Friday, September 23, 2011

And Then There Were Two....

Blair to Tea: "Put this on, it makes your ass look great and I hate you in it"!! Oh I love ONE LIFE TO LIVE!! Their finale will be full-on David Lynch I know it. Especially if they are going online...

WHOMP! There it is! Shane hit Jack on the head...but did he shoot Victor?? mmmmm....

LOVED Maxie's dress--love that color!! Sonny looked dapper!!

Kate was shot 3 years ago at the same church, same day as JaSam is getting hitched.  I bet her wedding dress is in that closet.  

Alexis other surprise was great, Krissy can almost walk.

LOVED Sam's red shoes too..good fashion today.

Franco with Sam's dress..heh.  YOU KNOW HE WANTS TO PUT IT ON!!
Shawn does security and doesn't find Franco's cameras?? Uh.... great security guy. 
Lante dinner...I  just didn't like Lulu's dress much. Ok, didn't like it a LOT!! what in the HELL WAS THAT? CHRIS MARCH get up?

LOVED Robin and Jason's bridge mention..nice. 
Carly's face was so happy when Sam said the wedding was going to be called off!! Heh...
Franco dancing with his dream dress!! 

WHO SAW THE FRONKEY couples at the end?? HEH!! !xxxooo

BY The way, the VILE stupid ABC decided to load up today with THE CHEW commercials during the finale.  THEY ARE TOADS! I hope That stupid SHOW GETS NO RATINGS OR like less that a million.

Susan Lucci TWITTER:
Just finished watching last episode of AMC-very emotional time. Thank you for spending your days in PV & the sunshine it brought to my life.

I finished work on set here in Canada in time to watch the last abc AMC episode. Remember everyone... AMC will live on


  1. Lucky: Poor Lucky! He is so sad and upset over JT! ROFL! Oh oh is he gonna take those pills on the ground?!!?!

    Maxie: Maxie have you been watching the titanic recently? Damn! :) And hey your boyfriend is trying to tell you something! Focus! :)

    Molly: She talks about how love heals all. Please headwriter Wolfie stop it!!!

    Molly, Krissy, Alexis, and Mac: Okay the girls are setting them up for a date. Can we stop this already? It's getting old. Oh Krissy can stand up and walk YAY! :)

    Sam and Jason: Oh Steve Burton has a tattoo on his leg. :)

    The wedding: Damn Maxie they eloped! You don't have to be upset about it. It's not YOUR wedding ROFL!

    Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Kate: She has her hair down! She is 28 yrs old! :)

    The reception: Oh! They went to the Asian Quarter again! :) And there is the Chinese family YAY! Can we keep the Asian quarter and the Chinese family? Please headwriter Wolfie?

    Carly: WOAH! The back of her dress! DAMN! :) And look she has a tattoo! :) And when Sam and Jason said there isn't going to be a wedding, Carly smiled ROFL! You can just hear her thoughts.

    Carly's thoughts: Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robin and Patrick: He does not like going to the wedding but he will go because she wants to go. Awwwwwwww! :)

    Franco: He has a crush on Sam's wedding dress!!!! I wonder where he can go that marrying a dress is legal? :)

    Lulu and Dante: The line of the day goes to Dante. She asks him what he is doing tonight.

    Dante: Stuff and stalking you.


    Lulu and Ethan: Ethan was talking about siblings. Ethan your sibling is Robin. :) Lulu wants to say yes to Dante in a creative way. Yes that IS creative but Dante is gonna be a bit late. :(

    Lisa Niles: She is waking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jason and Robin: Love the history talk. :) Thank you Wolfie! :)

  2. I would be happy to about this wedding not happening. I am so glad that it is over. Please let the angst and divorce come quickly before the ratings drop even more than they already have.

  3. I'm with you ANON. I am tired of them on screen.
    We get Alan for what felt like 2 seconds weeks ago and monica a few days at a time. Now we get watered down monica and edward accepting of all things mob. Where are the Q's and recasts?
    It seems GW has found another way of bottling the mob and serving it to viewers daily, using AZ, tracy and sky to do it.
    As far as I'm concerned, it seems like the Guza story just in different form. The only difference is he allows more characters to interact.

  4. Now they will give us the crappy Lisa Niles character so they can bore and lose thousands more viewers.
    Give us Q's, couples we can root for, great storylines, less mob, jax and Nick, Luke and Laura etc...

  5. ok they are married. Bring on the divorce. They make me ill.

  6. Um, Carly, WHERE IS THE BACK OF YOUR DRESS?? Did we really need to see your butt at the JaSam wedding?

    Lulu is wearing a dress from an opera, so I guess it makes sense. What doesn't make sense: Are we supposed to believe that she did her own hair and make-up? She's more made up than anyone was at the so-called wedding.

    Is nuKate really 28 in real life?

  7. AntJoan, funny but true that Lulu is more made up than the bride or the wedding guests, LOL :) :) !!!

  8. JFP, gives a recent interview and it is on you tube ( JFP talks liason -subject ) where this couple might happen in future. I hope so.

