Thursday, September 29, 2011

HAHAHA! Ricky Paul Goldin tweeted this and said "at least they don't say make it a positive tweet" that's hilarious.  Good PR I guess but funnier than  hell.

I am trying SO HARD to get into Days Of Our Lives to replace AMC but I just can't. I couldn't get into YR either--even with Tristan and Genie on it!! Dang, it's so hard. I grew up with ABC soaps. It's like when you go to another city and watch their local news--it looks weird. Not that MY RATINGS COUNT since I'm not a damn Nielson family but what the hell.

CORD ON OLTL!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! he looks so good!! wow. Love him, wonder what he's been doing!! David Vickers the dog is so cute :) Jack is so bad,  he can't even deliver his address convincingly. Geesh.

How many times was the name Laura or "your mother" said? about 100...ergo, what's coming? Will Genie leave Y&R and come back?? Hmmmmmmmm. What say you ABC!? I think the Lady In White will tie in with Laura, but not be Laura herself. I have to find out more! :clappinghands: 

"In the end, all they brought were ghosts"... ah, classic Helena
I wish Franco was  making Faberge Eggs... 

Doesn't rent-aMaxie look like NuKate?? YOU KNOW she does! was apparent today.  She's doing ok though-- I'd hate to have to learn all that Maxie-speak. 

Dolores the cop, whom  I shall call Mulva, was a dud today. Geesh, she'd better get better and quick.  Shawn is like MacGuyver.  :eyeroll:

OMG JaSam today?? Drove me nuts, get to Hawaii and the Franco sheeze and shut up about the stars.  It's just painful.  I wouldn't like ANYONE talking that long about nature. Ok, the shirtless scene made up for it.  LOL.. that was pretty good! Given Burton 'doesn't do love scenes' that was pretty hot.

I GOT IN TWITTER JAIL TODAY! booooooooooooooo . oh well.


  1. Between Cord and David Vickers, The Dog....
    there was almost too much cute to bear on OLTL!!

    splain twitter jail to me pls

  2. Hope beat me to it. What is Twitter jail? So you are a Twitter ex-con? :-)

  3. I have new drinking game for OLTL. Every time Jack makes me want to kill him, have a drink. Every time Irene reaches for the gun in her purse, slug down another one.
    I have had the worst time trying to get back into GH. I need to dvr so I can FF through everything awful and get to the good stuff, like Helena.
    I want to know what Twitter jail is, too! Do you need bail money, Karen?

  4. Alfred here to Karen and anyone do you remember when Luke and Laura came aboard Luke was fascinated with a Faberge Eggthat he kept holding and touching was that another dropped story cant remember if it was ever opened or not.

  5. Karen, please be patient with Days right now. They are redoing their whole format, bringing in much loved vets and getting rid of some dead weight. They are promising a more family oriented soap and, unlike GH, I believe them.

  6. On OLTL: David Vickers Jr! ADORABLE!! Look at that face and those eyes!!! :) Come on Tina! Pick up your dog from the bed and carry him out!!! ROFL ROFL! Tina cracks me up. :) Love her. CORD YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Cord and Tina still are in love with each other!!! Admit it and get back together!


    Jason and Sam: Wow they talk to much! Is that all they are gonna do is talk? OH! Steve Burton took off his shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woah! Steve doesn't like taking off his shirt! I'm not complaining I was just wondering what happened! :)

    Lucky and Liz: What?! Lucky sang to his son and we didn't get to see it?! That sucks!!! Oh they talked about Laura!!!!!! Oh come on L&L2 get back together already!

    Mac and Lucky: Great scene!!!!

    Dante and Lulu: LULU TELL DANTE YES!!!!!!!!!!! Even when Steve comes in to work on him, SAY YES!!!! She is wearing old school eyeliner! Love it!

    Lulu and Sonny: Huh?! It's not Sonny's fault!

