Monday, September 12, 2011

David Gets Crossed on AMC--NuKate on GH

AMC-- SNAP! I knew Zac was pretending!!!!! Ahahaha, still it was a good scene. LOVED the Lucci star on the Walk of Fame.Cute touch. Lorraine is doing SUCH a great wrap up. I will miss this show. It was one I watched on and off -- and always could get back into. 

Franco doing some voo-doo dance with his sculptures on GH ahahahhaha!

OLTL: ahahhaa...
Todd "Hello, Llandview Police Department? Can I speak to someone that has HASN'T slept with Natalie"?? aahhahaa
I thought that porcupine was a beaver?? HUH...Roxy told Jon to put an "IUD" out on her porcupine! LOL
I am  so glad Kim's back. I like the Aubrey thing and the mystery going.
Hair notes: Todd's looks awful and McBain's looks like Suzanne Pleshette's. (if you don't know who she is you're too damn young so forget it) heh.

JaSam's Wedding Vid is out...look like she does get married in her dress. The "casual" ceremony is first, then they do a traditional one for family/friends. 

Liz looked toilet papered to that chair! ahahaaa

AZ and Tracy-- kinda driving me a little nuts but I love Jane soooooooo I'll put up with it! He served her tongue!!

Skye and Edward were so cute. She checked his pulse while he was sleeping :) awwwww. She's goign to rat Tracy out!! 

Looks like Jackal PI is gone. thank you !!! thank you!! 

Sonny's just getting sheeze from all sides. I guess they have to beat him DOWN AGAIN and again so another woman can save him. ;/ whatever.

Johnny said "I could have screwed Kristina when she walked thru that door" ..good Gravy!! geesh

NuKate: Not bitchy enough--- she's pretty but young. Holding judgement. Holding..holding... not too impressed yet. Certainly isn't that different from how Megan played her.  I would have cast Lisa Peluso (Ava Loving) if I had to choose. BTW, it's NY fashion week, I so wish GH would keep up with the times just a LITTLE. It's not hard.

Carly GO AWAY.. GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY and take your screetching voice with you!! Did you hear her say "Shawn, Honey" when she was talking to him?? She totally did!

Guess who's going to be back on GH?? Oh, she's one of my faves and dresses to a "T"!! You know who. Break out the Ouza and Feta!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are right about John's thats all I am going to be seeing.....:O)

  2. I loved megan Ward just fine, thank you. Stupid Guza. Poor Megan! ps: Kemo looks great!

  3. I agree with you about lisa peluso being kate.

  4. Papa Z and bald headed dude: Papa Z slaps him! ROFL! So they are dating and Papa Z abuses him! WOW!!!! ROFL!

    Sonny, Carly, and Shawn: Great scene!!! :) Carly can take care of herself Shawn! :) But it's very nice and gentlemanly for him to protect her. :)

    Johnny and Olivia: Hey that was a nice scene! :) I like.

    Edward and Skye: Hey there she is!!! Oh oh is Edward dead? :( Oh whew he isn't! Hey I'm not the only one. Skye thought he was dead too! They had a nice scene together.

    Olivia and Lulu: Lulu whining to Olivia about Dante! ROFL!

    Kate Howard: Damn how old is she? Late 20's early 30's? :)

    Molly: She has been really toned down I like it! :)

    Sonny and Johnny: Damn Johnny! You should NOT have told Sonny you would have had sex with his daughter!!!!

    Papa Z and Tracy: ROFL! Great scene!!! He wants to feed her tongue! ROFL! Who's tongue Papa Z? :)

    Johnny: Oh he is playing the piano! I like! :)

  5. 'Todd "Hello, Llandview Police Department? Can I speak to someone that has HASN'T slept with Natalie"??' aahhahaa

    OMG!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Haven't watched today, will be back.
    Great statement, can't wait to hear it!

    Mr Grasshopper is gone for good!!?
    Someone answered my prayers.

    What is ths I am hearing about Chad?

  6. Cannot stand jasam. Looks like brenda's wedding dress.

  7. Still wondering where they are going with GH. I can only imagine they are overdoing it with a few things to make a point...

    Sonny...everyone and his mother is chewing the guy out. While it's nice to see Sonny not always get a free pass for everything he does because he's, and I quote..."Such a nice guy and a good dad when he wants to be" enough is enough now. I need earplugs in Carly scenes! I guess this is to make Sonny revisit his past and whammo...hook up with NuKate?

    Oh and Sean...playing with Jax was one thing, but you will find that putting your two cents in with Sonny can be more deadly!

    Wasn't overly impressed with NuKate today...she reminds me of the first Dr. Lisa Niles before Brianna Brown took over. She just seems to be playing from the Megan Ward book of playing Kate. And what the heck was Spin doing in the Crimson offices? Some of these scenes are so random lately! I only assume he now recalls who he is (thank goodness) and maybe was there to see Maxie?

