Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Thanks to All My Children!

I watched the first day, now I am watching the last day. I wish I could find Patty Andolina so I could watch with her and complete the cycle!! We loved Tara and Phil, those star-crossed lovers. *sigh* Mary and Jeff--scheming Erica Kane.....
Thank You to Agnes Nixon for years of stories and memories!

Tom and Ercia...I miss The Goal Post! 

First show I remember mentioning birth control...abortion... two friends of different race runnin' away--as quaint as that seems it was big back in the day!!!  Kate would sit in her kitchen or livingroom, giving advice--Myrtle ran the boarding house. Erica was always the glamour girl--with real trips to NYC! 


The finale was so heartfelt-- so wonderful!! The children montage!! It was so sad..and touching!! 
I liked having the JR wasn't all flowers.
Marion and Stuart!! 'My queen of hearts'!! 
Brooke Used AUNT PHOEBE's money to buy back the Chandler Mansion!! 
Awwww, Angie and David "See past the sneer"!! David being friends with Angie
LOVED the party..loved Erica's  dress and Opal's!! So over the top! Awesome... 

  Neighbors, family and friends. I found all of them here," says Tad. "It's been my home, the best years of my life."


JACK..classic Gone with the Wind line and then....the show ending on a BANG!! I loved it, LOVED it..see, they want us to watch online!! Even if it doesn't happen?? It's still brilliant--not cookie cutter but on a cliffhanger..JUST LIKE A SOAP SHOULD, IMO! Bravo for taking a risk and not going out all schmaltzy! 
Ah, we had our schmaltz all week...our flashbacks, our 'resolutions" this was way more bold and ballsy!! Thank you!  

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Today I am very grateful to being such an important part of my life. for Bianca. She changed my life, too.


  1. taped AMC for the last time. it was so great, so heartwarming, so wonderfully soapy!!!!

    and of course, abc being so classy couldnt even let the credits run for the last time, they were right there with their spew commerical, they really dont get it..

  2. Don't be mad at ABC. What goes around, comes around. Hopefully all the money spent on their ads for "The Spew" will be for naught. Between now and January they will begin to learn the power of those of us who watch the soaps. I will now watch Fox news and NEVER will watch "The Spew".

  3. The sad part about it is that even if (when) the Chew only gets half the viewers that AMC did, it will still be considered "profitable." Because these dumb talk shows are so cheap to make, they don't need the ratings.

    I hate that ABC is "cheapening" their viewers.

  4. Great to see all the old characters, but the last eppy was kind of odd to me. Yeah, I know it will live on on the Internet and they had to leave some storylines open, BUT there was a real strange pacing to the whole thing. Tad's toast was the best part by far but beyond that the rest seemed "off." We didn't even get to see a Stuart/Adam split screen reunion!

    I still remember the end of Ryan's Hope with everyone gathered in the bar and one last round of "Danny Boy" being sung...Now that was a classy way to close it out!

  5. Search For Tomorrow's last episode was pretty amazing, too. At the end, they had each and every cast member individually toast the audience and say "thank you." The last person was Mary Stuart who thanked us tearfully for "so many wonderful years." I thought that was so awesome and classy.

  6. Damn! I forgot how smokin' hot Tom Cudahy was back in the day until you put that picture up. Thanks for that great memory. :)

  7. i for one hated the ending. only 2 actors have signed for the online version, which unless more people sign soon they'll either have to recast everyone or start from scratch with brand new characters.


    Honestly, I wouldn't mind Susan Lucci leaving, and if she is one of the few to leave, they can say that she is the one that JR shot and that he is in prison on manslaughter charges (i'd actually try for murder 1--intent transfers-- but i doubt that would work lol).

    Also, ABC had to have one last dig at AMC (at least locally). During the 5:00 news broadcast, they aired the ending of the episode. My mom hadn't watched yet because she was at work at 1:00, so they spoiled it for her.

    The thing that really pissed me off, though, was that they kept airing commercials for the chew. alright, we get it--you canceled a beloved, long-running soap for more reality television, starring a guy wearing hideous, orange crocs. Actually, I was madder about the View airing a tribute to AMC. I'm sorry, but none of them said a thing about AMC being canceled back in March, so they shouldn't have said anything today. I would have much preferred the tribute on another network--The Today Show on NBC maybe.

  8. I thought that the whole week was closure--then the "finale" was more of a soap cliffhanger. Even if it never airs online, it keeps you thinking. I like that. The Tidy stuff (like ATWT did) eh, not so much.


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