Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IT's Wub-o-Gram Day!

I'm going to get my yearly Mammogram today--and I'm telling you all because I think it's important we all do it at least every other year (if not every year) to keep an eye on the chestials. Given Raven's news on FB, we all know the importance of early detection.  So, I leave you to play nicely amongst yourselves...

Did you vote yet on how to kill off Chef Mario Soapy-Style?? www.wubs.net AND BIG SCOOPS are up.  Ok, not huge but new. Carly is just meddling SO MUCH--she needs to be run over with a frying pan.

TINA'S HOME ON OLTL!! Yes!!!!!!! And her doggie, David Vickers too!! If you haven't watched One Life, today is a great day to do it.

If you're into the Prospect Park deal and want to know more about the online venture and lannch date look here: TV LINE


  1. karen, with the jasam wedding, how did GH do in the ratings last week?

  2. I was checking out the spoilers and Carlie is going to interrupt the honeymoon? That's just plain sick.

  3. I just want to share something with all of you.
    I had my mammogram done 2 weeks ago. There is a further test they can give you to see if you are at high risk.
    Being that my mother had breast cancer, I knew I would be at high risk. The mammogram lady told me not necessarily. I asked her what would make me high risk.
    Not knowing my religion, she stated that
    Ashkenazim Jewish women are at high risk. More so than if they had a mother who had breast cancer.
    I am a Ashkenazim Jew. (didn't know there was a difference in my religion, apparently there is)

    Just wanted to share that with you.

    Ask for the further test, they do it right at the mammogram.

  4. I tuned into GH and saw Lucky lying on the floor staring at pills so I changed the channel. i tuned back in 40 min later and Lucky is still lying on the floor staring at pills. Come on GH! Seriously! Boring!
    My 2 Cents, that is very good information to share with everyone. The more people that share their knowledge, the more it helps everyone, female or male to fight cancer.

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  6. Alexis: What is wrong with her? Is it menopause? :) Or Pari menopausal? :) Why is she so hot?!!?! :)

    Michael: WHAT?! He doesn't want his mom and Abby to call the ambulance because it will get the cops?! MICHAEL SHUT UP AND STOP ACTING AND TALKING LIKE YOUR FATHER BAH!

    Maxie: Oh geez. Poor depressed Maxie! Snap out of it! :) And you don't need to explain to Kate of the messed up wedding! Kate wasn't the one who was getting married!!!

    Steve and Olivia: Hmmm she wants to talk about Memphis but he keeps changing the subject. Hmmm.

    Dante and Olivia: GREAT SCENE!!!! :)

    Lucky and Ethan: Another great scene. Lucky laying on the ground looking at the pills on the floor, so he could see if he is strong enough to fight the craving! :) And LAURA TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Kate and Sonny: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Laura's painting: Someone erased the Laura name and cut the painting!! Oh oh who is mad at Laura?!!?! And is it the same person who was at Wyndemere before?

  7. Lisa, Lucky was trying to see if he could fight his craving! And he did!! YAY! :) I thought it was a great scene. Especially when he was talking to Ethan about Laura. :)

  8. I know sonya, that they are trying to show the daily struggle that a person experiences when they go through addiction, but I find the drug storyline drawn out. JJ does a good job of completely depressing the audience ( if he's not crying he's staring at pills. I'm sorry, sonya, but my opinion is that this story is dragging and from , the spoilers, it seems it will be a long time before the drrug bust is made. Tuning in and seeing JJ like this is depressing, so I tuned out.
    Dante shot again, another repetitive storyline.
    I wish I could be as enthusiastic as you , sonya, about the storylines ( I enjoy reading your summary ) but I just can't.

  9. Oh Lisa it's alright. :) After what Guza did to GH you are burned out by the sadness aren't you? You want happy things right now right? :)

  10. There's nothing currently to be happy about. L&L2 aren't together. Jax is gone. Scrubs fight constantly. Spin is on a lot again. Matt & maxie are on the backburner. Ethina was given up on. Carly meddles everywhere (I could only tolerate her with Jax, who softened her. I actually preferred TB in this role) ELQ scenes stopped before they really got started. Oh yeah, but Jasam got married, blech.

  11. we won't know ratings until thurs/friday

  12. my2cents...I've seen that before with that ethnic group. You ok?? I don't mind mammos at all. I've had them since I was in my early 30's because of fibroids.

  13. Had my Mamogram last week. All clear. I go every year.

  14. kdmask and my2cents I hope you both are okay!!!

