Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Paradise By the Dashboard Light ...

That line was from SweetMel333 on twitter, which she said played in her head during Jason's surgery. Heh. I LOVE IT. Looking at Ratings however, let's hope people loved it enough to tune in. OUCH. GH is sinking, sinking sinking. yes, they have rises but they are not constant at all. Wavering ratings mean people sample..then leave or stay. Will people tune in for the dashboard drama?? (come on, you KNEW I'd be laughing at that one)!! I want that piece of dashboard saved, mounted and over Bob the Badger in Sonny's office. Heh. "A Piece of My Mind" by Jason Morgan. Either that or you know that Franco will steal it for HIS artwork!!  

"Who will Jason be"??? Well, we know he marries Sam and saves her from Franco so he can't be TOO much of the old Doctor Q. Most we can hope for is a blend. In that I mean he actually goes and visits his family now and then. It has been awesome to see Monica and Edward. For the life of me I'll never understand why Guza felt the need to destroy that core family. It really started the gutting of the show in so many ways. 

Casting rumors, people returning rumors..yada yada. Luke will be skulking around a bit but they were shot in the beginning of August. He'll come back for good end of Sept or so. (They tape Sept 12th). I am hoping Connie gets back there because Helena should really confront AZ. There's a murder mystery coming up-- some say AZ is the victim, others say it's a more minor character. AZ would fit as everyone  would have a reason to off the old guy.  

The Bakery thing is wearing thin, isn't it? Especially since they've now used the "Dumpster Set" for everything from conversations, to shoot outs to Max and Diane breaking up. We did see a glimpse of Spinelli last week a couple of times. Please let him come back.

You know my week was fun as "Port Chuck" was in town. Rochester went crazy-- we never have soap stars here. Closest we used to get were the Mall tours. They are done. boooo. Anyway, I met some awesome wubbers and Alberta got to meet the band!! WOOT! See all Alberta's photos on her FAN PAGE on FB. While you're there look up the Wubs Net and hit "like"!! 

The "Soapy Death Match" number 1 is over...check out the SITE to see who won. Won't be a surprise, I bet..she won by a mile!! Next up? I won't tell..but they are both #GH chicks!!  

Sad week for AMC lovers and soaps in general as they were not taping since 1970. It's gotta be horrible to be on set for that. I hope the CyberSoaps work out. I wonder how many actors will stay with that format or go to other shows. "JR" (Jacob Young) and "Angie" (Debbi Morgan) are already going over to B&B and Y&R.  When OLTL makes the transition, they'd better have "David Vickers" on 24-7 then we'd all tune in. 

So, how do you grade GH last week? I give it a "C"-- it was ok in parts, not stellar. Didn't really grab my attention like it should have either. 

Scene of the Week: Alexis confronts Carly. I LOVED it. Alexis was on fire that's for sure and her tirade against Sonny while awesome, was expected. The one against Carly was brilliant. All the right stuff. NLG so deserves kudos this week! EVERYONE is dumping on Sonny though...except Michael. heh. No one seems to be worried about his MEDS however. That's what this show should have focused on. The fact he's not treating his bi-polar condition. Ah, can't ask for everything though.

TOMORROW IS A REPEAT!!!!!!! I think it's fairly recent too... Liz finds Siobhan--car crash? Why they don't go into the vault for oldies, I'll never know! 


  1. Jacob Young is going to "Bold and the Beautiful" as Rick Forrester..just to clarify

  2. I was excited watching Alexis nail Carly it was wonderful. I am finally caught up on my episodes.

  3. thank you!! I wasn't sure if it was YR or BB, I'll change it!! xxxoo

  4. They probably do not show old episodes because that would mean that they would have to pay actors who are no longer on the show. You know...royalties and all.

  5. I think they own the rights to all old shows, karen am I right?

    I would love to see some old Frisco & Felicia eppys. When she was married to Colton & Frisco came back that was such a fun storyline. Good ol' fashioned good guy against the bad boy image. Really loved their chemistry too.

  6. Here's a thought, maybe TPTB don't want a connection drawn between a powerful show that once was, to a now superficial shell of itself. They don't need anything to remind or rev up in ppl what the show could be again. Since you know, Frons wants out of entertainment and into information... per the audience's begging RME.

    Not to mention if they started promo'ing classic repeat episodes that ppl actually tuned in for would increase ratings at least a little... and we know they don't want those pesky positives. *sigh*

  7. I am a Computer Illiterate GEEK!
    Who do I email here about asking questions about the board??

    Are we allowed to post spumors??

    As far as the ratings.
    So glad its just not me!! lol
    This show is in terrible trouble.

    I LOVED 2 scenes last week. BOTH were with Alexis. One was her ripping Sonny a new......and the other one was her and Carly.
    However, these aren't storylines!!
    They are 'fillers'. Nothing more.

    I will grade the show last week a C-. I would flunk it, however, thanks to LW, NLG, SB I had a few moments of entertainment.

  8. My2Cents...yes, you can post GH sprumors, I prefer you NOT post OLTL stuff because I am spoiler free on that--
    If you do post just mark it sprumors or rumor and if you can, where it came from!

  9. Thanks kdmask!!
    I am spoiler free with OLTL as well!

  10. The episode they are playing tomorrow will simply remind everyone that since the accident they never discussed who caused it

  11. SPOILER:ghhappenings2

    No death.
    Anthony is 'pretending'.

    'Dr Steve' has a 'past'.
    It is about to surface.
    Does this have anything to do with the drug story??

    Michael makes a BIG decision.
    (per Guza, I mean Garin)

    Other than Kate coming back for 'round 2', I think everything is being held close to the vest.

    It better be worth it.
    So far it hasn't!

    Lot's of mumblings going on about unhappy actors behind the scenes drama, GW on his way 'out', certain actors leaving, (unhappy)but the resource, IMO isn't too trustworthy so.....I don't want to comment on behind the scenes.
    It did NOT come from ghhappenings....

  12. you're welcome!!...just wanted the facts to be correct as I enjoy your site...and your wit!!!

  13. Since Wolf's episodes just started airing about a month ago, perhaps the reason for such a recent repeat episode is so holiday watchers can see his work. Maybe it will draw a few viewers back if they like the change. Showing an older episode would be great for us regulars, but a holiday is a chance for those unable to watch every day to sample the new writer.

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