Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny BITES Anthony!

Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, AMC) returns to AMC in scenes with her real-life BFF, Eva La Rue (Maria), on September 21. Here's a glimpse of the actress in her new Pine Valley incarnation — a mental patient who thinks she's Erica Kane's daughter — and sees vampires.

AMC today was sad with the baby and Angie. Sniff... but whomever is dressing "Angie" needs to stop.  She has some fugly clothes lately.  Debi better get an Emmy out of this year.  Baby Lucy is adorable!! What a puddin' pie!!  Tad and Dixie were so cute too.

OLTL: Badger Mention !! "Honey Badger"?? ...Porcupine! Whatever!! Eminem and Gaga mention today by Roxy and Delphia. ahahhaa. NICE
Sick of Ghost Gigi already! LOL.. We need a Delphina on GH to go around explaining stuff too!

 LOOKS like ME watching GH! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ahahhahaaa..Jason doesn't want a sponge bath from a guy.  Sponge baths remind me too much of George on Seinfeld. Sonny didn't know JaSam were getting married?? Huh. And...Shawn is his bodyguard. WOW... let the hilarity ensue. 

Luke's back! For about 2.2 seconds. I wish TG would stop the vacations every other month. He and Skye  I guess.

AZ Sounded like an old Jewish man today!! OY! VEY! Dante figures out he was there on August 22nd when Siobhan died. Hmmmmmmmm.

Maybe if Shawn wore Bill Cosby sweaters, I'd like him better. 

Last night I dreamt that I had to go in a dumpster to look for Vicodin! Heh..mixing GH stories much?  OMG LULU is on my LAST NERVE.

Um... GH was really dragging today.

PS. don't know what's up with Kirsten Storms,  btw..even if I did,  I think she'd want to teet or explain it (or her PR person) right? I just hope she's ok.


  1. Luke looked a little "refreshed" to me, like maybe he'd had some botox or something. I was cleaning out a closet and had GH on in the background and didn't get a long look at him, though. I do think he looks good. Hate the skulking around, though.
    Who knew how easy it is to spot a person addicted to prescription drugs? Just look for the person carrying a scrip bottle around in the open, kinda holding it up and eyeing it fondly. Maybe on a dock or somewhere like that.
    Angie and Jessie! Still love them both after all these years. They just broke my heart today. What a hoot about Sarah Michelle Gellar's appearance. Vampires. Heh. Love it.
    I wish Roxie and Delphina would get a psychic show on SyFy. I'd watch.
    Loved your reference to George and the sponge bath, Karen. Too funny. Sean the body guard. Uh. Ugh. Whatever. Hope that Kirsten is well soon. Two months is a long time.

  2. Karen! :) Tony Geary doesn't have vacation every other month! ROFL! He has a vacation every summer and I think winter. :) On to GH.

    Papa Z and Johnny: BAHHAHAHA I love their scenes. Johnny hurts Papa Z's hand. :) And then he bit it!!! ROFL ROFL! I think Papa Z is gonna need a tetanus shot! ROFL!

    Lucky and Lulu: Lulu tells him if she told him what was going on, she wouldn't of judged him and would have been there for him. Uh yeah right Lulu! Sorry I don't believe you! And then Lulu starts to whine to Lucky about Dante. Damn Lulu! Aren't you tired of whining?

    Luke and Skye: LUKE!!!! YAY HE IS BACK!!!!!! Give Skye a little kiss! :) No? Too bad. :) Luke wants to know about his family but Skye won't help him hahaha!

    Lucky: Woah! Lucky turn around! Your father is watching you!!! Lucky turns around and oh oh too late!!

    Michael: Michael still is on his father's side! UGH!

    Molly and Shawn: Great scene!!!! Poor Molly. :( Is Molly going to have a crush on Shawn? Hehehehe. :)

    Jason: Umm I want to give him a sponge bath!!! :)

  3. Bruce Weitz had me giggling. When he was comparing bagels & lox to rugala, I thought, well 'there's a nice Jewish boy' for me!!

