Friday, September 30, 2011

Twitter FAIL on a Friday!!?

Twitter was over capacity again today during OLTL..booooooooo I so needed to squee about the show!! Bombs! Shootings!! Oh wow, why does it work on this show and piss me off on GH? Because GH used it AS the story --not part of it.  Tina and Cord!! Where's my legwarmers and feathered hair??! Such a flashback!! David Vickers the dog is the cutest thing ever.  CLIFFHANGER o' rama!! Bomb, Shooting and Jess seeing results!! eeeeeeeeeee!

General Hospital:  Please, give me something today :keepingfingerscrossed:
WOW, Dolores is just ...flat..she reminds me of Marina that Ric was involved with. Wooden.Flat. That whole fake bomb thing was stupid. I don't know know,  I'm crabby that GH can't be as fun as OLTL I guess.

IT's SO DARK on GH!! LOL..we could have viewed JaSam through green-scope today. 
I was wishing JoLivia would have just gone in the storage closet and had crazy sex..:) 

Michael wanted to be in the mob so damn bad but then cries when the first thing goes wrong? Uh..hmmm. I bet Morgan will be made of  steel when he gets back from Military School.

Carly just walks into a warehouse the police are guarding to check on Shawn with A BOMB. WTF. This is ridiculous.  

WHAT WAS THAT Jason EYEBALL stare down?? Oooooooooooooooo. NICE. His old shelf? Franco phobia? 

Wyndemere story: Hmmmm, painting is crying. Ethan goes around in the tunnels and hears some spookay music.

I hate to say this but YAWN Luke's back..whatever. I'm tired of him leaving/coming/going. That's all. FRANCO's monkey veil on gorf! alahahhaa.


  1. Jason and Sam: Wow more talk talk talk! Ah well at least Jason is shirtless still. :) But then Jason looks in the mirror and, What the hell was that?!!?!?! What just happened?!

    Ethan: Hmmm. He is in the tunnels and he went in a circle! Now he is back to where he was before! Laura's portrait is crying!!!!!!!!!!!!! How ironic. Okay headwriter Wolfie I'm intrigued. You got me. :) You also got me with Jason and the mirror! :)

    Lulu and Lucky: What the hell?! SHE SLAPS HIM!!!!! Lulu your parents and aunt Bobbie would NOT like that at ALL!!!!

    Lulu: All alone crying up on the roof! :( She needs her mother badly damn it!!!

    Johnny and Sonny: Okay that was a strange scene. I thought Sonny was going to throw him over when he was shaking his hand!

    Abby and Michael: Michael is crying in the dark in an empty room! Why the hell are you crying Michael? He realized he focused on the wrong things when Dante was shot!!!!! WOAH! Headwriter Wolfie if you are trying to redeem him, KEEP GOING! :)

    Sonny and Michael: WHAT THE HELL?! Why are you telling Michael what you are going to do with Johnny!!!! Michael asks do you need help?! UGH! *groan groan groan* Oh headwriter Wolfie you did so well with the Abby and Michael scene and now it's ruined by the Sonny and Michael scene. :(

    Carly and Shawn: Great scene!!!! She sticks her face close to the bomb cus she thinks it's fake! ROFL! She tells him she has done wrong things in the past to help hahahaha! Carly wants to help Shawn but he wants her to leave! ROFL! Oh Shawn! You don't know Carly very well do you? Of course she isn't going to leave!!!! :) Uh Carly? I can see your ta ta! Don't stand that way!!! Oh oh they are stuck hahaha! Is it time for sex yet? :) Yeah Karen I noticed Carly was able to just walk right in the warehouse! Where are the cops? Why didn't the cops stop her? :)

    Luke: HE IS BACK YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hey Luke go to Wyndemere and go see Laura's painting crying! :)

    Lucky: Oh he sees the package!!!! What does the writing on it say?

  2. Sorry found the whole show a big bore!!LULU shut uppppppppppppppp you annoying thing.

  3. Lulu is completely annoying and everything is all about her and her needs. Telling her brother it should have been him shot is horrible! She is an immature person and needs to grow up. She isn't at all ready to be Dante's wife and when he is well he will realize it and want out.
    Didn't tune in to the rest of the show as I actually watched DOOL and enjoyed seeing old beloved characters on.

  4. The show was just kind of blah today. But I have to say, could not stop laughing at Franco in his flip flops and capris! I so want to see him sipping on an umbrella drink when he gets to Hawaii ;)


  5. video camera on the inside of the mirror?

