Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Suicide Bomber

AMC: went out with a bang-- you could hear the collective sadness all over the internet, airwaves and blogs.  I still don't know what ABC is thinking-- it's almost like they want to shoot themselves in the foot. Or blow up all of daytime. It's all a business, we know that.  Thing is, commercials will be run no matter what stuff is put on during the AMC timeslot. The cheaper they make the program, the better off they are.  Loyalty be damned.  All we can do now, is NOT watch ABC daytime other than our soaps and then watch them if/when they go online. In other words, "screw" that new show!

General Hospital this week... was at times romantic, weird, heartwarming and it smelled a little like Chinese Food. Of course, we couldn't get out of the week without someone getting plugged--this time Dante had the honor. Johnny is running around with a gun and his batty old man is right behind him.  Franco's off in his studio with spider-cameras and dead models. Wait until you see Monday's show--know I am squeeling from here!! 

JaSam's wedding was a bit like Jim and Pam's from The Office--private setting and then a nice reception. Good to see Monica and Edward there, but where were Max and Milo?? The shoe-exchange was cute and Maxie's distress fun. (did Franco steal the real bridesmaid's dresses to wear them himself!!?). Patrick forced himself to go and have a good time-- and we got a bit of Robin and Jason back story. AND of course Steve Burton in a white robe drove everyone nuts! LOL 
There was plenty of Sonny angst to go around. Finally Kate decides to break her ice-panties, put on a green dress and show up at the party. Maybe we are supposed to  be grateful??
The whole Wyndemere thing was a bit interesting. I know Helena's up soon-- and driving people crazy with whatever she can get away with.  I believe the "Lady In White" will be a Siobhan double unless they can get Genie back. can be a switcheroo at the last minute?? Lucky will be off to Ireland soon, watch for clues. Ethan will be in the middle of it all too.  I have more coming in on this story but I'm not sure what to believe yet. 

Of course it had to all end with a GUNSHOT because GH can't do weddings without something. *sigh* I really had hoped GW had changed all that. Franco at the end would have been enough--but the shooting? sooooooooooo over done!! 

Scene of the Week: Franco dancing with Sam's dress, the monkeys and smelling the veil. Heh,  come on, brilliant yet bizarre. Just what I like. Sorry, JaSam fans, it made me have more fun than even the vows.

 NOT the Scene of the Week: Ok, now...I realize this is supposed to be romantic but it just... well, not a great choice of wardrobe or set up. It shouldn't have made me LOL

As much as I like Wyndemere, this looks like Eddie Murphy's "Haunted Mansion" poster.
And not a very good one!

 Who remembers the Laura portrait  that Stefan slashed so long ago?? 

See who won the 3-way on The Wubs Net.  Are you still enjoying the Soapy Death Matches?? Let me know...Have a great Sunday, thanks for all your support! 
REMEMBER: "Dirty Soap" will be on tonight E! 10pm with Kelly and Kirsten


  1. I don't know...setting up a dinner to resemble Dante's favorite opera and then dressing like the opera's heroine is pretty original and romantic, I think. Maybe you have to be an opera fan...

    The gunshot was, pardon the expression, overkill, indeed. But to me, having that creepy Franco on is not much fun, either. I realize, Karen, you are a fan of the actor, but even so, do you really enjoy him as this nasty, vile, smirking killer? Personally, it is making me disgusted with the writers and the ABC people who think having a movie star on the show is special and worthwhile. Write the show better, bring out your best GH actors, and you don't need a 'name' to screw up the scenery.

    And it is true, they really can't seem to do a nice romantic wedding without some monkey in the works (!). Guess Sonny and Brenda's came as close to a nice wedding as any--and look how that turned out....

  2. 1. Yes, I realize the opera thing was supposed to be romantic, but the outfit just made me laugh when I shouldn't have been!!

    2. I love Franco because he's so unique and not many of those come along in our lifetime. His bizarre "art"..singing with trannies-- his acting work all make me love him.
    His GH Stint? I look at it totally separate from the show. That's probably bad, but I do. I know it's filmed in isolation, over 1-3 days..really is "inserted" and is probably still written by Guza. (yes, I really think it is!!) Ergo, I can just watch that wacky stuff in it's own bubble. Kinda like a "Batman" episode!!

