Friday, September 9, 2011

J Peterman on AMC!! Nice Bookstore set too,  btw... if that was GH we'd get like 2 chairs, a bookshelf and no other shoppers. LOL
The "under the sheet" wasn't a surprise! COME ON!! I wanted it to be another Zach-- then we'd have an android Zach and a "real one" heh.. OR Babe..or someone!! Jenny! Can you imagine if they kept that a secret? Whoa.
Cara is PG...did she sleep with Tad? I think she only slept with David. 

OLTL: Nigel's face when he saw KIM! Ohahhhaaaaa. She wants breakfast and says "the usual" Nigel replies:
"fresh blood and babies tears!  ahhhhahaaa Natalie just busts out and tells Brody what that girl said about him threatening Todd #2? Oh NOT good.
Flea Market day in Angel Square!! TONS of extras!! wow... nice. AND the Beaver!! I love Roxy and Echo!! 

AZ'S guy holds a gun on  Lizzie

GH WAS COMA inducing today! LOL... that guy skulking around who's going to get LIZ up there in that picture. Liz just follows the "drug stealer"..what an idiot.
CarSon....arguing.  OH how I've missed that. (NOT!) Carly SHUT UP!
Davis Girls...that's the only nice thing I can say about today. wow, what a letdown. Krissy and Sonny were ok.

READ Erika Slezak's newest interview over on Soap Opera Network. 

AWWW, my college boy came home and I can do his laundry!! ;) how nice is that?? I swear I miss it. LOL


  1. Karen you miss doing your son's laundry? ROFL! Sweet! :) I don't think GH was coma inducing. :)

    Lucky: WOAH! Just WOAH! Johnathan Jackson has GOT to win an Emmy next year!!!

    Skye and Papa Z: I thought he was going to strangle her!!!

    Ethan and Edward: It's sad that Edward says the house is quiet. :( And I'm glad Edward knew the person Ethan was talking about who needs help is Skye.

    Skye: Oh oh! Where did she go!!?!!?!?!

    Jason and Carly: WOW!!!! Great scene! Carly is NOT backing down about Sonny! Character growth!!! Never back down Carly! And Jason seems like he is changing too! Blames himself! Carly blames herself. Then Sonny comes in! The scene was even better when Sonny came in! :)

    Sonny and Krissy: Great scene!!! Krissy wanted Sonny to leave and was harsh but Sonny didn't back down! He sat beside her on the bed! :(

    Patrick: Yeah Patrick I think Matt is right. You are tired and need to rest. Matt should do Krissy's surgery.

    Liz and Matt: More great scenes with them!!!! :)

    Liz: OH NO!!! Liz you shouldn't of followed the bald headed dude!!!

  2. Yeah they made Liz do something stupid, AGAIN. Oh well, least she's been given screen time.
    I did like her scenes with Matt the past few days but why bother if they won't be a real couple?

  3. I didn't see today's show yet, and I am not sure if I'd call the show "coma inducing" but there is a sense of stagnation lately. When Garin Wolf intially took over, things did sort of pick up a bit...It seemed like he was trying to right some wrongs and we saw some Quartermaines, Monica was back, Sonny started getting some "whatfors" (seems like the mob biz wasn't ok with everyone for a while, which is good, since it has been tough to tell the bad guys from the good guys on the show) and there seemed to be some balance with storylines and characters (not just Carly, Sonny, Jason and Dante every day.) Now, things have seemingly run out of gas and we're starting to get the same discussions almost every day; Carson bickering, Jasam wedding talk, Michael and Abby discussing him following in daddy's footsteps (Smacks too much of the talks Johnny and Lulu used to have about the same topic.) which makes Michael look like a moron, considering he's been shot in the head and attacked in prison all before the age of 20! Seems like they are shaking up things with couples too. Are Matt and Maxie together (I missed their relationship, if they are) or is she going back to Spin when he remembers who he is? Who are they putting Liz with? Lucky? Matt? Dante? (Seems like they are chem testing there.) Is Carly going back to Sonny or she is going to Sean (If he stays in town...seems like a lot of newbies who were wearing out their welcome were given the ax once Wolf took over...Lisa, Siobhan, etc.) What's the point of Dante and Lulu? (He would have lost my trust a long time ago and I wish they would have kept him the sweet, upstanding guy he was when he arrived in town. Not all the lies can be justified by being "police business." Glad she's resisting him and growing a backbone, but I bet that won't last. That'll last as long as Sonny being on Carly's chit list for a bit.) Abby and Michael? Olivia and Steve? (Hot scene, but it seemed just tossed in the other day.) Something must be going wrong when even Anthony Z is starting to bore me. While I don't expect much reality from a soap (especially one which allows people to just walk into other people's homes at random and it seems no one takes their job responsibilities seriously) it seems weird that a known mobster is allowed to just roam around a hospital. The guy is a nut who has killed people! I just wonder where things are going!

  4. Lucky putting the pills down the drain and calling out everyone's names was pretty moving. He plays addiction well. I really like Liz & Matt together. I would've liked someone older for her (Jax), but it's nice to see her with someone different from all her previouses.

    I really hope they give us a noticibly different Jason. If not what was the point of all that build up? It's like letting the air out of a balloon.

  5. AMC and OLTL were really good today loved Nigel and Roxie...

  6. When is RC's contract up? Skye is emerging as one of my foavorite characters. They need to keep her. Then again, when Luke comes back they will probably just have her follow him around like a lost puppy and I will lose everything I like about Skye. My wish is that Luke never comes back. Know that he will my back-up wish is Skye hooks up with both Johnny and Ethan and does not operate in Luke's orbit.

