Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Dirty Soap' Interview Reveals Truth about JaSam Love Scenes

Reading Deep Soap I came across an interview regarding "Dirty Soap"  in E!  that included Kelly Monaco.  This made me giggle:

Monaco: My partner doesn’t do love scenes so for the past five years, I’m off the hook.
Galen: What?
Monaco: Steve (Burton) my co-star has refused to do love scenes. So I’ve been let off the hook.
The fans have been driven insane by his decision.
Monaco: We do make love on our honeymoon.That’s the first love scene we’ ve had in five or six years.
Gering: How do you feel about that?
Monaco: I love it. No PG-porn.
Gering: How does that work? On what grounds?
Monaco: I think something with his belief system, his stance in life. I just don’t think it’s necessary. And we have remained a very high rated couple without having to have a love scene.
Does “Dirty Soap” cover any fun behind the scenes moments on your soaps?
Monaco: Yep. We have the wedding, Steve being a total goofball on set. I think it will be really cool for people to see he’s got a sense of humor and he’s not this dead-eyed killer.

E! will air  "Dirty Soap" on Sunday 9/25 from 10-11pm 


  1. glad to hear no love scenes. these two make me sick. they have always come off like friends with benefits.

  2. I guess I don't pay that close attention to realize they haven't had a love scene in so long.
    As Kelly said, yes they have remained a high rated couple without the love scenes.

    Again, there 'looks, stares, kiss's leave very little for the imagination!!

    Thanks Karen!! Cute article!

  3. I can respect Steve's belief system about not doing love scenes and I'm glad he is not going against his principles. I wonder if his real life spouse is uncomfortable with the love scenes as well? and if that has anything to do with his decision?

  4. Kelly Monaco and Kirsten both look like they are disappearing, especially Kirsten. I know I sound like a concerned Mom when I say I hope they are eating properly. There is a tremendous amount of pressure for these women to be thin especially in the acting business but I hope they don't lose anymore weight. I heard Kirsten is sick and I hope it is not an eating disorder. I wish her wellness and speedy recovery even though I am not keen on Maxie's character. It was quite noticeable at the reception how much weight these girls have lost especially when you compare it to old GH scenes years ago as well as DOOL scenes kirsten was in.

  5. They do look slimmer. Hope Kirsten gets well soon.

  6. I typed Kristen's name wrong, my apologies.

  7. In that deep soap article , it said that KS is on a leave of abscence and Kelly monaco says pray for her and she's sure she will get better. I wish her well. We don't know her illness or need to know but I wish her recovery.

  8. Jasam do not have any sexual chemistry either...they don't even look like they like one another. If you notice at the GHFC weekend they did not show up at either one's PA, nor sat with one another or had any pix taken with one another. I think that is part of why there are no sex scenes.

  9. I think Kirsten is in rehab, or they would have clarified what was wrong with her. They don't want to say what is wrong with her, suggesting it is something to be hidden. The sick leave time is right for rehab also...Watch KM will be next. After all they are besties and are always photographed out partying.

  10. Anonymous yeah I really respect Steve's belief system too. :) Go Steve! :)

  11. What a horrible assumption to make by saying 'Rehab'.

    That is how rumors start.

  12. 'What a horrible assumption to make by saying 'Rehab'.

    That is how rumors start."

    I agree with this. if a person needs to go, no shame in it, but why make assumptions in a derogatory way about her....

  13. I agree with My2Cents....IF you don't like this couple, don't watch them. Or the show.

    Other people do enjoy them.
    Obviously most do, or they wouldn't be a couple.

  14. Thanks Hope!!

    Someone on here has a very negative attitude!!!!

  15. did Kelly forget about Sept 2009??

  16. Guys, I don't think it's "rehab"-- I do think it's health issues.
    And all I can say is thank god I don't live in CA because I'd be giant-sized.