  3. Thanks for the recap because I didn't watch GH at all this week and the sad thing is I didn't miss anything {sigh}! SMH


  4. I have to say it was really sad to open my ABC Hot Sheet email on Friday. AMC has been completely removed and The Chew (PEW) was listed. Nice slap in the face to AMC's fans ABC.

  5. I hated the wedding this week. I watched with a true open mind and was just not happy. I wanted to see Steve in a tux, and Kemo in her beautiful gown. I felt jipped even though I'm not a fan of this couple. Guess they saved on the budget once again.

    Anyone else notice steve's ugly feet in the bed scene? His toes were awful, like most mens! Finally proof he isn't perfect! Men's feet are just, well, GROSS!

    I sure hope Genie actually comes back as rumored. We need something to revive us. Karen please post the ratings for the wedding so we can see if it had an effect or not. Kinda funny that JF has to go on a radio show and request support for the Jasam wedding. Tells you maybe not as many poeple are happy about it as they thought. Also tells you we have no super couples left other than the holier than thou Jasam. Scrubs is about it but with all the whining & Bickering I'm fine without them for a bit. I do miss my Carjax.

    I really dislike the new Kate so far.

    Back to Steve & no love scenes, I believe Becky feels the same way. You'll notice when she kisses actors she never ever throws in a tongue. Same with Steve. Maybe they simply just respect their spouses too much. Either way, they have both been desirable without the heavy love scenes. I know when Jake ws conceived it was pretty much a love scene. Tasteful, but still hot!

    Side note: Funny how Brianna brown (Lisa niles) had full eye makeup on while in a coma.

  6. Praying for Raven please do the same since her latest website update is her cancer returned in both breasts. Heal up Raven & we'll pray!

  7. For me the best scenes of the week were Jason getting Alan's ring. Jason & Monica hugging.
    YEP I LOVE my Jason & Monica!!

    Franco is certifiablly NUTZ.
    But FUN to watch. He will be gone soon.

    Other than that, nothing stood out for me.

  8. I, too liked the Alan ring scene. Wish Monica could have spent more time with Jason though. And I Agree we didn't get the pleasure of seeing Jason in real wedding duds. Same with Kemo. And I thought the chinese place was cheesy.

  9. Chinese place was cheesy. If anything it made me hungry.
    And beer?? Really?? I would think if no champagne then mixed drinks.
    Beer?? Like at a wedding reception at the bowling ally?? lol
    I missed seeing Jason in tux too!!!

    And what exactly did Maxie do??
    She lost the ring, no invites weren't sent, no food prepared, so what was the purpose of her being the wedding planner??
    And what was she stressed over??

  10. Oh didn't realize that about Raven. wow. ;/

  11. I CAN'T STAND FRANCO (the character, not the actor), and HATE HATE HATE having to watch serial killer porn, it's disgusting.

    I thought that Sonny looked SO DIVINE in his wedding suit, just when I thought the man had no surprises left, I almost swooned seeing the white shirt and purple tie against his beautiful skin. And his hair slicked back--he is the most beautiful man on the planet, I still think so.

  12. For my 2cents:
    Maxie worked planning all this stuff, flowers, catering, wedding invites--but then Spin has lost his computer skills, apparently to the point where he cannot even go online and order stuff. She kept telling him to send out the invites by e-mail since the printer messed up, and to e-mail the florist and the caterers, and he did none of it, so even though she worked to plan and choose things, Spinelli couldn't follow thru and was too embarrassed to tell her. Thus the only guests were word-of-mouth, the flowers weren't there and so on. Also there were other disasters that kept fouling her up, so that's why she was so upset!

    And think how much money ABC saved on all that stuff! Weddings are often soap budget breakers, lol

  13. I did not enjoy the wedding wither. I really wanted to especially after seeing kemo so decked out. She is such a pretty girl. Now our only hope for another wedding would be L&L2. Lante has lost a lot of support and Skate, well that new girl just isn't Megan for me. Oh my, I have to agree that Sonny was good enough to eat. However, that should have been the groom. Way under done and as a Liason fan, I think Jasam fans got the short end of the stick this time. As for Alexis and mac, she already said he doesn't ring her bell, so why keep pushing it? It's a teaser for us that want them together. Even though I love Alexis, Mac deserves better.

