love interest. OY!
    MB is such a great actor. I adore him. However, his character has been written these past 3 months so bad, that he is unwatchable.
    LW-another great actress. She is about to be 'sucked' into Shawn's world?? I just don't see that with her past characteristics.
    NLG..Why isn't she in a leading story??

    And Michael. Give this cutie pie talented actor something challenging to do.
    Not be his daddy's lapdog!!

    I haven't watched yet today, I can assure you nothing is happening.

    I would like to know what is really going on behind the scenes.
    I can't believe these actors are happy with the direction the show is in. They too were hoping for change.

  20. Goodness, there's so much useful data here!


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