  17. I would be too, Karen! LOL!!After seeing that photo.

  18. Women are under so much pressure to be thin.

  19. There are no sex scenes because they have absolutely no chemistry together. Jasonand Sam bore the pants off me.

  20. Some of you twatwaffles really need to do something with your weekends besides bicker over fictional couples....

  21. They made up for the lack of love scenes between Jason and Sam back when Sam and GV's Lucky were in the hot tub. Man, that is still stuck in my mind, four years later.

  22. I not bickering over anything.
    I am not a Sam fan by far.

    Apparently there are alot of Jasam fans out there, or they wouldn't be a couple. This is a soap opera, not our relatives getting together!!!
    Don't like a character, hit the FF button.
    Or stop watching.

    For everyone person who doesn't see chemistry between Jasam, 3 people do..

    Just because you or I don't see it, doesn't mean others don't.

    We know you want Liason.

    Its not happening, get over it.

    If the writing stays as it is, let's be honest, GH in done 9/12.

  23. PS. if Steve was with Becky, they wouldn't have love scenes either. He just doesn't do them with anyone, it's his religious stuff I think.

    Too bad he's not a nudist :) heh

  24. Your right Karen. It wouldn't matter who was playing oppostite him. EVEN ME!!!!

    He doesn't do love scenes!!!

  25. I don't know that I agree that Jasam is together for fans, hell the ratings are the wrost ever. Doesn't say much for the only super couple right now that we have

  26. In reality, if you think back, the ratings really started to tank with all the promo's for VGM coming back, and then the FLOP that took upon her return.

    You can't blame anyone couple or person. Clearly it is the writing.
    Many Many people feel if it weren't for JASAM, the show would have the lowest ratings.

    I tend to agree.

    To blame this couple for GH failings is ludricous.

  27. Steve & Kelly be flirting too much for my taste. There's one interview where they give me that feeling i don't know if it's just me I think that was one of the reasons Steve & Kelly never really had a love scene

  28. Why is JaSam blamed for the ratings? They not the only couple on the fucking show. Alot of people don't even watch for "couples" they watch for the drama and action so don't blame jasam

  29. They didn't have a love scene because in SB contract it is stated no matter who his love interest is, there will be no love scenes.
    He has been with the show almost 20 years now, I think he is in the position to decide what he will and will not do.

  30. I am smart enough not to blame Jasam for the ratings!!
    Though not a Sam fan, clearly it is the storylines. And the 'rewrites' of old storylines.

    Bringing Monica back? What does she do beside show up in a scene with Jason? I love them together, but give this actress a storyline.

    WHY is GH failing??
    Shawn sniffing over Carly. BELCH.
    Sonny tantrums
    Papa on everyday running the storyline.
    No Alexis storyline
    Silly Liz storylines that does nothing for the actress!!!
    Lucky crying everyday about something.
    Johnny shooting or getting attacked by a psycho Sonny.
    Lulu whining. Everyday.
    Olivia showing up at places that she normally wouldn't be at.
    Dante going to his mother to practice a wedding proposal? Really? A guy does that?

    All these storylines have been done already. We are tired of them. At least I am. They aren't running with the most talented actors they have on the show. Why bring on a NuKate when we did that storyline already? Why not bring in a new cop interest for Mac?
    Or Alexis go in search of Sam's dad.
    Michael is being written as an inbesile.
    Jax is gone.
    Sonny went off his meds. AGAIN.
    That is fun to watch??
    Krissy has major surgery, yet we see her in a bed without being hooked up to monitors..

    In other words, with all the HOLES in this show, how dare anyone point the finger at Jason & Sam.
    If anything, they are the one's that keep GH from hitting the lowest ratings of the week.

    If people want to discuss the show, that is fine.
    But this constant hatred of a couple is ridiculous and unfounded.
    Stop it. Enough.