  15. Thanks Lisa for not being offended by my post. When I learned this, I was shocked, and posted it on my fb wall. Lots of people commented on it.......
    Glad you appreciated the post.
    I am at high risk, however, my OBGYN will do an MRI on me every year with my mammogram. For now, I am fine. Thank you my dear friends.

    Michael...I HATE you. You are a disgusting idiot. I HATE this writing for you. What a waste!!
    So much potential with this character/actor. What a shame.

    Cute interchange between Alexis & Sonny. Funny how fast Alexis has forgiven Sonny for killing Jax.
    YEP if I had to guess Sonya I would say menopause for Alexis. I know exactly what she is going thru! lol

    Shawn. How did I know he was going to show up. This guy makes my skin crawl. Wheres Max & Milo??
    I want my Carly back. This isn't the Carly I have loved for years.

    I have to admit, I ff thru Maxie & Spinelli. What happened to Matt?
    I ff thru Luckys drug story as well.
    Enough- I agree..to drawn out already.

    LOVE LOVE Anthony & Johnny scene!

    YEP there is a Steve storyline coming up. I hope GW doesn't screw it up and its done right.
    If I were Olivia, I would go home and 'google' Steve to see what she can find out about him.

    Lastly, please don't hate me, but I can't help but notice what a great looking couple Sonny & Kate are.

  16. is it true that Lexi Ainsworth has been fired? keep hearing it.

  17. That is a rumor about Lexi Ainsworth. No confirmation. No mags, etc. reporting it.

  18. i miss matt and maxie too.

  19. FYI! Annie Ilonzeh aka Maya Ward is on twitter and mentioned hoping she can return to GH at some point -- https://twitter.com/#!/AnnieIlonzeh :)

  20. Mammograms and medicare have saved my life twice. 9 years ago I had cancer and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. This time it was in the other breast in the milk ducts, small but the aggresive kind and stage 1, but because there was a tiny cluster, I had a masectomy. Now I take a pill that gives me hot flashes!
    I can really sympathize with Alexis.

    It is extremely important to have a mammogram every year. They have new testing equipment now that is not so uncomfortable, so no one has any excuse not to have this very important test done. My cancer was such an aggressive kind that if I had waited another year to do it, it would have been too far along. And without medicare I would not have been able to afford treatment. I was always self-employed and had no pension and no company insurance--always had to buy my own and pay thru the nose for it.

    As for GH, I find Michael pathetic. Stupid kid. He has not learned anything, not one damned thing, from all the bad things that have happened to him and his sibs. Sonny is a creep, playing that idiot kid.

    This really is a pretty depressing show, but it has been for many years now, and I can't see that GW has done much to lift it out of gloom and doom. At least on OLTL, they have humor mixed in somewhere even when there is a sad event.

    I'd love to know the latest ratings on OLTL, from households on down.

  21. Anon..thank you for sharing your story. Good health to you!!!
    Have you ever been tested for the genetic gene??? My mom was, since she had breast cancer, and she is not a carrier.
    We need to talk about this subject so make everyone aware, as well as to make a good support team for one another.
    Karen...thanks for sharing your knowledge about the heritage, I guess I was the only one who didn't know that before?? And thank you for starting this conversation.
    Let us know how it turns out in a few days. lol

    ON TO GH
    Lexi..Yet ANOTHER rumor.
    No basis to it.

    PITIFUL-great word to describe Michael.
    Sonny needs to stay away from that kid. He won't. Who else in Sonny's life adores' him like Michael does?

    Show is in very bad shape. Worse since GW took over. I see my favorite characters being re-written as to who they are.
    That is a NO NO!!
    We probably have until Sept 2012, and then I see this show leaving.
    A habit I have had for 30+ years, I will see it to the end for one more year.

  22. I would be upset if Lexi was let go. I think she's the perfect soapy teenager/young adult. Spoiled, tortured, cute, etc. Not to mention daughter of 2 important characters. Then again, that did nothing for baby Jakes demise.

    I thought the wedding was just awful.

  23. The wedding was worse than AWFUL!!!
    NOT because of Sam & Jason, but the whole chinese/buffet/fortune cookies. We were robbed of seeing both the bride & groom dressed up.
    Big BOO BOO

  24. Thanks all for the cancer info. My2Cents2, I have no idea what kind of Jew I am and am glad you mentioned this. When I go for my mammogram next month I will ask about it.
    I have to agree that NuKate and Sonny do look great together. I like her although I would rather have Megan W. Mikey was despicable and I hope Abby dumps him. I hope the rumor about Lexi is just that - she is a wonderful actress. I liked the conversation between the brothers Spencer, but it's not the most exciting scene I have ever seen.