  9. Sonya...great reviews.....

    Dante's line about stalking was great!!

    Alexis looked GORGEOUS. YES it is getting old w/her and Mac, but they can be friends. What a handsome couple they made today!!

    Carly's AZZ was showing?? No??

    Why is Shawn in charge of security?
    Where's Max & Milo?? Why Shawn??

    Be careful about this Krissy walking storyline. I 'smell' disaster ahead in the writing.
    (u heard it here first :o).

    I like NuKate. I know I am alone.
    But I do like her.
    Except why Sonny??

    Ethan & Robin siblings?

    Awww-lastly, Jason & Sam.
    I wish they would have stayed in the bed, with the fireplace, and sent a message to everyone to PARTY without them!!

    I am actually NOT ffing thru Mr Grasshopper. First time in 3 years!

    About Anne Sweeney.
    I believe nothing she says.
    She tells fans what they 'want to hear'. NOT the truth.

    Shame on her.

  10. JFP said that in an interview with Michael the radio guy. He told her that 95% of the questions he received asked about Liason. She said they have hard core fans and she would never say never about Liason. She also said that as she was begging for them to support this Jasham wedding.

  11. My2Cents2 says

    Sonya...great reviews.....

    Dante's line about stalking was great!!
    Thanks. :) And umm Dante? You can stalk me.. :) ROFL!

    Ethan & Robin siblings?
    Sure and I will always stick with that! :)

  12. Ethan & Robin?? You honestly think they are related??
    Isn't Holly Ethan's mother??
    Do tell your theory!

    YES Sonya I look forward to your posts!!
    I haven't watched OLTL yet..will be back tomorrow.....

    have a great night!

  13. What did Anne Sweeney say?

  14. It wasn't Anne Sweeney, it was Jill Faren Phelps

  15. JFP said she would never say never about Liason, but Jasam were getting married and she asked that Liason fans support them.

  16. I kid you not, she actually said that. There is an audio clip of the interview. I listened to it. Talk about a whole lot of nerve.

  17. You know I am not even a Liason fan but maybe if they got half the air time that JaSam got fans would be happier. I am not talking about the odd conversation either but a chance to be a real couple that faces all of the challenges. JaSam has had the chance to have adventures, interact with family, and get married. Liason got to have a baby and then have the child killed off for JaSam. It is not balanced and that is GH's problem. Well that and they don't listen to their fans at all.
    By the way, I am a Jarly fan.

  18. I can't support the jasam couple, sorry. I have never liked Sam's character and still don't even though they try daily to sell her to the audience.
    I hope that recasts come and old charactrs come back and become front and center on the show, because I find the show boring as it is.

  19. Jasammers love Garin Wolf and Guza :0) . The blogs were alive with how wonderful the writing is and how much they love all the storyline except for Liz ( who was referred to as a reptilian creature ).
    Anyway, Congrats Jasammers. If they had a liason wedding as they were supposed to previously , I would have been just as happy.

  20. I will always love Liz. I'm sorry for Rebecca Herbst because I think her role has gone down the tubes. Did she piss Frons off ? It's clear there is no love for her especially as they were going to get rid of her. Her storylines are so bad that they may as well have gotten rid of Liz and brought her back as a different character.

  21. JFP-my error. I apologize.
    I do happen to think they say to the fans what they want to hear just to keep them interested in the show.

    Who knows, Kelly's new show may be a success, and she may want out of GH.
    I don't think its a matter of Jasom vs Liason at all.
    Not alot of people care for Sam's character.
    And it has nothing to do with Liason.
    It's Sam.

    Now on to a few things I left out last night.
    Is Franco certifiably crazy or what? Geez......

    I would 'guess' its Dante who got shot. Being that Lulu is home waiting for him...........

    Lisa?? Lisa Niles?? She waking up for a day??
    All I can say about that, is I like to see closure to characters.
    I am glad they are giving that to her.

    OLTL-Few questions. Why is Irene free to leave jail?? Didn't she kidnapp along with a whole slew of federal offenses??
    How can she walk out??

    So Shane knocked out Jack.
    Then who killed VJ?? Irene's goons?? I am not leaning toward Brody. He is acting too normal to have just killed someone.
    Now if he would stop talking outloud!!!!!

  22. Am I the only one who 'tears up' when there is a scene between Monica & Jason??
    This has been going on for me for years.
    OMG the way he looked at her yesterday!!!!!!!!! Such love!!!!!!!
    IMO he should DUMP Sam and be a 'mommies boy' for awhile.

  23. JFP begging for support for jasam is funny. She and Frons did their best to tank the show with repetitive poorly written storylines, playing favorites and firing actors/old fan favorites. I hope she wallows in it. Maybe she is worried about her job. The unbeleivable amount of campaigning they have done on behalf of jasam is ridiculous. If you have to do that then you must ask yourself what the characters are not bringing to the show.