  31. Jasam is together because Frons, JFP, and Guza wanted it to be so. They WROTE IT that way. Frons had done promos on soapnet for jason and primarily sam because he liked her and liked them together. It played frequently.
    I don't like this couple but they are not the reason I don't watch GH religiously. The reason I don't watch is because of the primary storyline always centering around the mob. Everyone has become an extension of Sonny and anyone connected to him. There is very little general hospital in General Hospital and if they choose a medical story it is usually so poorly written. Characters are destoyed and cartoonish. I find myself not rooting for anyone on the show.

  32. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of greatness when they have an emotional scene like Monica and Tracy having a heart to heart about jake being her grandchild . That was wonderful and it made me want to watch GH. Those kinds of honest scenes need to occur often. That was good writing. When you see that you become hopeful for the show.
    Then they follow it with days of sonny/carly, jason/sam, dante/lulu, liz and lucky having the same conversations over and over and your eyes glaze over while you fall asleep, LOL :) .
    Liason vs Jasam, or Liz vs Sam, Luke vs Scotty, Leslie vs Monica etc... These batlles are created to make us do exactly what we do on the blog which is to fiercely defend the character who's side we have chosen, and to get us to watch what they do next. I laugh at myself when I watch an old epsode and say, "Oh no she/he didn"t! " I get so angry as if people are insulting my own family member. I realize that's the success of the soap genre. They draw us in as if we are part of the family sitting on the quartermaine couch arguing with edward :). I know everyone roots for their own couples/characters, but lets agree to disagree sometimes. It certainly makes blogging interesting and fun :).
    Once again, Karen, thank you for this wonderful site because I'm always excited to read your articles and the comments of all bloggers!

  33. Lisa..I agree..there are moments that are heartfelt. But not enough.

  34. If you notice, Steve B. has really changed the way he plays Jason with Sam. For many years he would actually wipe his mouth off after he kissed her. Now he seems a lot more warm and loving. Not fair though that we are deprived of shirtless Steve.

  35. He doesn't wipe his mouth because too many Jasam fans complained that he didn't wipe it with Liz. Steve does try to be diplomatic, and his pairing is Jasam at the moment....

    and My2Cents2 for someone who takes issues with others are not afraid to express your own. This is a two way street. Everyone is entitled to say what... think the way they do... and like who they like. We don't need your sermonizing or chastising us for our opinions....Try and respect others opinions....Like we will try and respect yours.

    oh and P.S. I am pretty sure you ARE a Jasam fan the way you defend them. If you weren't, you wouldn't care.

  36. Anon...grow up. (nicely)
    I am an adult. I am not a 'groupie'.
    Let's clear that up right now.

    Not a JaSam fan. Just very critical of how you perceive things and then post them.
    It isn't right.

    EXAMPLE:'He doesn't wipe his mouth because too many Jasam fans complained that he didn't wipe it with Liz. Steve does try to be diplomatic, and his pairing is Jasam at the moment....'

    Really?? How do you come up with this stuff??

    You bet I will continue to voice my opinion.

  37. I will say that My2Cents has stated she is not a Jasam fan.
    How she writes about Sam, I believe her.

    And she is correct. Are we groupies here??
    Why must we be one or the other?

    Your hatred for Jasam is not normal. It shows on your posts.
    My2Cents calls you on it.

  38. My2Cents2 You don't have the right to call me on how I see things. You don't get the right to be critical of how I see things....You are more than entitled to disagree however. To each their own. For the record I do not hate Jasam...Unlike you..I actually like Sam. I don't care for this couple for many reasons...that are all mine...and I am entitled to.

    You grow up and stop calling people on differing opinions.

    Also for the record...Kirsten Storms has already had a DUI. She has a documented history of substance issues from this alone. IF... she is in rehab...why is this so offensive to you? I applaud her for getting the help she may need if this is where she is. These young starlets make the party circuit. They are constantly being photographed doing just that. It is not completely out of the question that her leave from the show has to do with this.

    As for where do I get this info...from SBu's PA's he has been asked this question about wiping his mouth.