    Shawn: WOAH! He became Macgyver! LOVE IT! :)

    Ethan and Helena: Delicious!!!!! :) Yes Helena Ethan is strong just like his father! Robert is a very strong man. :) MORE LAURA TALK!!!!!! Helena notices the tunnels were open! What's wrong Helena what are you scared of and want Ethan to be scared of? So Helena didn't cut the Laura portrait. WHO DID?! And who is in the tunnel? Luke?

    Karen I am having problems making comments in the polls. It won't let me comment. With the last one and this one.

  7. twitter jail is when you have used more than 100 tweets per hour or 1000 tweets per day. Penalty is that you may not tweet for anywhere from 1/2 hour to a few hours.

  8. Jasam: BORING. Why are they having them talk so much? Blissfully happy newlyweds don't talk ; )
    They have dropped th ball on this whole wedding subject with this couple.

  9. Do not like the new Kate. Why did they not hire Megan Ward back? She and Sonny sizzled, this actress has no chemestry with anyone...

  10. Twitter Jail means you tweeted too much. I went over the daily limit so I had to wait "a few hours" to tweet more. I think I tweeted too much during OLTL :) heh I was going crzy!

  11. I love that Jason built a house on the spot the old train car used to be!!

  12. Yo Karen - John Loprieno is currently teaching acting at Moorpark College in Southern California ;)

  13. Calling Deloris "Mulva?" HA! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  14. Skeebob,
    LMAO! Mulva? Bahahahaha....
    *That is one of my favorite episodes!!*

    I have not watched the show in like...forever...but enjoy coming here to read the recaps and everybody's "take" on the show.

    I gotta ask...what the heck is up with Jason? He "built a cabin"? And they are still yammering away instead of in Hawaii? Sheesh.

  15. I agree about Kate. This new one is bombing for me.

  16. I *love* Y and R. All the characters are connected, they use history, etc. Karen, give it a chance, really.

    I started watching it by accident when Soap Talk went off (I would watch it at 6am while having quiet coffee before getting kids up for school). In no time, I was hooked.

  17. The results are in and jasam wasn't a draw. GH is still 5th in ratings the week of jasam wedding. They gained in viewers but still low. they have fallen to 3rd in 18-49 group. Frons golden couple didn't bring in the numbers. The low ratings are also due to poor writing and storylines but clearly jasam is not a big draw even though they have fans.

  18. jasam is not a big enough draw for the poor writing on the show.

  19. Haven't watched OLTL yet today, so I am going to by-pass those posts.

    Great column Karen.
    I definately SMELL Laura. Not sure if she will come back, or Lucky will be going to see her soon. Intersting, if she is coming back. Not sure how she is doing on Y&R. Or her contract information. But it seems a possibility after todays show.

    "Shawn is like MacGuyver. :eyeroll:"
    Have I mentioned today yet I feel about this guy??

    Sonya...YIKES when Jason took off his shirt if I could have fit, and it was at all possible, I would have gone thru my TV to get to him.
    I don't like Sam. Her hand gestures, her 'dancing' around a subject rolling her eyes. Plus watching her on that Soap show last week didn't make me like her
    anymore. Less if possible. And this putzing around getting to Hawaii is unnecessary.. Go home and look at the freakin stars!
    They have stars in Hawaii too!

    Nice to see Mac doing something besides being Alexis date 4 times a year. I am curious if Lucky shared with Mac Liz's participation in all of this.
    Stealing meds, shooting him up, replacing drugs, etc......
    I do have respect for Lucky with talking to Mac though.

    Polls?? What polls?? Karen has polls here??
    YES, I make the AMISH look hi-tech!!

  20. Until the writers of this show return the characters to who they are, the show will continue to flop.
    Jason had nothing to do with the ratings drop.
    Its all about the writing.
    And who there giving lead storylines to.

    I honestly think, GW knows his show is in trouble. It can only get better. Right?

  21. my mom had on GH today, and i had to suffer through all of that star talk. then, she had the nerve to ff through the shirtless scene. i felt like saying: "mom, i'm 24 not 14." ugh.

