Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soaps Today: Brought to U by : HERSHEY'S Syrup!!

AMC: Not sure how I feel about the whole Mike Roy thing-- I loved him at the time, but too many people back from the dead is just going to make me dizzy. LOL. LOVED Carol Burnett today. She really is a good actress. Not like a lot of "guests" she's got the timing!! 

OLTL:  Today wasn't easy for me to sit through because I HAD A MIGRAINE. ughhhhhhh. Nothing really matters. Sam was so cute and STUPID ass JACK had to yell at him that his Daddy was dead. Geesh!! If they killed him slowly on the show and we could watch? Would get huge ratings! 

GH: I guess Hershey is totally placing it's syrup in THIS Cam/Liz scene. Goodness. She said it 2x and the bottle was turned to the front of the camera!! Dante questions her about the accident. Then Matt comes over. Did you see that giant URN at the bottom of the stairs...like Liz would have that with 3 boys around. 
Official Miz chem test or what!!?

JaSam-- after the operation. They had to keep us in suspense about Jason, right?? Then, he totally remembered Sam. Patrick is being such a douche lately! geesh. "We are going to do this one time, so make it a wedding you really want". Jason has on the giant head bandage now!!!

Siobhan's sister was there, in all her accent glory. OY to the VEY! I can't deal with it. At least she threw water on Lucky. He needs a bath. DID you see the size of that Vicodin bottle? Good LORD! geesh!!!!

Kristina in the hospital-- wonder why they are giving her a health crisis? Just wondering. I mean... what will it do?  Alexis finally finds out about Krissy's pill addiction. I had actually forgotten about it.

MY Migraine is still throbbing. ugh.. hate. hate hate. wahhh. 

PS. Robin Strasser (Dorian) on OLTL Tweeted this:
NO, haven't been asked to participate in prospective Prospect Park OLTL. NOR in OLTL's last final months. Diss-appointing? yes-Surprising-no


  1. Doesn't Liz only have two boys now? Cam and Aidan? Also does Lucky know Aidan is his? As you know I'm not an avid watcher anymore.

  2. You have a migraine, poor you. Do you feel like screaming and arguing? I think not. My hubby had brain surgery and when you wake up your head hurts worse than a migraine, and yet here's Jason yelling and arguing with Patrick and trying to get out of bed. Hubby is a strong man with a high pain threshold and he said he would never go through that again. It was terrible. He didn't go anywhere for weeks.

    And what kind of an idiot is Patrick to start arguing with a patient who's just woke up from brain surgery.

    And yes, Carrie,Liz has 2 boys and Lucky knows Aiden is his.

    Also I'm really getting sick of Lucky's scruffy look too and his constantly watering eyes. I wonder if he can get through a scene without them.

  3. Poor Karen!!! I get migraines too!!! :( I take something for it! You should too!! You don't need to suffer!! :( *BEARHUGS*

    OLTL: Jack UGH! I don't like Jack anymore!!! He is getting on my nerves! Writers do something to him UGH! Redeem him! NOW! Kimmie says her real name is Aubrey Wentworth and my jaw dropped. I find out Aubrey and Cutter are brother and sister today, and I gasped!!! Damn I didn't see either of those coming! :)


    Olivia and Steve: HOT HOT HOT! They took a shower together at the hospital! After they are done he wants to take her away! She brings up Memphis and he doesn't want to go. That's strange. He says he doesn't feel it. She says she will write a list of where to go. Very strange.

    Papa Z: Oh he just likes to start trouble! ROFL!

    Liz and Cameron: She brought Hershey's chocolate syrup for them! :) WOW! An actually product! :) And she says Hershey's chocolate syrup twice! Is she advertising it? ROFL! But after that scene, and other scenes with different people, commercial came on and it was about Hershey chocolate syrup. Coincidence? No I have a feeling it's not! :) I love the Liz and Cameron scene aww! :)

    Liz and Matt: Oh Matt just break up with Maxie and ask Liz out!!! :)

    Jason and Sam: Hmmm nothing new. Altho she did pray alone asking God for Jason to be the old Jason. :) Which old Jason will he turn out to be? :) I like that Patrick was upset.

    Lucky and Dante: Lucky says he isn't using! Lucky your nose is growing really really long!!!

