Thursday, September 22, 2011

AMC Day 4 Out Of Five--more Franco Frenetics

AMC: Good ol' Phoebe she was so fun. good to see  David Canary back.  It was so good.  Great flashbacks too. MARION!
"Love conquers all. Even death and David Hayward," says Greenlee in toasting Zach and Kendall

Swoon Worthy Tara and Phil!! 
Oh, lordy AMC is going to just make me a puddle. If ABC would have hired LB to write a  year or two ago, and brought people back, they could have saved the damn show.
Loved Erica asking her kids "What's WRONG with you" When they told her to stay home, not go in the movies!!

We're not that different. I mean, I'm taller and better looking, but just as stubborn," says Zach to Erica.
AMC might end in soapy goodness with JR and the gun! Can't wait for tomorrow!

OLTL: Naked, steamy Fords!! I also love Roxy and John. 

I hear Siobhan will be Lady in White..or maybe her twin. Remember I said that long long ago!! In late July to be exact!!  We shall find out. I like that it might be a secret for a bit--Well, as long as Helena's around I can dig it.

JaSam Fans-- big week.  A wedding-well, two really. I am a sucker for weddings, I don't care who it is.  They danced today on the balcony. I actually like her dress, btw... She was a big ol'bride freak o out today right? They get TWO weddings!!

Wyndemere shot!! Hells is creeping about!! Is that Lasha in that painting...or???? Siobhan/Lasha hybrid?? This gothic thing better be good, they are hard to write well, imo.

Dante pulls out a ring!! BTW< I had that ring Lulu had on (the plastic one) when I was about 12. LONG LONG ago.

Little Jason/Robin history..nice. 

AZ has power of attorney over Lisa Niles. Will she wake up?! She should be on AMC the way they played that! 

"Non-couple...Non-Non couple..who hasn't coupled with Maxie"?? Says FRANCO!  ahahaha


  1. Sam and Jason: The place they got married in, HOLY CRAP! That's not the Asian quarter is it?! :) Oh the ring that Monica gave Sam, I thought it was Monica's ring that Alan gave her!! Oops.

    Windamere: Oh love that they showed the outside of it. :) HOLY CRAP LAURA'S PORTRAIT!!!!!! And someone drew her name!!!! The person that is there, is that Luke?! :)

    Patrick and Robin: Love their scene! I also love that they showed the outside of the hospital. :)

    Lisa Niles and Papa Z: WOAH! She gave him the power of power of attorney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dante and Lulu: Hmm she broke up with him so I'm not sure if getting married right now is a good idea. Altho, just thinking about Laura and Luke at the wedding, makes me happy! :) OKAY GET MARRIED! And Laura BETTER be at the wedding!!!

    Lucky and Dante: Yes Dante join the Spencer clan!!!! :) Good advice Lucky gave him. :)

    Franco: Yesterday he opened his eyes and today he did too! No more squinting sexy eyes!!! Please!!!

  2. I SOOO hope Erin is back!! She's amazing!!

  3. Oooops I better go watch, Sonya you are making it out to be good today!!!!

  4. Sonya..just finished did you know the building they showed was Windermere??
    I am lost after today's show.
    Who was where the portrait of Laura was? Was that at Mindemere??
    What is going on??
    (could this show be getting good?)

    Lisa did she get Papa to have power of attorney when she has been unconsious?? Or comotosed??
    See I told you, I am lost with todays show.

    I will say, I blobbed over Jason & Sam's wedding.
    LOVE the part of Jason wearing his dad's ring. So I cried. Like an idiot.

    Anyone? HELP me with my confusion!

  5. Oh lord, PLEASE no more Erin!

  6. God, no more Siobhan/twin, etc., please?

  7. Mindemere I love it!!
    They show "Wyndemere" at the opening credits, I think they started showing it last year. I think it looks pretty fake LOL

  8. They have been showing Wyndemere in opening credits??
    HELP Karen...I am lost.

    How did Papa get POA for Lisa??
    Was I going potty when that happened??

    I read this summer on a bunch of sites Erin was coming back.
    Ohhhh I was hoping they were going to change that!!!!

  9. Very tricky. Genie is on contract at another soap, another network. And they are showing her portrait and writing her name (Laura). Not a good idea if they cannot produce her. And if they are even thinking about recasting her--yikes! TPTB are pretty stupid, but even they could not be THAT moronic.

    I do hope it isn't that tiresome freak Franco that is spooking around Wyndemere. I really hate the time he is on the show--wastes so much that could be given to actors who are actually ON the show. And he isn't really good on the show, either. Very phony and actor-ish. And repellent.

    Is Nick back--could the spook be him? Not especially original if it is Helena because she could be there anytime openly. Did the writers forget that place is run thru with secret passages and hidden rooms? They haven't used those in years. Luke knows his way in and out of them. But Luke wouldn't be writing Laura's name. He has forgotten all about the love of his life, the one woman in the world he truly loved. She doesn't even exist, where he's concerned. And where the show is concerned, as well. (Another gigantic mistake!) She is supposed to be in France, but she seems to have no contact with her children. Very un-Laura. And if Luke needed her, she would be there--we, at least, know that.