  22. Karen I have started to watch Y&R. It's pretty good. Oh and do you need twitter bail? :)

    My2Cents2 says

    Sonya...YIKES when Jason took off his shirt if I could have fit, and it was at all possible, I would have gone thru my TV to get to him.
    Humina Humina! :) Yeah me too! :)

    Polls?? What polls?? Karen has polls here??
    Yeah she does. :)

  23. Sonya, Karen..where the Polls at??
    Where do I go to find them???

    SPOILERS for next week..curtesy of SoapOpera News.
    Should I say, or just say, same ol, same ol?? lol

    Monday: Is it all honeymoon bliss for Jason and Sam? Kate comforts Sonny. Shawn refuses to divulge his past to Carly.

    Tuesday: Lulu visits Dante. Michael tells Sonny something important. Tracy gets three surprise visitors.

    Wednesday: Sonny makes a decision. Lulu’s upset. Johnny puts Anthony in his place.

    Thursday: Michael refuses to give up despite Abby’s pleas. Lucky opens Siobhan’s letter… what will he find? Maxie commemorates BJ’s birthday.

    Friday: Something’s not right in Hawaii. Carly gets a gift for Josslyn. Michael overhears Carly and Shawn.

    See I told you. Same ol Same ol.

  24. silly as it is, still keeping my attention!!!

    Won't disclose spoilers for next week, but it does seem to be filled with goodies!!
    A new mystery as well!!

    Cord & Tina. PRICELESS when the doors opened and they were face to face. Of course, BOTH are staying at Landfair!!!!!!

  25. It's all in the numbers... and well, they don't lie. This "wedding" did nothing to bring back old viewers. Even if you're not a Jasam couple some people like them separately (such as I)

  26. I LOVE Jason. He is the reason I have stuck with GH.
    Yet between the chinese wedding, the 'stars' in the sky, his character is changing right before our eyes!
    And I don't like it, nor do I enjoy watching his scenes.

  27. My2cents, the poll is on where the spoilers are. on the left hand side. I try to do a fun one each week. This week it's how to kill off Chef Mario Batalli soapy style LOL

  28. I would have cut out all the JaSam scenes yesterday except for the shirtless scene and shown Lucky singing to his adorable son. Jason and Sam have absolutely nothing interesting to say and I also can't stand KM's acting. The cabin looked dark and dingy. Loved Helena and Ethan, and thought JMB and DZ did a great job in the Lante scene. Spinelli needs to go to a therapist for some hypnosis to recover his computer skills.

  29. lol Karen..I found it, and I have been using it all along!!!!!

    LindaV..were those Jasam scenes a snoozefest or WHAT??
    PLEASE don't take that as Liz is the answer..the answer is I want my Jason back!
    And I too FF all scenes but the shirtless one. Mama Mia that stupid I am not!!!!!

    I also agree, not liking KM acting.
    Not liking her off screen much either.

  30. WHAT????????

    'Daytime Confidential, who are reporting that “One Life to Live” Head Writer Ron Carlivati will be joining the show when it transitions to the web beginning in January, despite ABC declaring his move to “General Hospital” in June'

    Could this mean great writing for AMC/OLTL for PP, and GH being thrown under the bus??

  31. My2Cents2 says

    And I too FF all scenes but the shirtless one. Mama Mia that stupid I am not!!!!!
    Hahahaha well I'm glad you aren't stupid ROFL!

  32. I think Carlivati was given a sweet offer, to be the big cheese. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to not be under TPTB at disney and get out from under Frons' thumb. After all that has been revealed about them people are jumping ship if they get more autonomy with another company.
    I wouldn't want to deal with Frons.
    However, you feel about jasam, the ratings clearly show they are not enough of a draw to improve ratings.