    I guess the House of Quartermaine is in for a big shakeup soon. I wonder if Edward is set to be a casualty of it all? Maybe the stress too much for him and he has a heart attack and dies? Anthony has been a bit over the top lately, but yet, I have to like the guy for his scenes with Tracy and how he was slapping the dude from the hospital around today. Lizzie...Why must they always make this supposedly intelligent woman so dumb? (She is a nurse, so one would think she's got some brains.) They make her an unfit mom (one kid burns the house down, one runs out in the street and dies) and dumber than a box of rocks to go follow a mobster. She couldn't have called Dante, since Lucky wasn't answering a phone?

    While we're on the "Why must they do this" subject, Why must they always make Lulu whiney and not move on from her past. Ok...Mom went nuts, daddy couldn't stand looking at her because she was a reminder of mom and shipped her off to Grandma Lesley. She comes back as the classic wild child (Kind of like how Krissy is now.) and gets preggars, etc. Dad, she learned later, raped Mom. So the Spencer fairy tale wasn't what she thought. Neither is she responsible for blowing up the Luke and Laura thing...Mom decided she had enough of life on the run and wanted to settle down. Laura's choice...which Luke reluctantly went along with. This girl carries entirely too much baggage on her shoulder she should just drop...Including caring far too much about Dad (who doesn't give a crap.) I'd say it's about time to give the family the finger, realize what Mom told you about life not being perfect and work on yourself before getting into a relationship, Lulu. The gal has been involved with some idiots in her time that were a bit screwed up themselves...Logan, Johnny. So, it's easy to see why she is this way if you look at the history. Kind of like how Maxie can be Miss Doom and Gloom "Love Never Lasts" because some of her boyfriends were killed (Jesse and Cooper) and her parents abandoned her. Lulu just needs to let go and move on...let her grow up, writers!

    Why do they have us loving Johnny one minute and wanting to slap the heck out of him the next? I like the piano player, mob boy with a heart of gold who sorta has a conscience in there somewhere. What he said about Krissy to her father may have been true, but was when he told Scott Baldwin about supposedly killing Logan (when he took the rap for Lulu) to turn the screw. I don't know if the guy is long for this show. He's been shot so many times...have a feeling something is going to happen there.

    I guess we're about to see Luke lurking soon? Must be time for him to come home...Let's see, your son is back on drugs, your daughter's messed up, the other kid took off back to Greece or wherever and your wife is in a mobular mess. Geeze have one heck of a mess to come back to. If you thought sobriety was tough, just wait! :-)

  8. I have to say that I was pretty indifferent about them replacing Kate initially, but after seeing this episode I am seething! The new actress had better be amazing at playing Connie cause she is NOT Kate Howard. She's a bitch, no question, but it doesn't come off as remotely sincere. She lacks the coldness that Megan Ward brought to the character. I have to assume that was the point and we will see it later, but this woman will never be Kate Howard.

  9. I was impressed with nuKate.
    I thought she did fine. Can you imagine walking into your office to find the grasshopper laying on the floor? YIKES. Can't believe she didn't call security.

    Shawn. LEAVE Carly ALONE! So tired of you always showing up to help....even when its none of your business.

    And what is with all these hospital scenes?? I know we wanted to see more hospital scenes, but I feel like we have been at the hospital for 2 months.

    I definately agree about Molly.
    She has 'toned' it down a bit.

    LOVE Johnny all the time!!

    Still...Olivia is in everyone's business. Maybe her and Shawn shook take up with one another??

    Off to watch OLTL.....

  10. Todd and Natalump = me laughing out loud in my kitchen while emptying my dishwasher! Thankfully I live alone so I got no crazy looks! (well except from you guys, right? but I know you totally get me)

    I loved Edward and Skye, sigh, such sweetness.

    I'm going to have to give NuKate a bit more time before I make a final decision. I saw moments that I liked. I notice she did not have the little bit of compassion that Kate had gained the last few times we saw Megan Ward. I'd like to see that return. I'd also like some mention of the fact that Jax was the money behind Crimson... hello, he's "dead", how about a bit of concern or grief!

    Last but not least, please take note... Sam, Liz, Molly, Kristina, Olivia, and Lulu (when her hair is straight) ALL have the exact same hairstyle lol minor differences but it is basically the same (and styled pretty much the same) it made me laugh today :)

  11. Lori said...
    Todd and Natalump

    NATALUMP.hehehehhe I love it

  12. Karen, I KNEW you'd say something about Carly calling Shawn "honey."--whoops, they're not involved yet, I don't think it was in the script yet.

    Skye leaving again?--whey does she always come for such a short time, I'm sure the fans all love her.

    NuKate reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men, also she is too young for Sonny.

  13. Yeah...NuKate isn't doing it for me.

    Megan Ward STAT!

  14. I actually liked the new Kate better than the old one.

    I'm also glad they toned Molly down a bit. She was acting like an idiot in fantasy land, and much younger than her age. It's about time she had a reality check.

    I'm also so over Lulu and her constant whining and Carley's constant shrieking.

    The Skye /Edward scene was really cute.

    And Johnny really does have a death wish!

  15. Do they think anybody will believe the new actress playing Kate is anywhere near as old as Sonny? It was hard enough to think Megan Ward could have been Sonny's high school girlfriend. Absurd. I thought she was just an awful actress as well.