  10. My2Cents2 says

    Oooops I better go watch, Sonya you are making it out to be good today!!!!
    Am I?! :) Cool. :)

    Sonya..just finished did you know the building they showed was Windermere??
    Because it looked like it. :) You know what? Windemere is the only place that always had Laura's portrait. :)

  11. I love Sam's dress! She looks amazing as usual!

  12. Oh Lord, are you serious? Laura/Sio hybrid? Get real. There are screen caps all over the net right now showing that the painting from today is just a repainting of the Laura portrait from the late 90's. Even the highlights, jewelry, and tea set in the back is exactly the same.

  13. My2Cents2, check the episode out on youtube. It not exactly in the opening credits, per sey, but the very first thing shown on today's episode was unmistakably Wyndemere. I was totally surprised to see the show start that way, but there's no question that's where the lurking was occurring.

    I absolutely loved today's show, which was a huge surprise to me. Until today I'd been kind of disappointed by James Franco, it felt like he had lost the feeling/sincerity of the character. I worried that how he was dragged back (with it announced before he was aware of it) might have had a negative affect on his passion for the role. I love his character and was excited for his return, so I was disappointed, but today I actually felt crazy Franco again and am back to being excited about his return. I know people hate how he "takes over the show" but I think it's clear they don't intend to do things the way they used to, since we've only seen quick scenes of him thus far, so I hope that will help with some of the backlash.

    I am not typically a wedding person, nor a Jasam fan for that matter, but I absolutely loved everything at the Chinese restaurant today! The whole thing was too cute and I loved it being so different from typical weddings. I think it was a great thing to throw in for people like me, though I imagine I am in the minority of not caring for weddings.

    My impression of things with Lisa were that when she was having him help her, prior to holding the hospital hostage, he convinced (blackmailed?) her into giving him power of attorney. With the state her life was in at that point, and him being the only willing to help her, I can see her doing that so I really had no qualms with that whole thing. I am curious to see how he intends to use her if/when he manages to wake her up.

    I loved Siobhan when she first came on but I really hope she isn't the woman in white. Having 2 Lucky's and 2 Siobhan's just doesn't feel worthwhile to me.

    My mom pointed out to me how thin Maxie's legs were today. I'm not sure I'd have noticed without it being mentioned to me, but it was pretty shocking once I focused on it. I hope she is on her way to feeling better, and soon, she's not even gone from the screen yet and I miss her. =(

  14. The link I included above probably won't work. Use this one instead:

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  16. Adora, Sonya-Thank You soo much!
    As I was reading your posts, I remembered the connection between Lisa & Papa. Adora thanks for the link!! lol

    Maxie IS very thin. Too thin.
    As is Krissy. Almost skelton like.

    Good wedding. Though I am not a big fan of Sam's, it was a 'tolerable' wedding.

    Anon-Your post was right on.
    WTF with Laura??
    Is she coming back?
    She has to be in time.
    NOBODY could be stupid enough to make a storyline for her when she is on another show. Are they?

    I am sure its Helena creeping around. She is never 'gone'.
    Or Luke. Another one who is never gone long.

    Are we in for a Friday cliffhanger today??

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  19. ME BAD. Computer got stuck so I ended up posting the same post 4 times!!
    That is why there is so much deleting going on!!!

  20. With the ratings down once again, and I doubt that the wedding will bring many viewers back, I have concluded that there is one element sorely missing from GH. That element is the sense of drama, wherein we couldn't wait to see what happens the next day. Kidnappings are just everyday business, as are health crises, etc. We usually have to wait a few days even to see continuation or results from a crisis. End of rant. Really bored with Sam and Jason. Nice to see Windamere even if it looked phony.

  21. My2Cents you're welcome. :) LindaV Wyndimere didn't look phony to me. :)

  22. I didn't think it looked phony either.
    Looked like a HAUNTED HOUSE!!

  23. I actually caught the wedding at the asian restaurant online and found the writing to be a cultural cliche. I can't list how many times I've seen this scene in movies or tv.
    Sam giving the ugly shoes to the grandmother as a gift was stupid.

  24. YES, Sam giving worn shoes away was just idiotic!!!!

  25. Yes, anon, I did find the writing to be a stereotypical portrayal of the asian culture.
    Shoe gift was dumb.

  26. GH is still holding in 5th place in ratings ( new ratings out ). Terrible. TPTB are intent on pushing their own agenda. GH doesn't stand a chance.They have destroyed this show, sadly.
    ABC website says they are welcoming comments from the public concerning the end of AMC, OLTL and new show replacing them ( The Chew ) but I think it's a joke. They don't value fans' opinions at all.

  27. Aren't those ratings sad?
    This was the year, GH was suppose to 'SHINE'.
    I hope PP wants them in September, and this isn't the end.

  28. I'm not a fan of JaSam but I actually liked their wedding in the Chinese restaurant. I liked the historical references with the rings. Actually sniffed a bit that Jason had Allen's.

    I've actuallly FF'd through Patrick and Robin for weeks now so i guess I missed something apart from the same old/ same old.

  29. Sam is just as thin as maxie and Kristina. So is Liz.

  30. I LOVED JaSam wedding! And very nice episode too!

  31. Please no more Erin, period unless of course she isn't irish

  32. Recent JFP interview has JFP saying never say never , in terms of jason and Liz getting back together! Interviewer says that 98% of e-mails received asked about liason reunion. JFP says they're well aware of liason fans and never say never.
    Hope it happens before the show ends.


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