  14. Karen - I know you think Guza wrote all this Franco stuff but I just watched Thursday and Friday and I think Franco wrote this stuff. I think they had some kind of outline of what they wanted in the end and let him do his thing. I thought both shows were really weird, couldn't put my finger on it. However the end, with Franco dancing with the dress (and all the little fronkies dancing tooooo) was my favorite part lol

  15. I sent raven a message of hope. Raven has disclosed quite openly and couragously the type of rare breast cancer she has been diagnosed with ( angiosarcoma ). I urge women an men to read the symptoms of the disease posted on Raven's website. She is a remarkable person that in her difficult time she is alerting people to this disease and urging them to see their doctor if they have any symptoms.

  16. I also declined to watch the wedding. It has nothing to do with Jasam or Liason; it has to do with Jake. I could not watch the deadbeat dad marry the woman that wanted his toddler dead. Seems my Jason hate is rearing it's ugly head.

  17. Oh and I agree with you Rita Pita, Mac does deserve better than Alexis. No one has mentioned Diane; was she present at all?

  18. My question about Maxie, is since she hasn't worked in I don't know how long, she really got very little ackomplished on this project planning a wedding!
    I know..its a story......and suppose to be funny...I just didn't think it was.

    Sonny 'cleaned up' well.
    He looked FINE. I guess the meds are kicking in.
    We know Sonny can be a azzhole, I just didn't like his acting these past few months.

    Didn't look at Steve's busy looking at him!

    Show was a disapointement this week.
    Nobody's fault, but the way things were written.

    Let's hope for a better week!!!

  19. Diane is on a book tour.
    She is contemplating giving up law.

  20. Could someone post Raven's website? I've had cancer in both breasts, too, although 9 years apart, and it is no fun. I'd like to read what she says...

  21. you have to look under "notes"

  22. Could someone share the article and post it here??

    For some reason nothing is on fb (that I can see)

  23. The portrait to REALLY remember is the one of Helena from Luke's Club! I'd love to have that painting!

  24. My 2 cents, if you go to you will see raven's announcement about breast cancer,syptoms and treatment.
    Karen, Lulu's outfit made me laugh too! :)

  25. Thanks Lisa...when I go there it says I don't have permission to view.
    Do I need to register??

  26. My 2 cents, you don't need to register to view the comments. Try a search VoyForums Ravenbeauty. The most recent entry is her breast cancer announcement.

  27. Thanks Anon....however when I go there it states I don't have access to go on.
    That is why I asked if someone could post the article here.

    I was able to send her a message on a speedy recovery.

    Again, thanks so much!!

  28. I was able to read the article.
    Seems to be making its 'rounds'.

  29. SPOILER....Shawn from OLTL has been cast to PP.

    What about the rest of our friends?

  30. So did anyone else watch Dirty Soap? I thought it was rather horrific but it looks like they might get into what is wrong with Kirsten before the end of the show. That (and the hostility between Farrah and Kirsten) will probably get me to come back and watch at least once more.

  31. Adora, I did watch Dirty Soap. Although I thought it was interesting, I wonder how it is edited to spin things a certain way. For example, seemingly poor Galen's wife not getting with the soap spouse program and being insecure, Kemo seemingly being quite crass at a fan event. Taken out of context, it can be edited to come out a certain way.

  32. Ravens note: As most of you know from reading my interview with SoapZone back in April, I dealt with breast cancer extremely young (in my twenties). Our family has very rare cancer genes that tend to complicate our lives. Last week I learned that the cancer is back in not one, but both breasts. I was not prepared for this and needed to step away to just breathe and attempt to process all of this. To complicate matters, it is a very rare and aggressive form of cancer known as Epitheloid Angiosarcoma. My mammograms and ultrasounds were fine (rather frightening in retrospect). This is a cancer that attacks the blood vessels and has already begun sinking into my breast from the skin down. It has moved from my left breast (where I originally had cancer) to my right breast. It is rare (there are only a handful of cases like this in the United States). It can happen to people with certain genetic markers who have had radiation to their breasts in the past. The incubation period is usually 5-10 years after having the initial radiation. I've spent the past two weeks wishing I had done the Mastectomy instead of what I chose to do years back (Lumpectomy with Radiation) but I can't do that, I have to move forward instead. I am going for a PET scan to see if it has spread and where. Chemo is not an option for me (would rather not go into the details) and you cannot radiate a breast twice. Surgery is our main option now. They want to do a radical mastectomy with larger margins as soon as possible (within a few weeks if we can get everything scheduled just right).