    GO AWAY SONNY, and take SHAWN with you!!!!!!!!!!
    Jason is DONE putting his life on hold for someone who is a paranoid pyscho!
    The only person who can stand you is Michael. How sad is that?
    Go back on your meds. Stay off the screen until you do!!

    They say Luke's back. Where was he?? Was he gone?? lol
    Thankfully he 'cleaned up'. He shaved and looks like he wasn't buzzed up (yet).
    Speaking of buzzed up......Lucky, what are you crying about now???

    Yes Papa Z can get sickening when they show him too much. Today wasn't one of those days.
    His scenes with Johnny are priceless. They play off each other's character so well.

    Lulu..STFU!! Keep your nosy self to yourself, and let Dante to his job.
    There are somethings that just aren't any of your business!!!!!! GET OVER it!!
    Dante also has a responsibility to his job, and those he 'represents'. It not all about YOU!!

    Today was a descent show.
    About time.

  4. Really concerned about Kirsten Storms being out 2 months. I hope she is going to be ok.

  5. Papa Z was TOTALLY Jewish today. BW is in real life, so is BB so they probably had fun with that!!

  6. AG has alot of time OFF screen.
    For someone on contract like he is, he has himself a 'sweet deal' over at GH. I don't see him ever getting this sweet a deal anywhere else.
    Its practically October, and pretty soon he will be leaving for his winter break...

  7. BB is Jewish???
    Gee, here I was going after the old man when I could get me some
    Ya think he would want a middle aged overweight person like me??

  8. Bruce Weitz's character on 'Hill Street Blues' was Belker...and he bit the bad guys! I wondered if that was a wink to his older fans.


  9. I didn't know that!!
    Well yea, I would imagine if Johnny bit him like he did others on another show......LMAO!!!

  10. I have a question because I just watch GH off and on. There were some spoilers that Carly was the first one to notice the changes in Jason. When I was watching today and he was talking to Sean he seemed the same to me. Has anyone noticed anything with him that's different? Did Carly actually pick up on something with him or was that one of those spoilers that never come to pass? I was hoping when they removed the dashboard chunk that maybe he'd be a combo of black tee, gun-toting thug and sweet Jason Q.

  11. BW is Jewish, yes, I know that from his name, didn't know that BB is Jewish too. Jews and Italians can play each other so well, I guess lots of times we do look alike (I'm Jewish, not Italian).

    I CAN'T STAND the character of Anthony Z, and I think he's getting more screen time now than anyone else, including crazy Sonny, screechy Carly, whiny Lulu, and tear-jerker Lucky.

  12. According to general hospital happenings, GH is casting a 60ish Irish woman, that owns a bed and breakfast.

  13. SMG's going to see vampires? lol. there was a 6th season episode of BtVS in which she thought she was in a mental hospital suffering from a psychotic break that caused her to make up her slayer persona. (yeah, you caught me. i'm a HUGE Buffy fan.)

  14. I'm a huge buffy fan as well. Have all episodes. Also loved Belker on Hill Street Blues!
    GH is boring, because they have gone back to showing characters that are primarily mob. While monica has not been seen for awhile. They have made practically everyone's story tie in to the mob or AZ ( silly drug story ).GW did say that mob would still be present and it definately is. The hospital drama is not drama because we know that jasam is walking down the isle as expected. Krissy's story is boring. They may paralize her but I find her character so annoying that I don't care about her storyline. GH is not offering anything but to push their chosen characters courtesy of Frons.
    All the shake-ups that are occurring behind the scenes need to happen now and hopefully it would help make the show more interesting before going off air.

  15. I was surprised BB was Jewish.
    I am Jewish, so I am NOT being critical.

    I use to go to GHHappenings daily for scoops. Its not their fault, as they have gotten too many things right over the years, but this new writer took over, things don't play out like its reported.
    Again, its not GHHappenings, its either the source or someone is full of crap behind the scenes.
    I have had too many disapointments with looking forward to something, and it either doesn't play out, or I don't have the reaction that was promised in a release from the show.