  16. One has to wonder at the strange thinking of those who decided Megan Ward should be replaced with another blonde. I really liked Megan and would have loved to have her back. This is a recasting that seems totally unecessary.

    I rather like Shawn--not sure about him taking up with Carly. He could be nice with someone though ...very handsome and seems to be a good actor.

    Very tired of Anthony Z. VERY tired. Still hoping for a long 'vacation' for Sonny. Like in prison.

    Also sorry to see Skye go again, but I think from what I have read, that Robin had to go back east to get her kids back in school in Conneticut. She only agreed to stay the summer in LA.

    Once more, loved OLTL. I get so on edge with their cliff hangers at the end of the show. They are GOOD!

  17. I laughed so hard at Roxie yesterday with her IUD comment! OLTL is fantastic, better than a lot of the drivel in prime time. Except for Jack! Arg, that kid! He gives me a headache. Karen, I will never be able to look at John McBain without thinking of the Bob Newhart show now. lol!!
    I'm trying to get back into GH but can't do it on a regular basis. Still too much mob for my taste. Carly works my last nerve. It's great to see the Q's so much more, what's left of them. I really wish they'd find something for Johnny to do that didn't involve the mob. I like the actor but would rather see him the play the piano in Luke's casino or dishing up chili at Kelly's. Maybe he could own the gelato cart franchise at the docks?

  18. 'ahahhaa...Todd "Hello, Llandview Police Department? Can I speak to someone that has HASN'T slept with Natalie"??
    Very CLASSIC Todd.
    LOVED it!!!! Giggled for minutes after.

    IUD. LMAO!! Only Roxie!

    And Shaun telling Jawn not to look at the photos in the phone. LMAO!!

    Ya know, for Brody killing Vic, he sure is 'cool as a cucumber'. Which someone with emotional baggage wouldn't be if they did what everyone thinks Brody did.
    I still hold out hope that the writers will pull out a surprise killer at the end.

    I LOVE this show.

  19. I see no reawson for them to have replaced Megan Ward. If they needed someone different to "save" Sonny, why not have it be someone already in the cast. Olivia! She and Steve are just not a couple, they are sex buddies. Robin is a good choice. Lulu. Boring Abby. Or shock us and Have nurse Liz do it. Not any of these for relationship purposes, just to have a new friendship. I am bored with Sonny, and even Maurice for that matter. As for Johnny, I love him. Would love to see him with Olivia again but will settle for anyone just to see him nakey! MMM! But taking away Megan Ward, someone perfect for the Kate role is annoying and stupid all at once.

    Not a Jasam fan but will watch the wedding just for something happy.

  20. According to ABC Soaps In Depth “General Hospital” star Chad Duell (Michael) returned from the show’s three week break with some big news. The young actor got engaged to his girlfriend, Taylor Novack. It appears that he popped the question while they were vacationing in Orlando

  21. I also lament the fact that Megan Ward had to be replaced with someone too young and rather blah. Megan had great chemistry with MB - to me, the best of all his romantic partners. Having met her, too, she was really nice. I have nothing against JaSam, but their bedside conversations are really dull. Loved Johnny playing piano. Didn't miss Sonny at all. Did he hear a different conversation than we did, between Molly, Sam and Johnny? Johnny was concerned about Krissie and acting like a decent person, and then Sonny had to go after him.

  22. No Linda you didn't hear a different conversation with Molly & Johnny.
    Sonny is as CRAZY as ever.

  23. Just read this article on Susan Lucci and Brian Frons thought I would share with yall

  24. thanks for sharing the CHad news and the Lucci article!!!

  25. I like the idea of Lisa Peluso from Another World and Loving coming in to play Kae Howard. That would have been awesome. I will have to give the nu-Kate some more time.
    By the way, can they find a way to cast Crystal Chappel from DOOL and GL as Liz's mom. I would love to see that.

  26. nuKate sucks big time. The actress is too young and lacks the maturity, and class of Megan Ward. You can't put tons of make-up on her and think she can pass for a 45 year old. She looks like a 25-year old with too much make-up and a bitchy attitude. Also Megan brought depth and layers to the character. This girl is just flat and seems like she has no emotion under the bithiness.

    We need Megan back immediately. It's really sad that at a time when GH needs viewers and ratings, they chose not to bring Megan back--a fan favorite with a huge following. Instead they bring a too young, too inexperienced actress who will keep viewers away rather then bring them in.

    Too bad - another huge mistake by Brian Frons.

  27. I don't understand after one day how someone can come to any conclusion about any new character on the show.
    For those who refuse to accept this new actress, it is what it is.
    Megan Ward is out. She is not coming back.
    There were petitions and such to bring her back. Obviously tptb didn't want her back.
    We must accept this new actress.

  28. Megan is the only Kate Howard!!!

  29. Where is the Real Kate Howard!Guess she is still in Paris!!We need Megan Ward Back!!!

  30. Utterly lame, ridiculous mistake for GH to recast the role of Kate Howard. I had wanted to try and give GH another chance after GW took over as as HW. But, I've pretty much lost that hope after TPTB made the unnecessary & stupid move of hiring a different younger actress to play Kate. UGH. No more GH for me.


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