  33. Part 2 of ravens note:

    The next month or so is going to be a bit of a blur for me. Because I honestly don't know what to expect, I am letting you know that I will obviously need to skip columns here and there, as I am doing this weekend. It's incredibly hard to focus on anything else right now, however I will get to you what I can as I walk through this. A lot will depend on how I feel and how long of a hospital stay I will have. I will try to get out a column or two before I go into surgery, but they will need to be brief. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. I have been blessed to have such lovely readers who have shown me so much love and support over the years. If things don't go very well, I wanted to say that here and now. You have added to my life in so many ways. Sharing scoops and dishing with you over the years has been a lot of fun and I don't regret any of it (even some of the negativity could not take away from all the positives). Hopefully, I will get through this and be able to continue doing what I love so well, but if things do not go as planned, I wanted you to know how much I love you, and how much you guys have meant to me over the years. I will post this on my site at Voy as well, although I know that most of you post over here on my Facebook page instead. For my female readers out there, please be aware that some of the deadliest forms of breast cancer are not found through a mammogram or ultrasound. The cancer grows in sheets on the breast and will often appear as a rash. I began to see a strange growth on the skin of my left breast (it did not hurt or itch which bothered my Oncologist). I went in to have that breast biopsied, but at the last minute, the surgeon asked me if I wouldn't mind if she obtained tissue samples of the right as well. Like so many women, I would get an itchy rash that would come and go that seemed hormonally related on my right breast. She got biopsies of that one too, and both sides were cancerous. I was told that it stunned even the pathologist who ran the tests again and sent smaller samples to another lab for further testing. Had I not met with this particular surgeon who was so meticulous and observant, I would have never known that the other breast was cancerous as well. Please be aware of any strange growths or rashes that appear on the skin of your breasts. They will undoubtedly send you for a mammogram and an ultrasound (that's if they don't pass it off as dermatitis as so many will do), but only a biopsy can tell the tale when dealing with this form of breast cancer. If you want to do something for me, you will research Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Paget's disease, and Epitheloid Angiosarcoma so that you are fully aware of these forms and how they may appear on the breast. You won't have lumps and they do not show up with a regular mammogram or ultrasound. Please see a dermatologist or breast surgeon immediately if you feel you have anything suspicious like this on your breast that doesn't go away. Insist on a punch biopsy at the very least. If this can save even one life, it was worth exposing that vein and sharing something so very personal with all of you. I will keep you posted as much as possible. Thank you so much for your many years of friendship. Your love and support has not gone unnoticed. I love you guys. I always will. I leave you for now with fingers crossed and a heart full of hope. XOXO!

  34. I watched dirty soaps, quite boring. the only actor who seemed relaxed was nadia bjorn. everyone else was too fake.

  35. google search raven beauty, and her website will come up.

  36. First thanks everyone for the Raven information.
    That column is pretty much out everywhere.

    I just finished watching 'Dirty Soap'.
    This is MY take:
    I don't care for KM (Sam)on GH. Last night enforced that I probably wouldn't like her as a friend either.
    She does appear to have alot of fans however. So for all those 'Sam haters', she has fans!!!!

    FF (Gigi) Another character I never cared for on OLTL. I cared for her even less last night.
    Very 'turned off' by her.

    KS (Maxie) KS reminds me alot of
    Maxie. Since I adore her on screen, I certainly adored her last night.
    I do not for a minute believe she is in rehab right now. She admitted to getting a DWI years ago, and how embarrassed she still is by this.

    JPL-(Rex)Adorable. Honest. Funny. YEP I liked him more last night than I do currently on OLTL. Nice to see he isn't in a hurry to get to LA. Or make a committment!!

    All in all, it was OK. I will give it another week before I decide if I keep watching or not.

    Other characters I am not familar with so I won't make a comment.

  37. I actually watched dirty soap online and liked alot of parts. I like Nadia bjorlin's story, and enjoyed watching her farewell party. I found KS too pushy when it came to KM getting rid of her ex's things, although I think KM must move on. Fara fath, I think, is trying to push her boyfriend into a life that I don't think he wants. They definately shouldn't buy a house that one doesn't want to live in.

  38. Lisa...maybe because my personaility is pushy is why I like KS??
    However, she was right. If the relationship is over, move on.
    Is she looking for reasons for him to come back?? Life is too short for games.

    I agree that JPL & FF should NOT buy a house. She clearly wants a committment, he clearly is not ready.

    I did like the couple where there were 2 kids, stay at home mom, and hubby on a soap. This could be an interesting story.

  39. It can't really have success, I feel so.


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