    BW is a great performer, however, he has a major storyline right now?
    What happen to Alexis, or Carly??
    What next??

  16. I like Sean and I think he is a good actor not to mention hot. I wish they would not give him carly to be with because he deserves so much better. No one deserves shreiking Carly except sonny. Carly and Sonny deserve to be miserable together. Sean also should be given more to do other than being jason and sonny's lapdog.

  17. GH is in a very bad way.
    No getting around that.

    GW made statement releases these past 6 months that he has NOT lived up to. So between the storylines being bad, we have to deal with the disapointment of looking forward to something that just never happened.
    I can't believe our favorite actors behind the scenes are happy either.

    I see more mob than before.
    Sonny who is such a great actor has been written 'unwatchable'.
    Even my girl Carly has 'toned' down.
    That isnt who these people are!!

    About Shawn....nobody said he wasn't good looking or hott, however he is another one who is getting a horrible storyline.
    He portrays himself as a HornDog around Carly, and everybody else's 'savior'.
    NOT buying or liking it.

  18. I agree about Shawn, we don't need another Jason. Always around the corner to save the day. That only works with seasoned characters. I liked him in the beginning since they showed his soft side with Molly. Since than we have barely witnessed that. He's just not interesting. Could be that seeing him with annoying Carly is ruining it for some of us. I myself, like AZ. He's pretty funny. May be a little overkill as of late but he's entertaining.

  19. Papa Z is a great performer....NO denying that. His scenes with Johnny are awesome. They play off each other soo well!
    However, we are getting too much of him lately. He is certainly on 'over kill'.

    Carly, Alexis, Sonny, even Molly are taking on new personalities.
    Like these people or not, I don't like them changing who they are.

  20. BB is Jewish???
    Gee, here I was going after the old man when I could get me some

    LOL My2Cents2! I am also Jewish and loved the references today. These two really make a great team. I agree about Shawn - dull, but that big smile yesterday was promising. Carly is such an over the top character that she needs someone stronger as a romantic interest. I am probably among the few who actually has to smile when I see Luke on my screen again, and he does look like he had some "smoothing" done to his face. Thought JJ looked really good, too, considering he was gloin through withdrawl. His hair looks good a little longer. Lulu needs to STFU.

  21. LindaV...the reference with the bagels and rugala was adorable.
    Curious how many people though understood it?? Still we enjoyed it!!

    I like Carly. I understand Carly.
    That is not to say I agree with her behavior, but I understand it.

    Do you live on the East Coast??

  22. I think GHH is having the same trouble as i am...scoops are really week hard to get and not reliable. WE can do the next week's with accuracy but so can every other site.

    I think the casting may be true as Lucky's going to Ireland.

  23. Mrs B says, I liked him in the beginning since they showed his soft side with Molly. Since than we have barely witnessed that.
    True, but there was yesterday when Shawn talked to Molly. That was a great scene I thought. :)

  24. My2Cents2 -I do live on the east coast - outside DC. Originally from NYC and a bigtime bagel and rugalach lover.

  25. are use to the best.
    I live in Wisconsin, still we have a few good deli's!!

    Karen.....IMO the disclosure that GW is allowing out, isn't as 'magical' as he portrays them to be.
    Again jmo.

    SPOILER ALERT (Possible) (Maria) has stated that Robin is leaving. Patrick a good possibility. JJ and JB want out too. All contracts are coming up.
    Perhaps this is why we are getting new players on the show??

  26. Well I don't like Jason right now especially since he is marrying Sam. I was so hoping that Franco would ruin the wedding and take Sam FAR AWAY from PC. Alas it looks like it might be Robin. Yuck! I think that we need the character of Shawn since Jason has been trained as a house frau by Sam.
    By the way, my girl Carly deserves WAY better than Sonny.


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