  25. I'll post more on rumors today about lexi and kirsten... I heard Lexi got a movie, but not heard she's fired from GH at all. I'm usually last to know cast stuff unless it's story related though-I tend not to WANT to know.
    I hate to say anything about it, I think it's really sensitive area for actors. They should get to say it or their PR people.

  26. Hi Everyone...

    I am curious about the recent ratings myself. I haven't been able to find any stats on that, but a gut feeling tells me that not very much has changed with Mr. Wolf on board as writer. I had high hopes and was initially pleased with the first few weeks with him at the helm; with some of the vets coming back, more balanced stories/characters, etc. but then that now seems to have fallen as flat as day old cola left out on the countertop!

    Some of the present spoilers make me wonder if a certain writer named Bob is still lurking around at GH because it's same old same old...

    Carly interrupting the honeymoon? What crisis has the drama queen got now that she's got to keep butting into Jason's life? As I have often said...anyone who dares marry Carly, Jason or Sonny automatically need to realize, they've just married not one, but three people. Can't this woman annoy Sean for a change, since they seem intent to have him stick around?

    The "What it means to be a Spencer" stuff is doing my head in...Ok, now we have to make Lulu start drinking? Guza had this thing about..."Like father (or daughter), like son" which was annoying. As though everyone has to be a walking self fulfilling prophecy and cannot carve out their own identity. It just stinks! The bit on Tuesday with having Lucky spend most of his time on the floor staring at pills while he schooled Ethan on some more Spencer folklore was almost laughable!

    Lisa's coming back to create more havoc (gee, I hope not), Michael's still behaving like an idiot (Gee, Mikey, what if they left you bleeding on the floor when you got shot in Daddy's warehouse? Call friggin 911...your half brother's bleeding to death! More, "Like father, like son" garbage. The only problem is one would think that with all that's happened to him, Michael would have learned something from it all, but nope!

    The Jasam wedding that actually wasn't...well, on one hand, it is nice to get some cast members together in a warm moment (just wish it was not always coupled with a violent moment, as with Dante getting plugged yet again...guess they didn't teach him to dodge bullets in Bensonhurst!) On the other hand, the wedding was more or less a stunt to pull Franco out.

    The only thing that has me interested is the Wyndemere thing and where they are going with that. Lots of Laura talk lately! Also, a lot of point being made on Tuesday about how Lulu's just like her mom (Spare me, please!) so I wonder if all this will involve her too? I am sure Helena's involved in some way. I also guess the Corinthos/Zacharra feud is going to heat up again with Dante getting shot. I like the exhanges with Anthony and Johnny...I just worry the old man's going to get his kid killed!

    More important things...I really appreciated the posts on the importance of mammograms. Knowledge is certainly power. I wish anyone currently struggling with breast cancer well and hope everyone else stays safe and gets tested!

  27. Linda you can tell what type of Jew you are by where your ancestors came from.
    What part of the world.
    You can google two kinds of Jews and it will give you the information.

    Probably wont be back on today, not feeling well, going to hospital. Dehydrated. Hopefully tha is all.

    btw-TO ALL:
    Dip a piece of apple in honey, taste the sweetness-May the sweetness of this New Year fill you & yours with Good Health & Happiness.

    Thanks Linda..I like someone who doesn't post 'rumors'. Very respectful and reliable on your part.

  28. Ratings last time posted...OLTL #2 and GH 2nd from the bottom.

    Who wants to bet that Shawn goes along for the ride??

    As for Lisa..YEA bring her back, however, it is short lived, as she has a new gig on Showtime.

  29. I meant thank you Karen for not posting rumors!!!!!!

  30. My2Cents2 - hope you feel better! And Happy New Year to you, too.

  31. My2cents says YEP if I had to guess Sonya I would say menopause for Alexis. I know exactly what she is going thru! lol
    ROFL! Ack you poor thing! :) I'm 37 so I'm a long way off. Unless I get parimenapause when I am in my 40's.:)

  32. Sonya...lol.. I know women who started Menapause very early in life. Enjoy your youth!!
    After 40 its down hill. lol

    Waiting to hear your post from today's episode.

  33. My2Cents2 said...

    Sonya...lol.. I know women who started Menapause very early in life. Enjoy your youth!!
    After 40 its down hill. lol
    ROFL! Well the one good thing about it all, is that no more period YAY ROFL!

    Waiting to hear your post from today's episode.
    You are? Awww! :)

  34. Sonya....I was naughty today and took a 2 hour nap. LIttle behind schedule with GH...will go watch now and report back.
    I will then look for yours!!


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