  24. I agree with My 2Cents that Monica and jason need more scenes together and its long past overdue.
    In fact, Monica needs to be on screen more and interacting with other characters.

  25. AntJoan the actress who plays new Kate is not 28. She is 33. :)

    My2Cents2 Yes I do think Ethan and Robin are brother and sister! Ethan's father is NOT Luke! It's really Robert! :) Luke and Holly lied to protect Ethan. :) Cus you know, Robert works for the WSB. :) And no it's not a spoiler.. YET! :) Oh and Jason should be a mama's boy? ROFL!

  26. End of an era with AMC. I actually have not watched in years, but did watch with my mom as a child and did watch off and on after that. I did want to see how it would all end. It was nice to see some older characters I recalled; Stewart, Dr. Joe, Tad and of course, Erica. Went out with a bang indeed! was ok. If Franco would have been dancing around in Sam's dress, I would have done a spit take! :-) There's always this balance of a warm fuzzy event while mob biz is taking place. Like when Josslyn was christened, Sonny was shooting Dante. So the scene overall was nothing new.

    I do agree with some viewers on the "seen it and really don't want to see it anymore" front...

    The Davis girls setting up Mac and's cute, but it's being overdone. Like a couple such as Maxie and Matt, they never got off the ground.

    Molly quoting literature and being the romantic...again, very cute, but overdone. They were toning things down with her a bit lately and I was hoping they'd keep it in that direction.

    Spencerdom...OK, so some of you are Spencers and it carries specific burdens...we got it, thanks! They aren't the only family with a bit of dysfunction; well, ok, a lot of it! Especially in Port Chuck!

    The Chinese restaurant scenes were nice...I am for anything that gets families together, as this is something that was important with GH in the old days and its been neglected.

    The writers can please do me a favor...keep Dr. Niles comatose! That whole thing is a bit farfetched! How did AZ suddenly get control over Dr. Niles and what happens to her?

    So, AZ is Dante's shooter? It would seem so. I realize Lucky was in no shape to do his job and Dante did recognize that, but geeze...was there no other cop available at the PCPD that could have gone with him? They weren't all at the Jasam wedding! Honestly...what cop realistically walks into a scene like that without some back up? Now, we can all see that this sets the scene for Lulu to be upset with Lucky that he didn't have Dante's "back" in this. One may look for someone to blame in a situation like this, but then Dante himself is also to blame for being stupid enough to go it alone! Oh...and that dress on Lulu? Who did she upset in the wardrobe department? I think they were going for an opera style look on her with the gloves and so on, but it just did not work and she looked like a little girl who raided mom's closet. I would have much preferred to see her in a stunning dress with her hair all cascading in curls. After all, she was accepting a proposal.

    The Wyndemere stuff has me interested. Methinks Granny Helena is coming back. Maybe Laura too? That would be cool! :-)

  27. Thought the show was bad this week, and if ratings aren't up after this week, that tells you which couple shouldn't be together ; )

  28. Why would JFP need to beg for Jasam support??
    There are alot of JaSam fans out there. Probably more than Liason, which is why they decided to pair Jason with Sam.
    Because Michael said 95% of the callers were Liason fans?? Well yea, why would Jasam fans call in??
    Jason & Sam as boring as they are,
    perhaps they are to tribute to the show if it gets ratings this week.
    What eles was there??

    Lisa...Thank You!!Give Monica a storyline about getting on with her life!!
    No reason she isn't on more. (Unless it her choice!!)
    All I know is I cry with her and Jason scenes!!! The ring..all those scenes were worth the bad writing this week on the show.

    Sonya...I like your way of thinking.
    I never thought Ethan was Luke's.
    However, I never thought he belonged to Robert either. However, he certainly looks more like Robin than he does Lucky & Lulu.
    Either way, the writing isn't there to explore this possibility.
    Unless one day if PP takes over....

    Can we all agree that Franco is NUTZ?

  29. I have no idea why JFP was begging Liason fans to support Jasam's wedding. Just like I have no idea why Steve Burton, Laura Wright, Scott Reeves and other actors took to twitter this week begging for fans as well.

  30. I guess we will see when the ratings come out.

  31. This show has lost all concept of writing and storytelling.
    For ALL the characters.

    Any comments about the show failing due to JaSam is ignorance & stupidity.

    Robin & Patrick?
    What storyline do they have??

    Shawn sniffing over Carly?? What happened to Carly? This isn't the same Carly or Alexis we saw from years past.

    Sonny and his tantrums??
    Recycling a past storyline with NuKate?

    Papa Z running with the main storyline talking to floweres??

    No Steve in weeks.

    Luke pops in for a day and heads out.

    We see yet again another attempt at Alexis & Mac.

    What new has been brought to this show?

    Mmmmmm....some of you need to put blame on the fact that the sinking of GH is not due to Jason or Sam.
    It is the writing, and the writing alone.

    Grow up. FF if this couple makes you sick. Or better yet, stop watching the show.



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