    I love that dog! she's a better actor than Jack.

    Oh Cord, just kiss her and get it over with!!!!!

  6. Hope said...

    video camera on the inside of the mirror?
    Hmmmmm. Maybe. If it's a camera, who put that there? Franco? :)

    Oh Cord, just kiss her and get it over with!!!!!
    Hahahaha Cord angry at Tina! Just like old times. :) Yeah Cord just kiss her! :)

  7. Haven't commented in a while, but couldn't resist...the David Vickers dog has a better storyline than any of the characters on GH...and she's cute as hell. I kept thinking "don't care if the bomb gets Jack, but that dog better not be hurt"!

  8. On Friday's Young and Restless there was an appearance by FRONKEY !!!! A murder mystery going on and a character named Adam goes into a wharehouse calling out to scene there is FRONKEY sitting on a crate banging those cymbals for all he is worth.
    Could James be doing a cross-over????

  9. I just want to say DV is smarter than Tina. Can we all agree on that?
    Jess has the letter? Now what?? She goes to Brody and confronts him!!!! He kill her too???
    Either way, Jess has the POWER over Gnat. LOVE IT!!!!
    Any news on Todd going to PP??
    How can that show survive without a Todd?
    I know, I am in the minority here, but I love Jack. Such good kiddie writing for him!
    Any show that features Vicki & Clint, will be one of the best shows of the week for me.
    LOVE them.
    No sign of all the Kimmies, Aubreys, Stacey's, etc...but we know they are out there!! lol
    I guess I missed stuff.
    Thanks for the update.
    FF thru most of the show. I HATE what they are doing to my favorite characters. Jason & Carly.
    Who are these people now??
    Such MAJOR roles they place, how can they be changed??
    What I did see was all Johnny scenes. Yea that handshake between him & Sonny was heartfelt. I could feel it! (eyes rolling)
    Let me get this straight...Lulu slapped Lucky because he wasn't shot and Dante was??
    I saw Michael crying. Is he going to be redeemed?? I HOPE SO!!
    I don't care how or why.
    Just do it!!
    FF thru Ethan going thru the dungeon. Looks stupid. Is that Laura in the photo? Or is that the 'lady in white' who is about to appear on the show??
    FF thru Jasam. Until Jason comes to his senses, I am done with him.
    FF thru Carly. WTF is she still running around in warehouses? Where is that baby that she wanted so badly from Jax?
    Don't get me started on wanna be Jason. (Shawn) FF.
    I didn't see Luke or Franco.
    So I missed a few things.
    Thanks for the update.....

    Just want to add this while we are on the subject?? lol

  10. Anonymous says

    On Friday's Young and Restless there was an appearance by FRONKEY !!!!
    Yeah I saw that. :) But that monkey was originally on AMC! The monkey tried to kill Ryan Lavery by blowing something in his face! ROFL! And then it went to Franco! Now it's on Y&R Hahaha! That damn Monkey gets around! :)

  11. Kind of a boresville Friday in Port Chuck. Some things are getting a bit boring...

    Jasam...sorry to the fans of the couple, but I am just finding their scenes sleep inducing! I did not get the mirror thing either with Jason.

    Ethan traipsing around spooky Wyndemere. I keep waiting for Scooby Doo and the gang to show up! He's just out of place in that scenario. He's never met Laura and has been in the family for a very short time. Lucky, Nik or Lulu in those scenes would make a lot more sense!

    Carly and Sean were sort of least good for some laughs. The thought that he built a bomb in moments to distract the cops was a bit farfetched!

    Michael..He had the line of the day. "I should have learned something from all this." Yes, Michael, you should have! I wish the writers would have allowed you to learn from something that anyone with half a brain in their head would have learned from by now. I don't think the writers are looking to redeem him, since he told daddy that he's in with whatever he wants to do about Dante's shooting. He's still like a little puppy trying to impress dad!