  39. To further elaborate on the wiping of the mouth. It is not the person, rather the use of lipstick. Becky actually stopped wearing it when she had kissing scenes with him. If you notice now Kelly has also decreased her use to accommodate SBu's dislike for getting lipstick lips.

    Ok I am done now....I have no intentions of arguing with you. I hope you have a good day...and enjoy the show.

  40. Anon....I don't come here to listen to your hostile accusations at other people who post here.
    Yes, people do have the right to call you on your ridiculous statements.
    Stop making them, act like an adult and we can all get along.

  41. Anon - I DO have the right to call you on idiotic statements you make.

    Don't state KS is probably in drug rehab. That is a horrible rumor to start. Unfair as well.
    Shame on you.

    You don't have a clue what goes on behind the scenes.
    Or why people wipe off a kiss.
    And who complaint to whom about what.

    Better yet, don't use my name in any of your posts.
    That way I will skip over your junk writing.
    And not have to call you out on it.

    Have a nice evening......

  42. 'He doesn't wipe his mouth because too many Jasam fans complained that he didn't wipe it with Liz. Steve does try to be diplomatic, and his pairing is Jasam at the moment....'

    'To further elaborate on the wiping of the mouth. It is not the person, rather the use of lipstick. Becky actually stopped wearing it when she had kissing scenes with him. If you notice now Kelly has also decreased her use to accommodate SBu's dislike for getting lipstick lips.'

  43. See that is exactly what I was talking about. My opinion differs from yours, so of course it is ridiculous. I didn't call YOUR opinion ridiculous. The two of you are the ones that are disrespectful. We don't have to agree...but we do need to be respectful of one another. You both are the ones attacking me. I only responded back in kind to you.

    As for making horrible accusations...have either one of you had a love one seek help for rehab? (I never once said drug rehab...too by the way...I said rehab..Rehab can be for alcohol, drugs and also eating disorders.) Well I have...and it takes guts and courage to acknowledge a problem, and go and get the help you need. Only a person who is strong character, with a desire for a better life seek help. I see NOTHING about rehab that anyone should be ashamed of...Obviously you do though.

    We have no idea what is going on with Kirsten, as no one will say...but the possibility of some form of rehab is not totally out of the question. It is a possibility based on her past and her current lifestyle....or she can be ill with something that only lasts for 6 weeks...what that could be I have no idea...

    As for the scenes with wiping the lips...go back and view them if you don't believe me...You will see lip gloss in older clips and lip wiping, and in recent clips lack of lip gloss and no lip wiping...and Steve WAS asked about this at PA's. Ciao

  44. Jasam are you kidding me , these two don't need to make love scenes their chemistry is off the chain & explosive too watch, hello just the way he stares at her, kisses her & when they have goofy funny scenes is when the character of Jason comes alive in a different way bc you see a side of him you don't & will never see with Liz or any of his past women in GH. They also have a lot of scenes in the past yrs showing that they have been thru a lot & not to mention they have a lot in common, guns, fight & adventures & she gets him & doesn't question his Life or whine and complain like Courtney & Liz. Sometimes I forget they are acting bc they are so intense and awesome as a couple, the best the hottest couple in Daytime Soaps. Oh & yeah Kelly forgot that hot Love scene they had in 2009 when they were looking for Michael & Kristina That scene alone oooozes with sexiness & Chemistry!!! check it out! not to even mention the honey moon scene that left your jaw on the floor of how Crazy HOT it was. (so it's been 2 yrs since they make an intense Love scene actually ) and if you don't see that "Chemistry" your Freaking BLIND, so no they don't really need SEX/LOVE scenes they are amazing & make up for it in alot of other ways! JASAM ROCKS!

  45. I agree. Jason & Sam don't need love scenes.
    Happy you posted that, as I was scared to on here!!
    Though I am NOT a JaSam fan, 'the looks, the kiss's, the touch's' they give to one another says it all.

    NO he never ever had that with Liz. He never will.

    On the other hand, I find the couple BORING these days!


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