Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, Anything New?

Struck me today, watching GH that other than Tracy--not a lot has changed! LOL.. looking at the spoilers, I know they haven't. You can actually subsitute JaSam's Wedding for Brenda and Sonny's!! I can't believe who's getting shot again, *yawn* 

 Don't yous thik we'd been here before?!

How long do I have to wait until I can declare GW as boring as Guza? I'm still waiting!! Hells is coming so at least that's something I can look forward to. Franco, Luke... ok, I'll hang in there!

Tracy and Lulu...I'm so glad there's that relationship. Thank you!! Tracy says:  "Lulu...get over yourself"!! ahahaha. Lulu actually needed a slap...yep. I said it. Jane Elliot is such a great actress. Both of them crying at the end so nice.

I can't believe Lucky was STILL  in that damn bathroom!!  He was in there forever. 

Spinelli ...Good gravy. LOL...and the Bakery clues coming together for him and Lucky about at the same time. While Maxie is in the dumpster.  She found the ring in all that? WOW... maybe she's a diamond-finder like those other people can find water.

Olivia with a giant gun. heh... Guns Guns Guns.  Stupid Sonny...instead of everyone yelling at him, make him take those meds!
I actually giggled a bit watching Olivia holding that giant ass'd piece on Sonny. I still say she'd make a good mobular wife.  And...yep,  I kinda wished she and Johnny had had sex after that!!!
I volunteer to redecorate Johnny's nasty apartment. Man, it's as bad as The Metro Court.

Those showers are getting some workout in that Hospital, eh?? They are always so empty! They are the new storage closet.  And I'd think not too sanitary. ewwwwww.

NOW they have ABC "stars" introducing  "The Chew"... idiots.  SCREW THE CHEW!!

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  1. Good Lord! I just read your scoops and if I didn't know better I would think they were from last year at this time. When can we get something new? Please? They are clearly trying to kill this show on purpose. I can't believe all the stories they started when GW took over and now they've dissolved back into the same stuff. So depressing. :( My husband is working from home today and he happened to be in earshot of the whole Lucky drug warehouse speach and he started cracking up. I tried to explain it's not a comedy, but he didn't believe me. ;)

  2. Ahahhaaha..it IS a comedy now and then!

  3. How many times has Dante been shot now????

  4. on OLTL who does that little twit Jack think he is?? Talking to his parents like that,makes me want to give him a good spanking. Someone needs to teach that boy a lesson.

  5. 'How long do I have to wait until I can declare GW as boring as Guza? I'm still waiting!!'

    I haven't watched yet today, however, reading that first sentence... I have been wondering the same thing now for almost a month.
    I hoped that with the new writer, he would blow GH to an all time high. ABC would decide to keep it. At least for another year. 2013.
    I thought GW would want to succeed as this show is a reflection of himself.
    So far, things are looking dim.
    This isn't a 'negative' post.
    It is a fact.

  6. Papa Z and Tracy: It was sweet they had a date ROFL!

    Lulu and Tracy: Oh goodie! Lulu whines to Tracy now!!! UGH! Lulu should whine to her aunt Bobbie and her mother! :) I wouldn't mind! ;)

    Olivia, Sonny, and Johnny: ROFL! Olivia comes out of nowhere!!!!:) Where did you come from Olivia?! Did you want to visit Johnny? Or did you follow Sonny? :) Olivia grabs Johnny's gun ROFL! Olivia pointing a gun at Sonny, Sonny points a gun at Johnny and almost throws him over the railing! ROFL! Olivia stop making excuses for Sonny!!!!

    Dante and Lucky: Great scene!! Dante wants to help him.

    Spinny: Twinkle twinkle little star!!! ROFL!

    Robin, Patrick, and Maxie: Uh Maxie? If you want to know what Matt's secret surprise is, ASK HIM! Don't look through his stuff dummy!!! He WANTS to tell you what it is!!

    Robin and Patrick: Great scene!!! Love that they had a shower scene. :)

    Maxie: In the garbage looking for the ring! ROFL! Oh oh wrong place wrong time!!!!!

    Sorry for all my laughter. :)

  7. I'm back to not watching. Maybe I'll pick it up in october post jasam wedding nonsense. Recycled stories. Obviously, the folks at Disney are good at telling lies amd will cancel the show. Many writers and actors say Garin was brought in to take the show out, write 'dark ' etc...I just watch old episodes online now from a times and storylines I have enjoyed. I watched Ruby,Anna devane, Felicia , Shaun Donelly, Robert Scorpio, Duke Lavery and liason episodes and loved it. Old christmas episodes with the nurse's ball were fun too. It made me smile :)) .

  8. Did anyone else notice how fake the background off Johnny's balcony looked? My goodness what awful set design.

  9. Yes, I did notice the back drop and I swear every TIME they are on the balcony it's night.

  10. Couple of things.
    What was Claudia doing at Johnny's house? Was that ever explained??

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it REALLY hard to believe Maxie would put herself in a garbage dump?? No way would she do that for anyone or anything.

    Love Tracey & Lulu scenes.

    That is all I can say because I am not enjoying the show these days.

  11. Maxie was in that sewer thing twice with Spinelli, so I guess the dumpster was not out of character.

    What happened to Monica? I so miss her, bring her back, please!

  12. Sorry, I meant to say Olivia!!
    NOT Claudia.

    Got to love Todd, and how he came at Blair about Jack.

    Ahh...Todd..she was in NY at the time chasing Tomas.....

  13. I was excited to start watching again after a long time off from GH. I stopped watching during the first Franco visit. I came back for a few tries when JJ came back and while I love him and the original Lucky I couldn't stand the Nik/Liz/Lucky fiasco so I left again. I am happy to see the use of the few remaining Q's but I'm sorry to see Skye go away again, if it's supposedly at her request. Like JPink said it's still such a dark and depressing hour during the day. If I want to feel lousy I can turn on CNN and catch up on the news.
    OLTL has become the bright spot during the day for me.

  14. CyndiB...I wait until the night, crawl into bed and watch OLTL.
    I save the BEST for last!!

  15. No My2Cents2 the reason why Olivia was at Johnny's was not explained! :)

  16. Thanks Sonya...

    That seems to be the 'theme' of the show. Too much not being explained.. In other words, HOLES in the storylines!

  17. I will never watch "The Screw" and I puh in disgust everytime I see a promo for it.

  18. So far the only differences I can see with GW is more Q's, more Matt, more Alexis and more well written, longer dialogue (good with Lulu and Tracy, bad with Carly and anyone), which I think are excellent improvements. Jane Elliot is so fabulous. What we don't need is more mob/violence.

  19. Linda, you are correct.

    They brought Matt out of the 'store room' and brought Monica back one scene a week.
    If even.

    Still no storyline for Alexis.
    We aren't seeing that much more of her.

    Sonny is crazier than Papa Z.
    Carly is calmed down..

  20. Jack I give 'slack' to.
    He is young. The only father he knows was killed.
    Some other guy shows up claiming to be his dad. All within 2 weeks??
    It is eating him up about Gigi. And Shane.
    He is a messed up kid.

  21. Karen...what is this I am hearing about KS being recasted for a few months??

  22. The problem with GH is that they don't go romance or couples well anymore. You either root for who Brian Frons wants you to root for (Lante, JaSam, Scrubs) or you don't watch. There is no middle ground. No wonder the ratings continue to drop. You shove a couple down my throat (JaSam) and I want to tell you where to stick it. That is not how it should be.


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