    Writers...You are really doing Lulu no favors. I like her, but she's getting hard for me to tolerate again. My theory has always been that the writers feel Julie can play emotional really well, and she does, but they overdo it with her and have her shouting, crying and being unreasonable. It must be exhausting to play those scenes! Realistically, when something like this happen, a person will by hysterical, overly emotional and look for someone to blame. Sure, Lucky can be to blame because he dropped the ball and wasn't where he should have been. However, Dante's just as much to blame for going in there all alone...he could have called someone else for backup, couldn't he? The slap and wishing it was Lucky who was shot was a bit over the top, but the writers seem intent on creating sort of an adverse relationship between JJ's Lucky and Lulu. Almost like she feels as though he was always the fair haired boy in the family and she resents the closeness he had with mom and dad, which she never had. In any case, while her behavior is understandable under the circumstances (lots of people say things they don't mean when they are that upset) it is very difficult to watch and doesn't make Lulu seem very likable or tolerable when they stick her in that mode. I did wish someone would have come to comfort her on the roof. It would have been nice for Johnny to show some support to her, as he did to Olivia. After all, he both once cared about both ladies, well as much as a Zacharra can care about people.

    I don't believe for a moment that Sonny's going to be all peaceful with Johnny...just a ruse. I too though he was going to body slam him off the roof when they shook hands on the roof.

    Luke...stop lurking and come home. Your kids are a mess and need you! Having Laura back too would be great. For the first time the other day, Lucky mentioned that he called his mom. That's the first time we had any mention that any of the kids have contact with Laura. They do have phones in France!

    I just keep praying they are going somewhere interesting with Franco and Wyndemere. Those are the only things keeping me watching for now.

  12. Even JaSam fans are BORED with this couple!!! Which is good.
    Maybe they will change the writing for them. I can't believe anyone is happy with this couple right now. a MAN!! MAN UP!!!!
    You have a responsibility to your family.
    STOP hiding! STOP lurking!

    This show is failing miserably.

  13. What the hell? This was supposed to be the key time for Jasam fans, and it fell flat on I'm bored's door. Everyone should be so disgusted. Jasam: boring. Michael, boring. Abby, even more boring. Lulu, annoying. Spinelli: even more annoying. Scrubs: nerve wracking. Carly: The most nerve wracking.Liz & Lucky: First on the right track back to one another, than throw Matt into the mix. I like him with Maxie and that took a long time to get to. Make up your mind, writers before we get the axe.

    Give me some more Johnny (and take his short off please).

  14. COMMENT on SPOILERS listed.
    (All in fun)

    Jasam-NOT good. More boring ahead?

    Sonny fires Shawn. So now what? Shawn can SNIFF more after Carly?

    Patrick...Can't wait to see his face when he sees Lisa at the party!

    Franco steals Sam?? GOOD! Don't bring her back until the show is cancelled!!!

    Lulu starts to drink?? WOW that is surprising. Who did she get that genetic gene from??

    Dante leaves? Bye.

    Jax sends Joss a present? He needs to bring himself back home to us.
    I am having CarJax withdrawals!!!

    Franco is in-love with Jason.
    Well so am I Franco. KILL Sam for the both of us!!!!

    Liz & Matt?? Are they going into the drug dealing business together?

    Mr Grasshopper, GO AWAY and take that idiot Shawn with you.

  15. I had to ffwd. through JaSam once again - enough already! Lulu may be a pain but Julie has been excellent. It seems to me that there is a lot of rewriting going on since a lot of spoilers haven't materialized. Once again Sonny the idiot is sure, without proof of course, that Johnny shot Dante and is getting ready to kill him, with dumbo Michael ready to help. Didn't Johnny help Abby and him out quite a bit? Not a great week for GH. I'm starting to give up hope.

  16. The new spoilers/rumors are head scratchers! I wish the writers would stop bringing new people to the canvas when they seem to not know what to do with the characters they already have. I also wish they'd stop messing with GH history. First Ethan is Luke's long lost kid, now Nik has a twin sister? Lulu starts drinking; yeah, let's screw her up even more and have her inherit Dad's drinking issues! I almost feel frustrated watching Lulu fret over Dante, when most likely in the end, they will part because Lulu just cannot handle a guy who may get killed in his work (you'd think she would be used to that with a brother who is a cop) and so she goes to therapy with the new doc (new love interest?) and Dante takes up with Delores since Lulu just cannot handle his being a cop. It will be as bad as having to sit through Brenda and Sonny this summer, only to have them bust up in a flash. I hope I am wrong on this feeling, but it just seems to be how it is being set up.

    Franco getting Sam preggars? Do we really need another "Whose the baby's daddy?" story?

    I have no interest in watching Lisa create havoc for Scrubs all over again.

    I just pray some of these things remain rumors!

  17. IMO, for what it is worth, I hope there are alot of rewrites going on right now.
    GH is miserable. Surely tptb know this and are scrambling to get things right. Right??

    That is my hope. My only hope.



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