  33. I skipped over jasam scenes. I can't stand them. I laughed at the fact that they would waste time and money on a new inept character ( policewoman ) than give air time to a vet actor like monica. I happen to like shawn or the actor that portrays him but the storyline he is given is ridiculous.They have to have him in order for jason to go off and put sam first, otherwise jason would be doing to sam what he did to Liz, which is to do sonny's bidding. If shawn wasn't there, there wuld have been no honeymoon. Jason would have been looking for who shot dante and covering for michael ( getting rid of michael's bloody shirt etc... ).
    Jason may have had his shirt off and it's nice to see but He is attached to sam and I find their scenes cringeworthy. Thought he didn't do love scenes. I guess KM got what she wanted, which was more intimacy with the onscreen couple.
    While JMB is a good actress, I still find Lulu annoying.I would have told dante the word yes immediately and asked him to pull through so that we could start our lives together as man and wife. She stands there unable to get a word out, but I guess, she is supposed to be unable to handle the danger of Dante's job ,making her re-think her answer to his proposal. I think she will seek the help of others ( cop, psychiatrist ). I don't like her and wish dante to get somenone new as I don't think she is mature enough for a committed relationship.
    All in all, the ratings are where they should be , low.

  34. Let me make something clear.
    I don't have a problem with Shawn.
    I have a problem with the writing for him.
    Your right Lisa, he is turning into Jason.
    Perhaps another storyline for him??
    One where he isn't taking over Jason's role and sniffing after Carly would be awesome.

    As far as given vets more airtime, that has always been an issue.
    Why hire new people when Jax could be brought back?

    As far as Jason's shirt off, YUMMY!
    However, I would be just as satisfied seeing it play out in another scene. Like him changing his shirt, or getting into a shower.
    Jason's character is what is changing. And it isn't going over well. At least not for me.

    As much as I dislike KM, the shirt off wasn't to please her. It was to please the viewers.

  35. Am I the only one who see's the characters personalities changing?

    Carly is NOT Carly anylonger.
    Where is this strong independent women who ran a business?? To say she needs a storyline is an understatement.

    Alexis..when did she become so forgiving?? She blasted Sonny for killing her bff, and the next day she is tracking him down to come to the hospital. The man who she didn't want her kid near for the first 12 years of her life. The man who she says murdered her BFF.
    (Jax) No..this is not Alexis.

    Jason..staring into stars?? Really?
    I don't think so.

    Has Lucky always been such a whiney crybaby??

    So not only is the writing horrific, they are changing the characters that we have come to love or hate.
    That is what I have a problem with.

  36. My2Cents2,
    I totally agree with everything you just said. As I've stated before, I don't watch the show anymore. It really is so sad isn't

    I think Frons is probably the most despised man in show business right now. From what I am seeing, "The Spew" has been unanimously panned by media critics. That along with the low ratings for a wedding that was pimped more than Will and Kate's? You couldn't throw a rock without hitting Steve or Kelly talking about the wedding as well as Phelps. Obviously, whatever they are trying to sell isn't selling to the masses. (Just a sidenote...not blaming Steve or Kelly...they are sent out there to promote their story and it's just a job for them).

    This show had done it's dead level best to dismantle years and years of history and they continue to do so. I really resent the way they tickled our collective fancy by giving us scenes with Monica and even Alan! Then they go right back into the "old folks" closet with Bobbie.

    It's just utterly depressing. I've seen NOTHING in recaps and/or spoilers that makes me want to watch.

  37. Your right Bren...

    When GW came on as headwriter, he promised us history, old character's returning, less mob, little 'reality' thrown in.
    He has failed to deliver.

    I have watched this show my entire life. To give it up in its last year for me isn't an option. YES, I believe this is there last year, unless some brilliant headwriter comes on board to save the show.

  38. Laura wright would play a crises well (a real life one such as a cancer story) or have a real life storyline of diabetes, lupus, any chronic common disease that some of GH's loyal viewers have that they can relate to. Everyone as of late is in miracle hospital one day and riding motorcycles and attending weddings the next.

  39. Ditto Anon.....
    Good soapy story.
    Throw Alexis in the storyline as well.

  40. My 88 year old aunt usually fast forwards through JaSam. However, she did not in the shirtless scene. LOL...



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