    Lucky and Shivon's sister: I thought she was going to slap him! She didn't! She threw water at his face tho. :) Oh man she is very angry!!!

    Lucky: OH! He took a pill!!!! :(

    Alexis: She finds out what Lisa did to Krissy and she isn't happy! I like that she said that no matter how old her daughter is, she is still her mother! :) I like that she talks to Patrick. :)

  4. It would have been funny if Dante walked in on his mother and Steve in the shower! ROFL!

  5. Sorry, I don't think Patrick was being a douche at all. I'm glad he told them what was happening and I do not blame him for being angry. The person that annoyed me was Sam talking about his bedside manner. I didn't like when Sam told Jason about the accident and said Liz hit Carly's car, and said Jason needs to take stalk of the women in his life. She lumped Liz in with Carly blaming Liz, as if Liz intentionally hit jason. I wanted to rip Sam's face off at that moment. Then she's outside begging for jason not to change. I cannot stand her pathetic character. Sorry, I will always see Sam as a con and a pathetic lapdog to jason.

  6. Yes, Carrie but I figured that urn was there even when Jake was alive. Unless Jake is in it LOL

  7. Jason annoyed me too, trying to get out of bed. I thought, leave the hospital, idiot, and see how far you get. Jason and Sam annoyed me today.
    I'm on Patrick's side because Jason was about to excuse Sonny's behavior yet again and Patrick would not stand for it. So sick of Sonny, jason,sam and carly and would love them to be off the show.
    Olivia/steve scene o.k. but for some reason, I don't find them interesting.
    Liz needs someone new but I'm not into Matt, mostly because they don't give matt a real story except to envy his brother.
    Liz and cam are sweet.
    I hope they show monica this week.

  8. Liz needs to stop blaming herself for siobhan. Siobhan had ties to AZ without Lucky knowing it. Siobhan was foolish not to reveal this.

  9. I liked Liz talking to dante. Dante and Liz would be hot.

  10. I wish jake was kidknapped by franco and is alive. I was sad at how Cam misses Jake.That was a good scene and lon overdue.
    The drug storyline is GW's ego as he did not get to finish it after the strike was over. His story was dropped by Guza. This drug story is dragging. Pick up the pace and solve it and move on to real romance. I realized there are no couples on this show that I like. NONE. How sad is that.

  11. Only 3 couples on the show!!!! Jason and Sam , and Olivia and Steve, Patrick and Robin. Where is the ROMANCE?!!
    Carly-jax split
    Sonny-Brenda split
    Dante-Lulu split
    Liz-Lucky split
    Lucky-Siobhan ( deceased )
    Matt-Maxie non-existent
    Dianne-Max split
    Johnny- hot mobster splits with everyone and destined to be unpaired
    Tracy-Luke split
    Ethan-Maya split
    Skye unpaired hot lady
    Nik- hot but fired needs to come back with Emily
    :) NO ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Karen, So sorry about your migraines, I get severe sinus headaches, no picnic either, really bad in this weather, I take OTC meds, they work fine, otherwise I don't know how I'd function.

    I KNEW you'd talk about the Hershey's syrup, could they be more obvious, Liz went on and on about it, it was front and center with the camera, then Liz licked her luscious lips after having a sip, then Cam licked his lips. . . Karen, I have an idea, maybe you can do a poll or contest for all of us to come up with commercials for different characters! That could be fun!

    How did Olivia and Steve end up in the locker room, did they have a previous scene leading up to it? I don't remember one. . . .

    Karen, I also KNEW you'd go crazy with Irish lass's sister's accent, after we finally get to say good-bye to Siobhan, now we have to listen to her sister?!? Please, someone have mercy. . . .

  13. We could do a poll about the best break-ups or most dramatic break-ups on the show. There are more break-ups than unions.

  14. I think it's weird how Olivia and Steve just pop up and have sex now and then with NO STORY at all. LOL And did anyone else hear applause after they finished that song when Steve was standing in the door?
    Uh, weird...
    weird, weird...

  15. Karen says LOL And did anyone else hear applause after they finished that song when Steve was standing in the door?
    Uh, weird...
    weird, weird...
    Yeah I heard something!!! Was it applause? ROFL! That was strange. :)

  16. I heard the applause--Steve didn't want to go to Memphis..perhaps he was remembering being on stage at one point and, therefore, the applause?
    Maybe, it's not a good memory.