    I know we try not to say bad things about the actors but does JJ seriously think that patchwork quilt of a beard looks good. I personally find it distracting. Whenever he is on screen I don't pay attention to the scene, I am too busy trying to figure out if his beard grows in patches like that or if he randomly splatters hair removal creme on his face every week.

    KMc (Robin) is looking great now that they have her out of hospital scrubs and in civilian clothing.

    I think Haley Pullos / Molly Lansing Davis is the next Kimberly McCollough / Robin Scorpio. An actress cast at a young age as a bit of a do gooder, nerdy character and part of a core family. And talented! Hopefully we get to watch this young actress grow up on our screen as we did with KMc without the powers that be deciding to sora her and make her a mob queen...

  7. I absolutely do not understand what the point was of this Johnny/Ethan and Skye interaction. Any of it. Made no sense. Neither of them are even hot with Skye. And Kristina is lying in a hospital bed afraid she may never walk again, getting ready to go into surgery, and Ethan is first making a pointless visit to Edward to "save Skye" that also made no sense, and he's acting infatuated with her? Say what? Totally out of character for Ethan and completely ridiculous. Skye just isn't worth it for either Ethan or Johnny. Just bad, GW.

  8. I didn't think it was 'coma inducing'. Seen worse. Especially these past months. I don't even think I hit the ff button!
    But good?? I wouldn't go that far.

    Davis girls...Molly seems to have toned down quite a bit. I like that. I like this newer version.

    Carly & Shawn. I don't 'feel it'.
    He is creepy to me. He just 'shows up' and is a HELP to everyone, mostly Carly.

    Jason & Sam...B O R I N G

    Carly, Alexis..they rewritting your personailities?? I hope not, you both aren't acting lately like the characters we have grown to love/hate.

    Patrick...needs to grow a set of bal*s and walk out of the hospital.
    He is a brilliant surgeon. Surgeons days consist of surguries. All day. If he is so brilliant of a surgeon, he needs to go to Mercy where he won't be treated like a child.

    JJ's 'patchwork'. I have been questioning that since he returned to the show. Does anyone tell him how ridiculous that makes him look?

    Glad to hear I am not the only person who can't figure out Skye/Ethan/Johnny-all that stuff.
    I got lost along the way.

    Liz. OY VEY.
    All I am going to say is what a job she must have that she thinks she can come & go as she pleases.
    Keep it real GW!! You promised!!!
    I don't know how this storyline will end, other than viewers saying once again 'Poor Liz'.
    Nobody seems to see what she does to get herself into the situations she gets into.

  9. Yeah Anonymous I thought at first Ethan was talking to Edward about Krissy!

  10. Sonya, I just love your recaps and enthusiasm! I haven't watched yesterday's show yet, but I did want to mention one thing. As much as I appreciate honesty here in the daily posting, it might be a good idea to accentuate the positive rather than always mention that it was "boring". There have really been some good changes evident.I for one really want to save this show and I think that even though we've been told it is a done deal, anyone reading this blog would think that GH really isn't worth saving. Just a well intentioned thought.

  11. LindaV...I know I am guilty as being 'negative'. I will try to watch it.
    I have been a viewer of GH for 30+ years. I do not want to see it go off the air. Not by any means.
    However, the fustration of getting a new writer, and still the 'sparkle' has left the show, I find disheartening.


  12. I am negative LOL.. I call 'em like I see 'em. GH yesterday did nothing for me. I guess I'm so sick of everyone having the same damn convo day after day. Plus Carly...please. She's just too much.
    JJ was good, JJ's always good.. I just. *sigh*
    I wanted characters to MOVE on damn it. NOT be stuck in the same sheeze. Michael going to the coffee warehouse just when ELQ was going? that's insane, imo.
    Dante's going to get shot again, btw.
    Nice. :/ NOT

  13. No Karen, your not negative.
    I find your articles very truthful.
    That is why I come here.
    You think and say it like it is.
    Your a little more 'diplomatic' than me though!!

    I don't think any of us want to see this show come to an end.
    Right now, for me, I was so excited when I heard we had a new writer coming on board. I thought abc would keep the show as GW would take the show to new heights.
    It just isn't happening.
    That is the truth.

    Your writing is great...keep it up!

  14. This writing sucks as bad as before. wtf? Now watch they'll just drop Matt & Liz after pulling us in. Instead of addressing with Matt & Maxie, they will never show Matt & LIz in a scene again, ever & it will just go away with everything else (terrell anyone?)

  15. LindaV I'm sorry if I bring you down.:( I do say positive stuff! :) I thought the Jason and Carly scenes have been great! I thought the Lucky scene was fantastic!!!! :) I love Matt and Liz together. Some stuff is boring but not a lot. :)

  16. Sonya, I wasn't criticizing you at all - I love your recaps! I was just speaking in general. I agree that our optimism has not really been fullfilled, but I would really hate to lose GH after I have been watching for 40 something years.

  17. This is a OLTL ??
    Wasn't Nigel & Roxie married at one time??
    What happened if they were?

  18. Linda V, we are going to lose GH. It's a certainty, but I think prospect park is picking it up in 2012 after cancellation. I hope a lot of actors will go to prospect but it won't be the same and I still wonder how watching online will work.

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