  17. That goes to show how little attention I watch Liz scenes.
    The syrup thing...went right over my head!

    That bottle was HUGE!!! LMAO!!!
    I thought that when I saw it.
    Why would someone carry something that big around?? I take meds, and separate them and put them in a baggie when I am not home. OK GH we get the message, he is 'using'.
    The fuzz on his face has been bothering me since his return....aww some GV right about now would be nice!!

    Don't 'feel' Steve & Olivia either.
    Is that what goes on in hospital showers?? Ugh!
    Steve not wanting to go to Memphis is a 'hint' of what is coming.
    There is something in Memphis that is coming to haunt Steve.

    Sam has thrown in a few digs in the past few days. Whether about Carly or Liz, she has had her digs.
    I too see her as Jason's lapdog, who now that she has 'won' him, is letting lose with that tongue.
    How sweet was it when Patrick told her to leave the room?? lol

    Papa's feelings are hurt. Oh Oh.
    I smell someone is about to be punished.

    I don't think Matt is waiting on Maxie to break up with him. In all honesty, Maxie has been avoiding him. BIG TIME. Her love is with Spinelli. (I don't get that) So he isn't waiting around for anyone to break up with him. He is on the prowl now..

    Blair has her hands full. Between having to take care of her children's hurt, now she has to explain to a little boy that his daddy isnt coming back.
    Did Blair ever 'adopt' him??
    Jack is in pain. His behavior, whether we like it or not, is understandable.

    What is up with Mathew?? Is he sleeping thru PP too??

    Unless OLTL plans on pulling something out of the bag, looks like Todd isn't the killer either.
    So that eliminates him and Tomas, as Tomas is going to PP.
    Brody?? Has to be. But then again, I wonder if OLTL knows at this point who dunn it. Wouldn't alot have to do with who is moving over to PP??

    Feel better Karen. I may have to send Dr Patrick or Dr Steve over...

  18. I'm a Jasam fan but didn't like today's Sam. That wasn't her at all. I have to agree that they are always crapping on liz. I have been a fan of hers (not with Jason but just Liz herself for years and years. I did love liasons friendship tho) Wouldn't someone be there with Sam while she waited for Jason to wake up? And wouldn't her make up be worn off by now? I so hope Jake is somehow alive, GW will redeem this awful start.

  19. How dumb that jason was not only talking just fine but also kept trying to get up. He would barely be opening his eyes! Miracle hospital or not, a little bit of reality please GW. I also say Good for Patrick! he may have been unprofessional but who can blame him after what Sonny did in his living room.

  20. Maybe Steve's past has something to do with his forgotten mother Heather, that would be nice.

  21. Not sure what his 'past' life has in store for us, I do know I am looking forward to it. It states it involves many people at GH.

    I just hope GW doesn't ruin it.

  22. Patrick has to use a forceful manner with Jason or else he would have been out of there and facing iminent death. Sam was out of line. The Hershey's bit was unexpected but whatever it takes to keep sponsoring GH I am in favor of. I really like Matt and Liz, even just as friends. I wonder if this potential pairing is in anticipation of the rumors of JJ possibly leaving. I think Olivia and Steve are hot, but they need more of a storyline.

  23. As someone who was sick for almost 2 years, I know what it is like to want to get out of the hospital bed and go home. It is so overwhelming. You want to go back to 'Normal'.
    However, I also 'learned' the consequences of being too hasty!!
    Boy did I learn!

    If GW writes Jason to jump out of bed and leave the hospital, that will be pitiful. Just pitiful.
    It's like, SB has had his vacation, now its time to 'get him back to work'. (YES SB was on vacation for a month)

  24. Maybe STEVE'S DAD... JEFF will come like I said before!! :) I'd love RDA to get back on the show. He and Scott look SO alike!!

    My headache is gone xxoo

  25. Glad your headache is gone!!
    I had Patrick & Steve on stand by for you! lol

    I have lost my faith with GW.
    I know it was reported RDA was possibly returning for a few days, but, I can't get excited. Been to disapointed lately.....

  26. I too laughed at the product placement of the Hershey's ad. I also notice Suave Shampoo in shower scene. I have never noticed this in the past. If this is what it takes to raise enough money to keep the soaps on the air... then so be it. I will watch Hershey ads and Suave bottles.

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